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Development Agenda 2: Promoting Good Local Governance as an Enabling Environment for Sustained Growth


Official Project Objectives5

Expected Outputs / Deliverables

Responsible Agency(ies)

Period of Implementation

and Project Status6

Increased engagement of citizen’s and civil society organizations in local governance

Project/Activity: Vigilance to Volunteerism - Program for Intensifying People’s Engagement in Local Governance (VTV PIPELOG)

  1. Develop knowledge base of CSOs working with LGUs and extent of their participation in local governance

  • Consolidate CSO Mapping Report of 2 remaining regions (7 & ARMM) into the National CSO Mapping Report


August 2013

  1. Strengthen capacities of CSOs on how to engage with LGUs and find other venues for participation in local governance through policy discussions and development

  • Training on the Local Special Bodies (LSBs) strengthening for the following Regions: 2, 4-A, 4-B, 7, 8, 10, 12 for the 1st to 3rd class municipalities

  • Training on the Local Special Bodies (LSBs) strengthening for 17 regions for the 3rd to 4th class municipalities

  • Develop Modules of Ladderized Training Program for the Strengthening of LSBs:

  • Basic Orientation on the LSB and Development Planning & Budgeting skills for 17 regions

  • Specialized LSB Management and Competencies Development for 17 regions

  • Scaling Up and Preparation for Next Planning Cycle for 17 regions

July 2013-December 2013

January 2014 – December 2014

June 2013 to December 2014
January – December 2014
January – December 2015
January – December 2016

  1. Encourage volunteerism among citizenship, CSOs and LG by participating in LGU immersion programs and providing support in project development, coaching and TA

  1. Training of LGRRC Managers, Public Education & Citizenship focal Person and LRIs on the Mentors Training: Managing & Organizing Volunteers Effectively (MOVE)

  2. LGUs’ Volunteer & Citizenship Desk Managers Training Rollout in 17 regions

  3. Implementation on LGU volunteer immersion program

June 2013

July 2013 to December 2014

August 2013 to December 2016

Project/Activity: Updated Guidelines on CSO Accreditation

To enhance CSO participation in planning, budgeting and local governance

  • Update the CSO accreditation policy to enhance CSO participation in local government units

  • Dissemination of DILG enhanced guidelines on CSO accreditation

DILG/Sub-WG on CSOs and LGUs (EU)

June-July 2013

Project/Activity: Strengthening Participatory Mechanisms in Local Planning and Budgeting (BUB)

  1. To make the planning and budgeting processes of both local and national governments more participatory through the genuine involvement of grassroots organizations and communities

  2. To strengthen the convergence of the delivery of national services in the community

  1. Establish and institutionalize the participation of the CSOs in the budgeting, planning process under BUB

  2. Institutionalize inclusive and participatory planning and budgeting at the local level


Project/Activity: Enhancing Capacities of LGUs for Poverty Reduction, Local Governance and CDD

  1. Institutionalized participation of citizens in more inclusive LGU planning and budgeting processes and activities

  2. Linked LGU development plans to Local Poverty Reduction Action Plans to improved access of poor communities to sustainable basic public services.

  • Enhance the capacity of the LGU on governance and participatory, bottom-up planning and budgeting, facilitation and management of CDD interventions and activities.

  • Poverty-reduction projects identified and implemented through community prioritization processes and activities

  • Operationalizing inclusive systems and processes for participatory, bottom-up planning and budgeting


March 2013 – October 2014

Project/Activity: Strengthening BUB Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

To develop the monitoring system for the implementation of the BUB projects at the LGU level

  • Development of a monitoring system of the LGU implementation of the BUB-funded projects

  • Monitoring of the implementation of

    • P8 Billion worth of projects in 609 LGUs in CY 2013

    • P20 Billion worth of projects in 1,233 LGUs in 80 provinces in CY 2014



Project/Activity: Empowerment Fund

  1. To provide incentive to CSOs that are actively engaging and partnering with local governments in pursuit of local development agenda

