Phil-1051-14 Introduction to Philosophy Fall 2014 Location: smth 115 / mw 2: 20-3: 35 pm

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The writing center: The writing center provides one-on-one assistance at various stages of the writing process. All writers, even the most accomplished, can benefit from their assistance on issues as diverse as topic development, organization, and general strategies for revision. To make an appointment, see

Academic integrity: Any case of suspected academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, will be reported to the Honor Council. Anyone found in violation of the honor code for cheating in this class in a premeditated fashion will receive a failing grade for the semester. The GW Code of Academic Integrity states: “Academic dishonesty is defined as cheating of any kind, including misrepresenting one's own work, taking credit for the work of others without crediting them and without appropriate authorization, and the fabrication of information.” For the remainder of the code, see: Note that plagiarism can occur through sloppiness, the accidental failure to cite one’s sources, as well as through malice. The most reliable general guidelines to follow are: (i) if it is a direct quotation, cite it (ii) if it is a paraphrase, cite it (iii) if you got the idea from a particular source (a publication or a person), cite it (iv) if you are in doubt about whether it should be cited, cite it. The only items that are not to be cited are those that one thought up on one’s own or those that belong to general knowledge.

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