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CONTRIBUTIONS TO BOOKS (other than Finnish)
1. "The Right to Be Oneself".

An essay in Sisterhood is Global, The International Women's Movement Anthology. Edited by Robin Morgan. Published by Anchor Press/Doubleday, New York 1984.

2. "International co-operation".

Teaching for International Understanding, Peace and Human Rights. Edited by Norman J. Graves and others. UNESCO 1984.
3. "Thoughts on Peace Education".

The United Nations, Peace, Security, Public Opinion Attitudes. A publication of the World Federation of United Nations Associations. Geneva 1985.
4. "Kvinnoperspektiv på nuet och framtiden".

ALTERNATIVEN. Edited by Mats Friberg/Johan Galtung. Akademilitteratur. Göteborg 1986.
5. "To Develop an Alternative Peace Policy of Women".

Women, Militarism and Disarmament. Edited by Birgit Brock-Utne and others. International Peace Research Institute, Oslo 1986.
6. "The Creative Impact of Feminism on Biopolitics. Marriage of Ecophilosophy and Feminism". Biopolitics. The Bio-Environment. Edited by Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis. Athens 1988.
7. The Creative Impact of Feminism on Biopolitics. En Feministisk Utopi og veier dit. Prosjekt Alternative Framtid. Rapport fra to seminarer. Oslo, juni 1988.
8. "Tomorrow Begins Today. Elements of a Feminine Alternative for the Future of Industrialized Countries". Women's World. Finnish Contributions to the Third Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Dublin 1987 (Åbo, 1989).
9. "The North is the South's Problem. World Economic Crisis - adjustments hits women." Women and South-North Relations. Edited by Pirkko Kiviaho and Monica Böök. Series C: Working Papers 4/1988. Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Helsinki 1988.
10. "The Daughters of Earth: Women's Culture as a Basis for Sustainable Development". Ethics

of Environment and Development. Edited by J. Ronald Engel and Joan Gibb Engel. Belhaven Press, (A division of Pinter Publishers), London 1990.

11. "Daughters of Mother Earth. Women's Culture as an ethical and practical basis for sustainable development." Finnish Debates on Women's Studies. (Contributions by Finnish Scholars to the Fourth International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, New York 1990.) Edited by Leila Simonen. University of Tampere, 1990.
12. "The Environment and Sustainable Development". Kvinner, miljö og utvikling. Rapport fra en nordisk forskerkonferanse. Arbeidsnotat 3/91, Senter for kvinneforskning, Universitetet i Oslo.(1991)
13. "Beyond the Brundtland Report". Healing the World - and Me. Edited by Mark Macy. Knowledge Systems. Indianapolis, 1991.
14. "Women's culture and sustainable development". pp. 119-125. One World or Several. Edited by Ashok Bapna. SID, Rajasthan Chapter, India. Jaipur 1991.
15. "Ökofilosofi og feminisme - en resept for bärekraftig utvikling?" (Ecophilosophy + Feminism - a recipe for a sustainable development?) Ikke bare si det, men gjöre det! Om bärekraftig utvikling. Edited by N.C.Stenseth og K. Herzberg. Universitetsförlaget/Alternative Framtid, Oslo 1992.
16. "Women: The Missing Element", An article in Facing the Challenge: Responses to the Report of the South Commission. Zed Books/The South Centre, London, 1993.
17. "Villages in Finland Refuse to Die". REBUILDING COMMUNITIES. Experiences and Experiments in Europe. Edited by Vithal Rajan. A Resurgence Book, Green Books Ltd/WWF, UK 1993
18. "Place of Women's Organizations in the World Today." Keynote Address. 80 Years and Beyond: 26th WILPF International Congress Report. Geneva 1995.
19. “DAWN Report of the North Overdue!” Proceedings of the First FEMINA BOREALIS Research Conference, August 1995. Northern Gender Studies 3. Universities of Oulu and Lapland.
20. “The UN System: 50 Years as a Lever for the Advancement of Women, Development and Peace.” (With Jeanne Vickers) in Ilze Koroleva: Invitation to Dialogue: Beyond Gender (In)equality. Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga 1997.
21. “Könsperspektivet på den globala agendan. En framgångsberättelse om kvinnor och Förenta Nationerna”, i rapport från seminariet Kvinnor, män och fredsperspektivet i Kalmar, Sverige, maj 1997 i sammanhang av Kalmarunionens 600 års jubileumsevenemang.

Red. Aino Saarinen och Carita Peltonen. FEMINA BALTICA, Baltic-Nordic Women’s Network, Åbo 2001.

22. "Equality - Development - Peace. The UN System in the vanguard of advancement of women, development and peace." (Co-author with Jeanne Vickers) In Chadwick F. Alger (ed.). The Future of the United Nations System: Potential for the Twenty-first Century, United Nations University Press, Tokyo - New York - Paris, 1998.

23. “Violence Against Women - An Obstacle to Peace. Four Conferences - A New Vision. Report on Four Conferences in 1997" in EuroPRO-Fem (CD-Rom). European Profeminist Men’s Network, City & Shelter: Brussels 1998.

24. “Solidarity as a guiding principle in life”. In Outi Hakkarainen, Miia Toikka & Thomas Wallgren (edit.) Dreams of Solidarity. Finnish experiences and reflections from 60 years. LIKE, Kepa Publications No 24. Helsinki 2003.
25. “Cultivation and Households. The Basics for Nurturing Human Life”, The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. EOLSS Publishers Co. Ltd, Surrey, UK 2002.
26. “A Sketch for a New World Food Order. The Future of Agriculture in Global Perspective”, Turku 2003, Congress Proceedings. Web: Proceedings

27. “Equality-Development-Peace. Women 60 Years with the United Nations”. The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. EOLSS Publishers Co. Ltd, Surrey, UK 2005.

28. “La sociedad del bienestar en Finlandia”. Conciliación de la vida profesional y familiar. Editora: Paloma de Villota. Editorial Sintesis. Spain 2008.

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