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(In addition to several hundreds in Finnish)

1. "Development Education vis-vis Education for International Understanding, Cooperation and Peace and Education Relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms".

Memorandum for Nordic meeting in Turku, Finland, 1975.

2. "International Education: What it is and Why it is needed." Paper in Seventh General Conference of IPRA, Oaxtepec, Mexico 1977. Published in the Proceedings of the Conference (Tampere 1977.)
3. "Human Rights - the Backbone of Education".

Working paper for the Symposium on International Human Rights, Racine Wisconsin, June 1978.

4. "Human Rights - the Backbone of Education: Variations of the Theme".

International Journal of Political Education. Vol.3.No.2. June 1980.
5. "Public Awareness Concerning Human Rights".

A working paper for International Conference "Human Rights - a Challenge for Education". Hamburg, September 1980.

6. "Das Menschenrechtsbewusstsein in der öffentlichkeit".

Die Menschenrechte - eine herausforderung der Erziehung. Schriftenreihe der Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung. Bonn 1981.

7. "NGOs as Partners in the Development Education".

Working paper for the UNICEF Development Education Study Group, in Moscow, September 1982.
8. "Peace Education Does Have an Objective - Peace".

A paper for the 11th IPRA General Conference, Sussex, April 1986.

Originally prepared for Peace Education Seminar by the Finnish Central Board of Education, Heinola 1983.
9. "Peace is the Way - A Movement for Negative or Positive Peace?" A paper for the 11th IPRA Conference, Sussex, April 1986.
10. "What Does Peace Education Mean?"

Breakthrough. A publication of Global Education Associates. Vol.8. No 3-4. Spring/Summer 1987.
11. "Patriarchy is a State of War - the Role of Peace Movement and Peace Research in this War?" A paper for IPRA 25th Anniversary Conference, Groningen, July 1990.
12. “Violence is an Enemy with Many Faces – How to Defuse this Enemy?”

A paper presented in Women, Men and Peace Perspectives in “Kalmar – Capital of the North” 23.05.1997.

13. Violence Against Women – An Obstacle to Peace. Four Conferences - A New Vision. Report on Four Conferences in 1997.

CD-Rom: EuroPRO-Fem. European Profeminist Men’s Network, City & Shelter: Brussels 1998.

  1. “Violence against Women, Peace and the Involvement of Men.” The IASOM Newsletter.

Special Issue “Men & Violence”. Vol 6, 2 June 1999.
15. Violence Against Women – an Issue of Peace. Women Studies and Gender Research in the Baltic and Nordic Countries : Mapping the Situation. Irina Novikova (ed.) Riga 1999.


1. "The Role of Europe in promoting World Peace and Development".

Working paper on behalf of the Finnish UN Association to the

Third Regional Conference of the European UNAs, Brussels 1972.
2. "Economic and Social Development and Environmental Issues". A Basic Document on behalf of the Finnish UNA for the 24th Plenary Assembly of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, 1973.
3. "The Role of UNAs is preparing the national public to promote the aims of the second basket of the Conference of Security and Cooperation of Europe and to adapt their life to the implementation of the NIEO". Working paper presented on behalf of the UN Association of Finland to the Fifth Regional Conference of European UNAs, Helsinki January 1977.
4. "The Interrelationship of the Second Basket of the CSCE Final Act and the Principles of the NIEO". Working paper for the VII General Conference of IPRA, December 1977, Oaxtepec, Mexico.
5. "Basic Elements in Contemporary Development Thinking. The New Economic Order and meeting Basic Human Needs as Main Objectives of Development". A paper prepared in Autumn 1978, and distributed widely as mimeograph paper in English.
6. "Hunger, Trade and Agricultural Policy". Basic article published in Finnish in a book "Maailman maatalouden ongelmia" (The Problems of the World Agriculture), Helsinki 1979, and distributed widely as mimeograph paper.
7. “New Way of Life - For Whom and Why?". A paper presented in the Nordic Summer Seminar of Future Researchers, Helsinki, July 1984.
8. "Global Situation - Human Situation - What's to Be Done?". A presentation in the World Council of Churches World Consultation, Larnaca, Cyprus, November 1986.
9. "The North is the South's Problem. Are the Western Thinking, Patterns and Policies a Trap for the Developing Countries?" Peaceletter 2/88. Peace Education Institute, Helsinki.
10. "The North is the South's Problem".

