Period 3, Unit 3 Review Guide Term to Know

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Period 3, Unit 3 Review Guide

Term to Know

  1. Bread colonies

  2. land speculation

  3. triangular trade

  4. Molasses Act of 1733

  5. Anglican Church

  6. Congregationalist Church

  7. established church

  8. bicameral legislature

  9. upper house

  10. lower house

  11. “power of the purse”

  12. King George’s War

  13. Queen Anne’s War

  14. Louisbourg

  15. Albany Plan of Union

  16. Fort Necessity

  17. Pontiac’s Rebellion

  18. Proclamation of 1763

  19. Navigation Acts

  20. Sugar Act of 1764

  21. Quartering Act of 1765

  22. Stamp Act of 1765

  23. Tea Act of 1773

  24. Intolerable Acts or Coercive Acts

  25. Boston Massacre

  26. Boston Tea Party

  27. Lexington and Concord

  1. Key Concepts

  2. Society before the Revolution

  1. How did colonial society change with regards to wealth and class structure, especially in the Southern States?

  2. Briefly describe the economies and trade of colonial America, being careful to point out the regional differences.

  3. Describe the early trade relationship between Great Britain and the American colonies.

  4. Describe religion in colonial America? What effect did the Great Awakening have on society before the revolution?

  5. Describe colonial government before the revolution? Who imposed taxes, who made decisions, and how were the people represented?

  1. French and Indian War

  1. How did conflicts prior to the French and Indian War change the landscape of the American colonies?

  2. What was the American colonist’s role in starting and fighting in the French and Indian War?

  3. What impact did the French and Indian War have on the landscape of North America?

  4. What impact did the French and Indian War have on colonial society, in particular the relationship with the British?

  1. Road to Revolution

  1. What is mercantilism and how does it define the relationship between colonies and their parent country?

  2. How did British economic policies towards America change after the French and Indian War? What was the reason for the change?

  3. Describe the timeline of taxes that eventually led to the Boston Massacre?

  4. Why was the Boston Tea Party a pivotal moment in the American Revolution?

  5. Be sure to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of the American and British forces in the American Revolution?

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