Period Part 1 Class Notes

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Part 2 Name that Father

  1. Father of Medicine-

  2. Mathematics-

  3. History-

  4. Physics-

  5. Geometry-

  6. Theatre-

  7. Democracy-

  8. Philosophy-

  9. Trigonometry-

  10. Poetry-

Part 3- Vocabulary Terms

  1. Lawmaker , wrote 1st legal code

  2. Built in honor of Athena

  3. Questioned the nature of the world and human belief

  4. Greek playwright wrote Medea and Helen of troy

  5. Hero of the Iliad

  6. Hero of the Odyssey

  7. Pact made between 140 Greek city-states

  8. Wrote over 40 plays, Price of Ancient Comedy

  9. Greek wall paintings, found at Knossos

  10. Open place of assembly

  11. Greek word for victory

  12. Fortified hilltop

  13. Chosen in 594 BC to reform Greek law

  14. Citizen soldiers of Greek city-states

  15. Greek physician

Part 4 Video Last Stand of the 300 (Get out your video questions)

Part 5 Greek Gods

  1. Messenger god

  2. God of war

  3. Goddess of wisdom

  4. Goddess of victory

  5. God of underworld

  6. Zeus’ wife goddess of marriage

  7. God of the sun

  8. Goddess of beauty

  9. King of the gods (AKA) MR. K!!

  10. God of the seas

Part 6 Trojan/Achilles

  • Her beauty launched a thousand ships

  • King Priam’s 2 sons who made peace with Sparta

  • Kind of Sparta who’s wife was taken to Troy

  • The Greatest Greek fighter in the world who fought troy

  • Method used by Greeks to penetrate gates of Troy

  • River Achilles dipped into

  • Part of his body not dipped into the river

  • Comment Achilles’ mother made regarding his decision to fight Troy

  • Homers epic tale of Achilles’ deed in the Trojan war

  • Individual Achilles grieved over

  • Actual cause of Achilles death

Part 8 Alexander the Great

  • Famous tutor of Alexander

  • Age of Alexander when he became king

  • Mother of Alexander

  • Greek myth regarding his mother’s pregnancy

  • Name of Alexander’s famous horse

  • Reason Alexander distanced himself from his father

  • Importance of the following battles

    • Chaeronea

    • Battle of Granicus

    • Battle of Issus

    • Furthest advancement of Alexander’s army so far they turned back

    • City where Alexander becomes ill and dies

    • City where Alexander’s body was entombed

    • What became of his empire after his death

    • Area his empire extended to


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