Period 1: 1491–1607 Key Concept 1

Teachers have flexibility to use examples such as the following

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Teachers have flexibility to use examples such as the following:

tariff and currency disputes, Spanish restrictions on navigation of the Mississippi River

  1. Delegates from the states worked through a series of compromises to form a Constitution for a new national government, while providing limits on federal power.

  1. Calls during the ratification process for greater guarantees of rights resulted in the addition of a Bill of Rights shortly after the Constitution was adopted.

  1. As the first national administrations began to govern under the Constitution, continued debates about such issues as the relationship between the national government and the states, economic policy, and the conduct of foreign affairs led to the creation of political parties.

• Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, Hamilton’s Financial Plan, Proclamation of Neutrality

  1. While the new governments continued to limit rights to some groups, ideas promoting self-government and personal liberty reverberated around the world. (ID-4) (WOR-2 ) (POL-5) (CUL-2)

  1. During and after the American Revolution, an increased awareness of the inequalities in society motivated some individuals and groups to call for the abolition of slavery and greater political democracy in the new state and national governments.

• Abigail Adams, Pennsylvania Gradual Emancipation Law

  1. The constitutional framers postponed a solution to the problems of slavery and the slave trade, setting the stage for recurring conflicts over these issues in later years.

  1. The American Revolution and the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence had reverberations in France, Haiti, and Latin America, inspiring future rebellions.

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