Periods of Egyptian History – Complete the Time Line

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Building an Empire

  1. To prevent future invasions Egypt took control of possible invasion routes.

  2. The Egyptian’s conquered Southwest Asia, Syria, (entire eastern shore of the Mediterranean), and Kush (South of Egypt).

  3. By the 1400s BC the Egyptian empire extended from the Euphrates River to southern Nubia.

  4. Military conquests made Egypt rich as well as powerful. The conquered kingdoms sent gifts and treasure to the Egyptians.

Growth and Effects of Trade

  • As Egypt’s empire expanded, conquest brought Egyptian traders into contact with distant lands with valuable resources. Trade routes included Sinai Peninsula (turquoise & copper), kingdom of Punt on the Red Sea, Asia Minor, and Greece.

  • Later Pharaohs like Hatshepsut used the wealth gained in trade to support the arts and architecture.

Invasions of Egypt: Despite military might, Egypt still faced threats to its power.

  1. Ramses the Great fought the Hittites from Asia Minor (Turkey)

  2. the Tehenu from the west

  3. Soon after Ramses died the Sea People attacked from the north

Main Idea 3: work and daily life differed among Egypt’s social classes.

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