Periods of Egyptian History – Complete the Time Line

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Ch. 1.3 “The Middle and New Kingdoms” (p.27-33) KEY

Periods of Egyptian History – Complete the Time Line

3000 BC 2000 BC 1000 BC

c. 2700 – 2200 BC c. 2050 – 1750 BC c. 1550 – 1050 BC

Old Kingdom Middle Kingdom New Kingdom
The Big Idea: during the Middle and New Kingdoms, order and greatness were restored in Egypt.

Main Idea 1: The Middle Kingdom was a period of stable government between periods of disorder.

The Middle Kingdom (2050 – 1050 BC)

  • At end of Old Kingdom:

    1. Wealth and power of pharaohs declined due to not enough taxes to keep up with expensive building projects

    2. Ambitious nobles used government positions to take power from pharaohs

    3. By 2200 BC end of Old Kingdom

    4. Next 160 years local nobles ruled Egypt – no central ruler

  • Around 2050 BC: Middle Kingdom starts

    1. Powerful pharaoh defeated rivals and united Egypt

    2. Period of order and stability until around 1750 BC

  • Around 1750 BC: End of Middle Kingdom

    1. What caused the end of the Middle Kingdom? Egypt had fallen into disorder and the Hyksos, a group from Southwest Asia, invaded with horses, chariots and advanced weapons and conquered lower Egypt.

  • Mid 1500s BC: Ahmose of Thebes (in Upper Egypt) drove out the Hyksos and ruled all of Egypt.

Main Idea 2: The New Kingdom was the peak of Egyptians trade and military power, but its greatness did not last.

The New Kingdom (1550 – 1050 BC) Height of Egypt’s power and glory.

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