Perspectives on a New World: Inquiry in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom

Perspective “European settlers think the natives are…” OR

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“European settlers think the natives are…” OR

“Europeans viewed the natives as…”

Conclusions about factors that shaped perspective

“European settlers think this because…”

  1. Place students into 4 productive work groups and provide them with the appropriate source document/organizer. Instruct students to analyze one source document in order to answer the compelling and supporting questions and have them record their findings.

  1. After student groups have had enough time to analyze their source document, prompt them to analyze the information they have gathered through the lens of the social studies disciplines.

    1. Explain that human events, both in our past and our present, are caused by, and have an impact on, political, geographic, and economic situations.

    2. Direct students to go back through your thinking map looking through the lens of each of those disciplines and label the evidence on your thinking map:

    1. How did economic, political, and/or geographic factors help to shape the way European settlers’ perspectives of Native Americans?

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