Period: Date: Era of Manifest Destiny

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Era of Manifest Destiny

State Standard: 8.8.2 Describe the purpose, challenges, and economic incentives associated with westward expansion, including the concept of Manifest Destiny (e.g. the Lewis and Clark Expedition, accounts of the removal of Indians, the Cherokees’ “Trail of Tears,” settlement of the Great plains) and the territorial acquisitions that spanned numerous decades.

Task One: Examine the document on Indian removal located at ( ) looking for reasons and results of the removal.
1. Why did Southerners feel they needed to expand into Indian land?
2. How did the Cherokee nation attempt to fit into the American culture? Who was John Ross?
3. The Indian nations took their case to the U.S. Supreme Court twice. What were the outcomes of these appeals? Were the Court’s decisions followed?
Task Two: Use Jackson’s letter to Congress located at ( to answer the following questions.
1. Give three reasons President Andrew Jackson used when he spoke to Congress for Indian removal.
2. Do you think the tribes were “under the protection of Government” during their move West and after their arrival? Why or why not? Give examples.
3. Examine President Jackson’s statement, “Toward aborigines no one can indulge a more friendly feeling to reclaim them from wandering and make them a happy and prosperous people” and discuss if he was thinking only of their well-being when he signed the order to remove them west.

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