Periodic report of the united states of america to the united nations committee on the elimination of racial discrimination

Additional issues raised by the Committee

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Additional issues raised by the Committee

217. Regarding the Committee’s observations in paragraph 39 concerning the Durban Declaration and Program of Action, the concerns of the United States about the 2001 Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (DDPA) and its follow-up are well known. In 2009, after working to try to achieve a positive, constructive outcome in the Durban Review Conference that would get past the deep flaws of the Durban process to date to focus on the critical issues of racism, the United States withdrew from participating because the review conference’s outcome document reaffirmed, in its entirety, the DDPA which unfairly singled out Israel and endorsed overbroad restrictions on freedom of expression that run counter to the U.S. commitment to robust free speech. Regarding the Committee’s observations in paragraph 40 concerning the optional declaration provided for in Article 14, the United States remains aware of the possibility of making the optional declaration under Article 14, but has not made a decision to do so. As noted in the 2007 Report, if such a declaration were contemplated, it would be submitted to the Senate for consent to ratification. With regard to the Committee’s observations in paragraph 41 concerning ratification of the amendment to article 8, the United States has no plans to do so. The Committee’s observations in paragraph 42 concerning making reports and observations readily available to the public are addressed in paragraph 5 of this Report and in other discussions of outreach to the public. Its observations in paragraph 43 concerning consultation with civil society are addressed in paragraph 3 of this Report.

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United States Periodic Report to the Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination

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