Period 1: 1491–1607 Key Concept 1

Teachers have flexibility to use examples such as the following

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Teachers have flexibility to use examples such as the following:

• Pontiac’s Rebellion, Proclamation of 1763

  1. During and after the colonial war for independence, various tribes attempted to forge advantageous political alliances with one another and with European powers to protect their interests, limit migration of white settlers, and maintain their tribal lands.

Iroquois Confederation, Chief Little Turtle and the Western Confederacy

  1. During and after the imperial struggles of the mid-18th century, new pressures began to unite the British colonies against perceived and real constraints on their economic activities and political rights, sparking a colonial independence movement and war with Britain. (ID-1) (WXT-1) (POL-1) (WOR-1) (CUL-2) (CUL-4)

  1. Great Britain’s massive debt from the Seven Years’ War resulted in renewed efforts to consolidate imperial control over North American markets, taxes, and political institutions — actions that were supported by some colonists but resisted by others.

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