Phil-1051-14 Introduction to Philosophy Fall 2014 Location: smth 115 / mw 2: 20-3: 35 pm

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Ethics: How should one live?
OCT 22 (Wed): The greatest good for the greatest number: The Trolley Problem*** (p.837); Mill, “Utilitarianism”***

OCT 27 (Mon): Cosmopolitanism vs. patriotism & the lives you can save: Peter Singer, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” (PDF); Martha Nussbaum, “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism” (PDF)

OCT 29 (Wed): Does utilitarianism ask too much? Bernard Williams, “Utilitarianism and Integrity”***

NOV 3 (Mon): Dignity & Autonomy: David Velleman, “A Brief Introduction to Kantian Ethics”***

**second paper due by class time Monday, November 3rd**
NOV 5 (Wed): Aristotle’s ancient ethics: Rosalind Hursthouse, “Virtue Theory and Abortion” (PDF)

NOV 10 (Mon): What is oppression? Sandra Bartky, “On Psychological Oppression” (PDF); Peggy McIntosh: “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack” (PDF); Recommended: Iris Marion Young, “Five Faces of Oppression” (PDF)

**second reflection piece assigned Monday, November 10th**
NOV 12 (Wed): Anti-authoritarian ethics: Cindy Milstein, “Anarchism and Its Aspirations,” excerpts (PDF); Todd May, “Jacques Rancière and The Ethics of Equality (PDF)

NOV 17 (Mon): Is moral virtue overrated? Susan Wolf, “Moral Saints”***

**second reflection piece due by class time Monday, November 17th**

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