A paper presented in the Nordic Women's Forum, Oslo, August 1988.

11. "The Environment and Sustainable Development." Reflections on "Our Common Future". Africa-Europe Encounter in Porto Novo, Benin, September 1989, by The Council of Europe and other organizations. A paper published in IFDA Dossier 77/1990.

12. “The Donors and Recipients -Who is who?” In International Roundtable “The Opening of the East: Implications for the South”, Report Series 2/90.Vienna.

13. “ The Villages in Finland Refuse to Die - Village Action Movement in Finland”.

The Finnish American Reporter, October 1997.
14. “The Villages in Finland Refuse to Die”. The Ecologist, Vol.27 No.5 (1997)
15. “Free Trade and Human Rights - an impossible equation? Women’s Human Rights in the World of Disparity and Distress.”

Paper presented in the EU Preparatory Conference for Beijing+5, Brussels, February 2000; and in IAFFE 2000 in Istanbul, August 2000.


1. "The Mobilization of the Public Opinion and Support for the Full Integration of Women in the Development Efforts as a Key Factor in Achieving Desired Goals and Policies in Population and Development".

A paper presented in International Forum on the Role of Women in Population and Development in UN Headquarters and Airlie House, Virginia, USA, 1974.

2. "The Terms of Equality".

Presentation in the International Alliance of Women Conference in Helsinki, July 1982.

3. "Women's Peace Movement as an Innovative Proponent of the Peace Movement as a Whole".

A paper prepared for the Second International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Groningen, April 1984. IFDA Dossier 43/1984.

4. "Women as an Alternative Culture Here and Now".

Development. Journal of the Society for International Development. Rome. No. 4/1984.
5. "Women's Contribution to the Prerequisite for a Lasting Peace".

A paper in the Reunion of Sisters Conference, Minneapolis, June 1986.

6. "The Experiences of Women within the Techno-Economic Progress of Our Countries (USA-Finland)".

Introductory paper for a workshop in Reunion of Sisters Conference II, Kuopio, Finland, August 1987.

7. “Women’s Path to Recognition”, Development: Seeds of Change, SID Journal, No 1/2, 1986
8. "Tomorrow Begins Today. Elements for a Feminine Alternative in the North".

IFDA Dossier 57/58 January/April 1987.

Development and Peace. Published by the Hungarian Peace Council and the World

Peace Council. Vol. 9, No.1. Spring 1988.

9. "Women's Movements in Development Action".

Paper for the 19th World Conference of SID, New Delhi 1988.

10. "Women's Voice in the North/South Dialogue. Strategies for Interdependence and Solidarity".

A thematic introduction to the Symposium by the Council of Europe, in Barcelona 30.-31.5.1988. Published in

- the Report of Symposium. Strasbourg 1988.

- IFDA Dossier 68. Nov./Dec. 1988.

11. "Tomorrow Begins Today: on Women's Alternative for the Sustainable Future".

Keynote-address; Mediterranean Women's Studies Institute, Summer Program 1988. Spetses, Greece.

12. "Women, Peace and Ecology". Exploring our Common Future.

An international conference on sustainable development, 24.-25.20.1989. University of Maine.

13. "Integrating Feminism and Ecophilosophy". International Meeting "Women, Peace,

Ecology". Moscow, June 1989.

14. “The Environment and Sustainable Development. Reflections on ‘Our Common Future’ “

Africa-Europe Encounter. Organized by Council of Europe and the Organization of African Unity. Porto Novo, Benin, 31.08.-03.09.1989.

15. "La Contribution de la Mujer como Prerrequisito para una Paz Duradera".