  2. To support:

  • CSO Network Building and Development

  • Capacity Building of CSOs

  • Dialogues and Policy Forums

  • Application and Replication of Tested Tools and Mechanisms that support participatory, transparent and accountable governance

  • Policy guidelines on the access procedures of CSOs to the Empowerment Fund

  • At least 84 CSOs provided with project grants; success stories, tested tools and mechanisms developed and replicated



Initial review of assessment tools and policies and guidelines is held in abeyance pending complete submission of reports of CSPF 2012 projects.
Calls for Proposals will happen from May –June 2013
Assessment of Submitted proposals on July 2013
Provision of CSPF Grants on August 2013

Project/Activity: Enhanced CSO Participation in the Local Budget Process and Procurement

To strengthen CSO participation in the budget process and in government procurement by identifying the entry points for and extent of CSO participation

DBM/Sub-WG on CSOs and LGUs (EU)

August 2013 – June 2014

Project/Activity: Enhancing Governance, Accountability and Engagement7

To increase civic engagement for peace and development in six conflict affected areas of Mindanao

  • Strengthened civil society

  • Increased involvement of youth and adults in civil society and community development activities


April 2013- April 2018

Improved transparency and accountability in local operations

Project/ Activity: Institutionalization of Public Disclosure

To institutionalize the Full Disclosure Policy

National compliance report prepared every quarter (to be monitored through the FDP Portal)



As of April 2013, 99% of LGUs have complied with the Policy for the 1st Quarter of CY 2013.

Restructured FDP Templates

Partially completed. This Department has conducted series of focus group discussions last March 2013 to identify the financial documents to be posted and their respective forms/templates.

Enhanced FDP Portal (dependent on the technical assistance of prospective donors)

Project/Activity: Linkage of Local Performance Monitoring Systems

To harmonize local Performance Monitoring Systems for LGUs

Integration of PFM indicators in the SGH, LGPMS, and LGFPMS


Project/Activity: Implementation of Performance Challenge Fund and Institutionalization of Incentive Systems for Local Governance

  1. To rationalize inter-governmental transfer of funds to LGUs

  2. To encourage convergence of development initiatives with national government priorities

  • Scale-up the incentive package for LGUs that passed the SGH assessment in different levels (eg. bronze, silver, gold)

  • Expand coverage of the incentive package for LGUs that excel in specific sectoral areas

  • Pre-testing CSO participation in monitoring PCF projects




Project/Activity: Enhanced Effectiveness of LGU PFM Performance Monitoring Systems

To institutionalize the conduct of PFM assessments using the Public Financial Management Assessment Tool for Local Government Units (PFMAT for LGUs) and the preparation and implementation of PFM Improvement Plans (PFMIP)

  • Enhancement of the PFMAT for LGUs Software

  • Roll-out of the PFMAT for LGUs to all Non-BuB LGUS

  • Validation of PFM Assessment Results and Monitoring of the Implementation of PFMIPs


May 2013 – June 30, 2016

Project/Activity: Strengthen Internal Control Systems/ Internal Audit Services at LGU level

To strengthen internal control systems and/or internal audit services at the local level through the development of a uniform policy and approach

  • Development of an ICS/IAS Manual for LGUs

  • Roll-out of the ICS/IAS Manual to all LGUs


July 2014 – June 2015

Project/Activity: Enhancing Governance, Accountability and Engagement8

To increase transparency and accountability of local governments in six conflict affected areas of Mindanao

  • Increased levels of citizen satisfaction knowing their LGUs are planning and implementing development activities meant to respond directly to their concerns

  • Strengthened local mechanisms to promote peace and security

  • Increased transparency and accountability of local governments as perceived by beneficiaries


April 2013- April 2018

Improved frontline LGU service delivery

Project/Activity: Local Government Performance Management (LGPMS )and Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS)

  1. To institutionalize citizen assessment of LGU performance through a survey which will complement the LGU implemented LGPMS

  2. To generate feedback from citizens on their level of satisfaction on local government service delivery in: Education, Health, Peace and Order, Disaster Management and Environmental Governance, and Window Services

  • Implementation of the Citizen Satisfaction Index System in all 143 cities.

