Philosophy 3301 moral philosophy fall 2000

Lectures 15 and 16 - David Hume

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Lectures 15 and 16 - David Hume
Read: E. F. & O. pp. 232-264
Suggested: Many people consider Hume the greatest philosopher ever to write in the

English language; the literature is vast, so only a few items will be listed.

J. Kemp, Ethical Naturalism, op. cit. Ch. III.
Donald W. Livingston and James T. King (eds.), Hume: A Re-evaluation

(New York: Fordham University Press, 1976).

William B. Todd (ed.), Hume and the Enlightenment (Edinburgh at the

University Press, 1974) has essays on Hume's ethics, plus a bibliography

of Hume's work.
Peter Jones, Hume's Sentiments (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1982).
Barry Stroud, Hume (London: Routledge, 1991).

Lecture 17 - Adam Smith
Read: E. F. & O. pp. 264-273
Suggested: Glenn R. Morrow, The Ethical and Economic Theories of Adam Smith

(Clifton, New Jersey: Augustus M. Kelly, Publishers, 1973).

D. D. Raphael, "The Impartial Spectator", Dawes Hicks Lecture on

Philosophy, British Academy, 1972.

Gilbert Harman, "Moral Agent and Impartial Spectator," The Lindley

Lecture, The University of Kansas, 1986.

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