Personal Essay Pro Gun Control The purpose of an Personal essay is to expose the reader to your opinion

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Personal Essay - Pro Gun Control

The purpose of an Personal essay is to expose the reader to your opinion. You want to back up those opinions with logical support and use strong language so that the reader understands your point.

Here is an example. The essay is on the left hand black, while its parts are labeled on the right so you can see how the composition is structured.


Hook - vivid description

Subject: gun control

Thesis Statement

Imagine sitting quietly in your home watching television after a hard day at work - feet up, kids in bed, a cold beverage The night seems like it will be one of relaxation and rest, when suddenly, from out of nowhere, gunfire breaks out. You jump quickly up to the sound of shattering glass and crying children, afraid for yourself and the lives of those most precious to you. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in some neighborhoods across the urban United States. There are many sound reasons why firearms should be controlled in the United States. Guns should be under strict control by the government in order to prevent crimes of passion, reduce accidental deaths by gunshot, and minimize gun-related suicide.


Topic sentence

Logical support

The first reason guns should be controlled and thus reduced in the United States is to reduce the number of crimes of passion. A crime of passion ,especially those involving a gun, is usually a result of uncontrolled anger. Many people are shot every year directly after verbal confrontations. People get into arguments, tempers flare, and a person ends up dead. It is relatively easy for those under the influence of drugs or alcohol to have access to firearms. Only recently, malls and the people in them have come under attack by armed gunmen who were mentally unstable.


Topic sentence

Logical support

Another benefit to controlling guns is that there will simply be fewer guns in the hands of citizens which will reduce the number of accidental deaths by gunshot. Only last year, a Kindergarten student was playing with a loaded gun and accidentally, fatally shot his three-year-old brother. Many such deaths occur in the United States, and many of those accidents involve young children. Also, several people are killed each year by stray bullets from parties, target practice or irresponsible gun users. A reduced number of guns and shootings will result in fewer dead bodies.


Topic Sentence

Logical Support

A third, and important, reason to control guns in

America is the number of suicides committed by persons with guns. Although suicide can be accomplished with drugs or by automobile or hanging, many deaths occur each day by gunshot wounds to the chest or head. Mentally distraught persons and guns is simply a tragic combination. As illustrated in Sharon Draper’s Tears of a Tiger, suicidal people often have easy access to guns with horrible results. Taking away easy access to firearms could indeed save lives.


Restate thesis

Offer a solution to the prob.

Crime, accidents and suicide are all very good reasons to control gun purchases in the U.S. It is understandable that many families rely on firearms for hunting purposes and to find safe ways to fill their winter freezers with venison and turkey. Why not restrict gun purchases to rifles and shotguns only? Few people hunt with handguns, which have a tendency to be used in crimes and suicides. Let each family be able to purchase no more then three guns, and then only if they also have a hunting license. Offering guns to families who hunt makes sense. Allowing guns to be held by the general population doesn’t.

1. Do you find the author’s introduction engaging? Why or why not? ________________


2. Do you thing the author used good reasons for controlling guns? Why or why not?___


3. Do you think the conclusion of this essay gives a reasonable solution to controlling handguns in America? Why or why not? ______________________________________


WRITING CONNECTION: Write an essay for/against gun control. 250 words.

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