Personal History

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Personal History
Please list your work and/or education history in the field of Fingerprinting:

Are you considered to be a "Fingerprint Expert"?

General Questions about Fingerprint Examiners

  1. Please list 10 characteristics that you believe must be possessed by a fingerprint examiner:


General Questions about Fingerprint Examiners-Continued

  1. In your experience, how did most individuals end up with employment as Fingerprint Examiners?

  1. In your experience, what training have most individuals had to become Fingerprint Examiners?

  1. What level of education do the majority of Fingerprint Examiners have?

Questions about Individuals Perceived to have an

Aptitude for Fingerprint Examination

  1. How many fingerprint examiners have you had the opportunity to observe during your career?

  1. For how many years have you been in a position to observe the ability of fingerprint examiners?

  1. In your experience, have any new fingerprint examiners performed with a speed and accuracy far beyond the speed and accuracy of the majority of fingerprint examiners in your reference?

Questions about Individuals Perceived to have an

Aptitude for Fingerprint Examination- Continued

  1. What characteristics do you feel made these individuals exceptional as new fingerprint examiners?

  1. Were there any experiences (education, hobbies, similar training, etc.) that were common to any or all of these exceptional examiners?

  1. How many of these exceptional individuals have you encountered over the years?

Aptitude Testing for Fingerprint Examiners

  1. In what ways do you think that the aptitude of an individual for fingerprint examination could be tested?

  1. In your experience, how has aptitude as a fingerprint examiner been tested?

Aptitude Testing for Fingerprint Examiners-Continued

  1. What improvements would you make to improve the methods of aptitude testing that you have encountered?

  1. If possible, please attach a copy (or copies) of any aptitude tests for fingerprint examiners with which you are familiar, and name these tests below. Also, below please list any suggestions for improvement of these tests.

Other Thoughts
Do you have any other ideas or information that you feel may be relevant to this research?

Please do not hesitate to telephone me, Megan Dickson, at (0191) 375-2133, or contact me via e-mail at if you have any question about my project, or if you can offer any further input.

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