Persuasive Practice Topics

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Persuasive Practice Topics

  1. Is a cease-fire in Syria's Civil War likely within the near future?

  2. Will iOS7 give Apple a boost over their competitors?

  3. Should investors be concerned about future inflation threats due to the unemployment rate in the United States?

  4. Will Shellie Zimmerman's perjury charge negatively affect George Zimmerman's motion to be reimbursed by the state of Florida for the cost of his defense?

  5. Is there hope for stricter prosecution of crimes against women in India?

  6. Will the inconsistency between state marriage laws and the ruling of individual judges cause a need for federal mandates concerning same-sex marriage?

  7. Should public health experts be concerned about the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes in teenagers and young adults?

  8. Will peace talks between the Myanmar government and the Kachin rebels be successful?

  9. Will the attack on the US Navy Yard cause changes in security measures at military facilities?

  10. Will Ted Cruz's recent filibuster result in growing political support?

  11. Is the new voter ID law in Texas discriminatory?

  12. Will recent changes to STAAR testing have a positive effect on Texas education?

  13. Following the anniversary of 9/11, should US military officials fear another terrorist attack in the near future?

  14. Can China effectively sustain Greece's collapsing economy?

  15. Will the court case of Kenya's deputy president, William Ruto, be dismissed at the International Crime Court?

  16. Is the debate over ObamaCare a lost cause?

  17. Is former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's political career finally reaching an end?

  18. Should California pursue raising the minimum wage by 2016?

  19. Does the shrinking population of North Korea's political prison camp indicate that the country is paying more attention to human rights?

  20. Is Is hydroelectric power making a comeback in US dams?

  21. Does the recent siege of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi indicate a rise in terrorism?

  22. Will the adoption of the new Common Core Standards change the effectiveness of United States public education?

  23. Do recent compensation settlements indicate that Chicago police abuse finally coming to an end?

  24. Does the extension of a state emergency in Egypt reflect poorly on its newly established democratic government?

  25. Will a shutdown of the federal government eventually happen?

  26. Is Wendy Davis a serious contender in the race to become Texas governor?

  27. Who or what should be blamed for the US government shutdown?

  28. Does the recent election of Cameroon's ruling party prove the country's move toward democracy has been successful?

  29. Should the Texas Department of Transportation be doing more to collect money from debtors?

  30. Do the recent murders of high school teachers in America call for a greater focus on mental health in teens?

  31. Will potential cuts to art funding be beneficial to the United States education system?

  32. What should German Chancellor Angela Merkel do to reach a compromise with opposing political parties?

  33. Should the US be fearful of the backlash by European nations concerning spying allegations?

  34. Should the officials involved in the Navy bribery scandal be convicted?

  35. Will the government shutdown impact John Boehner's position as Speaker of the House?

  36. Is the rise of charter schools in Texas distracting from the needs of public schools?

  37. What will the future hold politically for former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner?

  38. Should the Filipino government strengthen their preparedness for natural disasters?

  39. The US government shutdown: What were the real costs?

  40. Should the Supreme Court redefine its standard of mental disabilities for future court rulings?

  41. Are instances of drug-related violence in Mexico decreasing?

  42. Should China ban its new coal-fired power plants?

  43. Will Syrian peace talks be successful?

  44. Are civil liberties, like freedom of speech, being endangered in public schools?

  45. Should Malala Yousafzai have won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize?

  46. Do recent displays in pop culture show a shifting in the views of the average American?

  47. Should the school shooting in Nevada be a cause for increased gun control?

  48. Will the removal of the two-currency system in Cuba negatively impact the nation's economy?

  49. Should the American public be concerned about the competency of the Florida prison system?

  50. Is Facebook's censorship policy too ambiguous to be effective?

And yet, more topics:

  1. Do Aliens Exist

  2. Do Animals Have Emotions

  3. Is it our responsibility to vote?

  4. Should bicyclist have different laws?

  5. Book Banning

  6. Campaign Finance Reform

  7. Censorship and the workplace

  8. Should we toughen laws against those that do not pay child support?

  9. Christopher Columbus: Friend or Foe?

  10. Cloning: Should we pursue more research?

  11. Continue Education After High School: Should the government lower student loan interest?

  12. Corporate Privatization

  13. Creative sentencing

  14. Dangers of Fast Foods

  15. Disciplining Children

  16. Divorce: Is it harmful to families?

  17. DNA: Harvesting for Identification

  18. Don't get Married Until you're 25

  19. Electronic Money

  20. Fetal Tissue Research

  21. Flat Tax

  22. Funding to the Arts

  23. Gambling Laws: Legalize in Texas?

  24. Genetic Discrimination is a Problem

  25. Healthy Eating

  26. Help Inner-city Youth

  27. Help the Humane Society

  28. Helping the Poor/Needy/Homeless

  29. Home Safety

  30. Homeschooling

  31. Hunter's Rights

  32. Immigration Control

  33. Immunizations: Should parents be allowed to opt out of immunizations for their children?

  34. Joining Fraternities/Sororities

  35. Learn to Swim

  36. Living on Your Own: Should College freshmen be allowed to live off campus?

  37. Living Wills

  38. Music Education Programs for Children

  39. Organ Donation

  40. Parking on Campus

  41. Paternity Leave

  42. Peaceful Protest

  43. Pit Bull Fighting

  44. Political Activism

  45. Prevent Illiteracy

  46. Prison Reform

  47. Pro Athletes Make Too Much Money

  48. Procrastination

  49. Public vs. Private Schools

  50. Puppy Mills

  51. Read to Children

  52. Recycling

  53. Ritalin

  54. Setting Personal Goals

  55. Spirit of Giving

  56. Steroids

  57. Stop Child Abuse

  58. Support Women's Athletic Events/Programs

  59. Take First Aid Training

  60. Teach Gun Safety

  61. Teen Curfews

  62. The Real Meaning of Christmas

  63. Transracial Adoption

  64. Do video games foster violent behavior?

  65. Use of Astroturf in Sports

  66. Use of Electric Vehicles

  67. Use Soy Products

  68. Vote for a candidate

  69. Welfare Reform

And yet, here are some more:

  1. Adoptees Right-to-Know Law

  2. Art Censorship

  3. Attendance Policies (School, Work, etc.)

  4. Censorship of Music

  5. Change K- School Start Times

  6. Downsizing Schools/Classrooms

  7. Gambling Age should be Lowered

  8. Global Warming Laws

  9. High School Service Learning Programs

  10. Job Discrimination based on Hair Color/Style

  11. Legalize Prostitution

  12. Obstruction of Justice Laws

  13. Police Brutality

  14. Racism and Racial Slurs (1st Amendment)

  15. Regulation of the Internet

  16. School Uniforms

  17. Teachers and Tenure

  18. Technical Loopholes in Law

  19. Teen Dating Violence Laws Strengthened

  20. Trying Children as Adults

  21. Visitation Rules at your University/College

  22. Voting System (electoral college)

  23. Women in the Military

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