  • Training of Local Resource Institutes in the Cities to conduct citizen surveys in the locality and nearby LGUs.


Pilot Test Phase II Consultation Forum, Development of Analysis Plan, Training of LRIs and Field Work has been accomplished last February 2013.
Implementation of Phase II, III, and IV for Component Cities for 2014, 2015, and 2016, respectively.

Project/Activity: Development of the Seal of Good Local Governance

  1. To recognize good performance of provincial, city and municipal governments, not only on financial housekeeping, but also on other areas that directly benefit the people.

  1. To challenge local governments to perform better, and ultimately, achieve a desirable condition where local governments: (a) Sustain the practice of transparency and accountability in the use of public funds; (b) Prepare for challenges posed by disasters; (c) Demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society; (d) Encourage investment and employment; (e) Protect constituents from threats to life and security; and (f) Safeguard the integrity of the environment

  • Assessment of 1,475 provinces, cities and municipalities (PCMs) (CY 2014 target)

  • Conferment of the Seal of Good Local Governance to all qualified PCMs



  • Development of Indicator Framework and Implementing Guidelines (January 2014)

  • Launching of the SGLG (January 2014)

  • Issuance of DILG policy on SGLG (March 2014)

  • Orientation to Regional and Sub-Regional Offices (April 2014)


  • Data Gathering, Verification and Certification (May – July 4, 2014)


  • Online Data Entry and Documentation Upload (Up to July 15, 2014)

  • Data Quality Control: Review and Calibration (July 15 – July 22)

  • National Validation (4th Wk, July to August)

  • Selection of Recipients (August to September)

  • Conferment of SGLG (October)

Project/Activity: Enhancing Governance, Accountability and Engagement9

To improve service delivery of local governments in six conflict-affected areas in Mindanao

Expanded local government capabilities to add and improve offered services


April 2013- April 2018

Project/Activity: Education Governance Effectiveness (EdGE)

To improve education governance at the local level, with the end goal of improving learning outcomes, particularly early grade reading for at least one million children.

Strengthened Government Effectiveness for Education at the Local Level

  • Strengthened capacity of local officials of DepED in planning, finance, management and advocacy, particularly at the school, district and regional level to manage education decentralization. This will also entail working with the central office for improved policy guidance.

  • Strengthened capacity of local government units, especially as regards the effective functioning of the Local School Board.

Increased Transparency and Accountability at the Local Level

  • Increased transparency in the collection, budgeting and execution of the Special Education Fund.

  • Increased responsiveness and transparency in the use of the school maintenance and other operating expenses.

  • Increased ability of stakeholders to track education outcomes through education report cards.

Increased Participation of Stakeholders in Education Policy Formulation and Implementation

  • Strengthened capacity of parents-teacher associations (PTAs), and increased levels of participation in School Governing Councils.

  • Increased participation of civil society in education policy formulation, and monitoring.

  • Increased private sector participation, particularly as regards provision of resources for school needs.

  • Strengthened policy advocacy for improved education governance


October 2012-September 2017.

Project/Activity: Health Leadership and Governance Program (HLGP) Public-Private Partnership

To improve health outcomes in USAID target areas, especially on maternal and child health (MCH), family planning (FP), and tuberculosis (TB), by enhancing leadership and governance capabilities of local chief executives and local health officers

  • Enhanced leadership competencies of local chief executives and local health officers

  • Improved local health systems that are more responsive to the needs for MCH, FP, and TB prevention and control

  • Increased community participation and health seeking behavior in target areas through improved local health systems and local health leadership

DOH (Zuellig Family Foundation, USAID)

October 2013-September 2013

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