Periods of Egyptian History – Complete the Time Line

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Work and Daily Life

  • As population grew, Egypt’s society became even more complex.

  • A complex society requires people to take on different jobs.

    • How were jobs assigned? Jobs were passed on within families.


    1. Ranked below priests and Government officials --- members of the middle class

    2. Kept records and accounts and copied religious and literary texts

    3. Didn’t have to pay taxes --- became wealthy

Artisans, Artists, and Architects:

  1. Artisans: advanced skills—sculptors, builders, carpenters, metalworkers, jewelers, leather workers

  2. Architects: designed temples and tombs

  3. Artists: different types of art work –often worked in burial chambers painting pictures


  1. professional army offered chance to rise in social status

  2. Received land as payment

  3. Allowed to keep treasure captured in war

Farmers and Other Peasants:

  1. bottom of social scale—majority of population

  2. Grew crops to support family and gave part of crops to the Pharaoh as taxes to pay for use of land

  3. Special duty = pharaoh’s projects -- building projects, mining, army; paid in grain


  1. Lowest class

  2. Some were convicted criminals or prisoners from wars.

  3. They had some legal rights and could sometimes earn their freedom.

Family Life in Egypt

  1. Men: expected to marry young and take on profession/job of father

  2. Women: Most women took care of family, but some had outside jobs—priestesses, administrators, artisans

    1. Women’s rights: could own property, make contracts, divorce husbands

  3. Children: not as structured as adults—played with toys, played ball games, hunted, boys and girls—some education—at 14 boys entered father’s profession

Ramses the Great

  1. Lived in the late 1300s and early 1200s BC

  2. Lived in Nile Delta city—Pi-Ramsesse,

  3. Army captain at age 10

  4. strong military leader—increased the size of his kingdom greatly,

  5. last great pharaoh, great warrior and builder

  6. built many temples (Karnak, Luxor, Abu Simbel) and monuments.

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