Perspectives on a New World: Inquiry in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom

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Compelling Question: What factors impacted the European settlers’ perspectives of Native Americans?

MD Voluntary State Curriculum Alignment

Standard 1.0 Political Science

5.1.A.1.a Describe how the European policies affected the interactions of explorers and colonists with Native Americans, such as the French and Indian War

Standard 2.0 People of the Nation and the World

5.2.A.1 Describe the various cultures of colonial societies and how the environment influenced them

5.2.B.1 Analyze how native societies were influenced by the diverse cultures of the explorers and settlers

Standard 3.0 Geography

5.3.B.1.b Describe how geographic characteristics of a place or region changed from early settlements through the colonial period

5.3.D.1.c Explain how colonists adapted to and modified their environments and how these modifications sometimes created environmental problems

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