15 Anos de Feminismo. Poder y Libertad. Trimestre 1990. Madrid.

16. "Making Women Matter. The Role of the United Nations in Changing the World for


Visiting lecture in the seminar "Feminismo, Ciencia y Transformacion Social", University of Granada, Spain 1992.
17. "The Work of the United Nations for the Advancement of Women as the basis and

standard of achievement for the CSCE in order to Integrate a Women's Perspective in its Work."

A lecture at the University Forum in connection with the Helsinki Summit of the Conference of Security and Cooperation in Europe in July 1992 by the National Helsinki Committees and University of Complutense, Madrid.

18. (In Russian)” The UN System in the vanguard of advancement of Equality - Development - Peace”, (with Jeanne Vickers), International Affairs Magazine, Moscow. Spring 1995.

19. “UN at 50: Achievements, Lessons and Challenges. Equality - Development - Peace.

The UN System in the vanguard of advancement of women, development and peace.”

(together with Jeanne Vickers.) Conference Paper, WFUNA 35th Plenary Assembly, San Francisco 28-30 June 1995.
20. “Women’s participation in policy- and decision-making - Does it make difference?” Paper presented at the INSTRAW panel In NGO Forum, the IV World Conference on Women, Beijing September 5, 1995.

  1. “Women’s Issues Five Years After Beijing: Progress and Drawbacks.” Cooperation

South, United Nations Development Programme, No. 2/2000.

  1. “Nordic Welfare Society – A Holistic Women-friendly development strategy for eradicating poverty and building up an equal and just human society”. Series of lectures in six cities on invitation of Shizuoka Prefecture Women’s Network in Japan: Hamamatsu, Fukuroi, Numazu, Gotenba, Yaizu and Kakegawa. 22.02-04.03. 2007, altogether about 1200 attendants.


1. "Revival on Non-monetary Economy Makes Economic Growth Unnecessary in Small Industrialized Countries". Together with Prof. Kyösti Pulliainen.

IFDA Dossier 35/1983.
2. "Daughters of Mother Earth. Women's Culture as an Ethical and Practical Basis for Sustainable Development". A paper presented in

- The Fourth International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, New York 1990

- The Environment. Interdisciplinary Conference. Hofstra University, Hempstead 1990.
3. "A New Picture of Human Economy - A Woman's Perspective." A paper presented in

- The First International Minoan Celebration of Partnership, Crete 1992,

- The Fifth International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women in Costa Rica 1993.
4. “The Triangle of the Human Economy: Household - Cultivation - Industrial Production. An attempt at making visible the human economy in toto.”

- a paper presented in the IAFFE Summer Conference, Washington, DC, June 1996.

- an article published in Ecological Economics, Special Issue on “Women, Ecology and Economics”, Vol.20 No.2, February 1997.
5. “PRODUCTION. How the Cake is Cut: Production and Economic Well-Being.”

A Reader published by Women in Development Europe, WIDE, 1998.

6. “NON-MARKET WORK IN CONSTRUCTION OF LIVELIHOOD. A Dream of Liberation from the Drudgery and Slavery of the Markets.”

A paper presented in the IAFFE Summer Conference in Mexico City and Taxco, June 1997.

7. “The Full Picture of the Human Economy: Households - Cultivation - Industrial Production.”

An opening lecture in the Woman and Earth International Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, December 1997.

8. “Hacia una economia humana” (A draft for the Human Economy in toto), a lecture in the series organized by Instituto de Investigaciones Feministas de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, “Las Relaciones Norte Sur desde la perspectiva de Género (VII edition), April 2001.
9. “Basic Elements of Human Economy. A Sketch for a Holistic Picture of Human Economy”. F.Vandamme (ed.) Communication & Cognition. Vol.35. No:s 1-2. 2002. Gent (Belgia)
10. ”Podstawowe Zalozenia Ekonomii Humanistycznej.”

Lecture in conference “Visions of Humanistic Economy” Warsaw April 2002,

(11. “Cultivation and Households. The Basics for Nurturing Human Life”,

The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. EOLSS Publishers Co. Ltd, Surrey, UK 2002. (Mentioned also in section “Contributions to Books”.)

