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Comparing Treaties

State Standard: 10.6.2: Students analyze the effects of the First World War; describe the effects…resulting peace treaties on population movement, the international economy and shifts in the geographic and political borders in Europe.

Task One: Read the German Reply to the Treaty at Versailles at: and answer the following questions.
1. What changed in Germany between October 1918 and May 1919 that altered the German willingness to accept a peace agreement with the allied victors?
2. Summarize the German criticisms of the treaty.
3. What are Germany’s counter- proposals? Are they realistic? Back up your answer.
Task Two: Read the eyewitness account of Sir Harold Nicolson at the peace treaty signing at: and answer the following questions completely.
1. The German delegates that Nicolson describes are only in attendance so that they may sign the treaty on behalf of Germany. What is their demeanor?
2. Who is at the signing?
Task Three: Read the text of the Treaty of Lausanne at and answer the following questions.
1. Who was at this conference?
2. What are some of the problems that either caused World War I or were effects of that war that appear to be addressed in the treaty?

Designed by: Lisa Kemp– Redwood High School

For Summer Teaching American History Institute - 2004

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