12. Interview: “We in the North are the Biggest Problem for the South”. A Conversation of Hilkka Pietilä and Ariel Salleh. Capitalism Nature Socialism, Volume 17, 2/2006
13. “The Constant Imperative: Provisioning by Cultivation and Households. ‘Ontological presupposition’ of Economics?”

Paper presented in The ninth biennial conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics “Ecological Sustainability and Human Well-being”, New Delhi 15-18, December 2006.

14. “The Unpaid Work in Households – A Counterforce to Market Globalization” . The paper presented in VII International Conference of Matriarcato e Montagna in Centre of Alpine Ecology, 14-16 December 2007.


1. “NORDIC WELFARE SOCIETIES. Women-friendly caring states - equity and efficiency in practice.”

Paper presented in Out of the Margin 2/IAFFE Conference 1998, Amsterdam, June 1998.

2. “Nordic Welfare Society - A holistic women-friendly development strategy for eradication poverty and building up an equal and just human security. Finland as a case study”, Paper presented

- IGGRI Conference, Hanasaari Cultural Centre, Espoo, September 1998,

- IGGRI Group/Foreign Ministry of Finland, Heureka, Vantaa, October 1999.
3. ”Construida por el pueplo y el estado: La Assistencia Social en Finlandia.”

La otra bolsa de valores, No. 47. Tlaxpana, Mexico,1998.

4. “ In Finland, Welfare was built by People and the State.” Published as a series of four articles in the New World Finn (Finnish-American Publishers, Inc. Cedar Grove, WI) in August, October, November and December 1999.

5. “ Building a Welfare Society: The Finnish experience.” SID Development, Vol.43. No 2. June 2000.

6. “Eradicating poverty by building a welfare society. The Finnish Experience.” Paper presented in IAFFE 2001 Conference in Oslo June 2001.
7. “Eradicating Poverty by Building a Welfare Society. Finland as a Case Study”

”L’elimination de la pauvreté par la Protection Sociale. Le cas de la Finlande”

Cooperation South, Number two 2001, UNDP, New York

8. ”Masyarakat Kesejahteraan Nordic – Sebuah Strategy Untuk Memberantas Kemiskinan dan Membangun Kesetaraan. Sudi Kasus Finlandia”.

Wacana. Mencari Format Negara Baru. Jurnal Ilmu Sosial Transformatif,

Edisi 10. TAHUN III. 2002. Yogayakarta 55281 (Indonesia)
9. “Women, Citizenship, and the End of Poverty.” YES! A Journal of Positive Futures. Winter 2003. Bainbridge Island, Washington St., USA
10. “Socieda de Nórdica da Accão Social – Uma Estratégia para a Erradicacão da Pobreza e Para o Alcance da Igualdade. A Finlândia como um Estudo de Caso”. Organizado pelo Fórum Mulher, em Cooperacão com a Embaixada da Finlândia, Maputo, 8 de Novembro de 2005.
11. “The Nordic Welfare Society – Welfare in Finland built by people and the state”.

(Translation into Japanese) Lectures in six cities in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 2007.

(12. “La sociedad del bienestar en Finlandia”. Conciliación de la vida profesional y familiar. Editora: Paloma de Villota. Editorial Sintesis. Spain 2008. Mentioned also in the Contributions to the books.)


1. "Budget and Policy of OPI; CESI and it's Relations with the Nordic Information Organs; Participation of UNAs".

Memorandum for the Nordic Meeting in Turku, Finland, August 1975.

2. "The Role of NGOs in the Field of Public Information".

Background paper prepared for the UN/DESI Development Information Meeting, Helsinki, September, 1979.

3. "The Role of the UN Public Information Services in Developing a New World Information & Communication Order".

Working paper for WFUNA Seminar on "New World Information & Communication Order". The 28th WFUNA Plenary Assembly, Geneva 1981.

4. “The Success Story of Women Civil Society and the United Nations”.

A Personal Submission to the Secretary General’s Panel of Eminent Persons on the United Nations-Civil Society Relations on their request in October 2003.

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