Perhaps it is kinder to let my ancestors sleep

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(This detailed information was gathered by Everet Leon and Betty Jean (Albertson) Marrs, Bloomington, Indiana. Betty typed these many pages on a manual typewriter, so I’m (Dan Marrs, first cousin of Leon) am retyping it in electronic format – a means of capturing information that wasn’t available when Betty and Leon started this project and was just becoming a reality when Betty’s health deteriorated in the late 1980’s. Betty and Leon traveled the United States, Canada and to the British Isles to gather this information, something for which all of the family will be deeply indebted. It is impossible to repay them for the time and resources they used to gather this information, but perhaps through using today’s technology to share it with family members around the world, their efforts will be long remembered. As I write this, I can’t help but think what they might have been able to do with today’s technology of email and electronic sharing of data. It’s nothing short of amazing the vast amount of family history they gathered and put it into a format that we, of the next generation, can carry their work forward for the next generations.- Dan Marrs, January 2005)
Perhaps it is kinder to let my ancestors sleep.

Because the secrets they want to keep,

But then again I like to suppose,

My ancestors would like me to disturb their long repose

And perhaps when I visit their places of rest,

Or read of their lives and learn how they met the “test,”

Of early life in a pioneer land.

I’ll respect their efforts, tho’ maybe not so grand,

As building sky scrapers and supersonic planes,

But theirs was the courage that cleared the land and

Sowed the grain.
In spite of they gave us this country that is ours now,

And I feel when I shake the family tree,

They know and are glad – somehow.
unknown –

“I dedicate this book to the loving memory of my father-in-law, Evert Franklin Marrs, 1882-1970 and to my husband Evert Leon Marrs, 1924-“

By Betty Jean (Albertson) Marrs, 1927 –

You are recorded as son or daughter of ( ______ ) a number & name) a number is given you as well. Where no number then it doesn’t go any further then under the parents because there is no more data. If you find errors in your family data, by all means correct them with indelible ink or re-type on Avery self-adhesive address labels that can then be cut to put in where the error has been made. Some errors will be mine in typing and some will be from those sending me data. To all those not recorded here and should be I’m sorry and hope one day we will receive the data needed to fill the rightful places. To all those who helped I thank you for helping make this book possible.

Date of birth

Date of death

md. Date of marriage & who married

ca. About

ch. Children

gr. Great or grandparents

dau. Daughter

cem. Cemetery

Blgton. Bloomington, Ind.

Co. County

Div. divorce

( ) . Maiden name not known

Bur. Place of burial

___. Where underlined I’ve either met or they have written us.

(Dan’s Note: I’ve bolded the ancestors that are directly traced back from Greenup Marrs, my grandfather.)


1- William Marr ( )

b. Scotland. Md. Tradition says an Indian maiden by the name of Munday in PA. Records say he had 3 sons born in PA. Samuel and Henry Munday, and Barnabus. The year 1720, a William Erskine Marr, Nobleman of Scotland leaving a vast estate in Scotland which none of the rights belong to his American decendents emigrated to America in order to avoid being put to death of severe torture as a religious Heretic. The dominate religionist had passed his sentence, which was that he be tied to the tail of a wild colt and it be turned loose in the streets of Edinburgh. To avoid this fearful fate, he fled his country & left friends & property behind. Originally, the name was spelled Marr, but he to avoid detection added an S since which time it has been written Marrs. Upon his arrival n the land of religious freedom he located near the town of Little York, PA. He previously lived in the Royal Castle of Balmora in the Mar District of Scotland. Source: History Book in 1883 by Beers, in Sidney, Ohio. Marrs and Allied Families - Publ. 1965 4 sisters in Texas Louis E. Marrs, Sidney, Ohio, August 6, 1930. Where he is buried we have not found or who he really married.


2. Samuel Marrs, b. December 1, 1740 PA.

3. Henry Munday Marrs b.

4. Barnabus b.

2. Samuel Marrs (1 William Marr)

b. Dec 1, 1740 d. Dec. 27, 1817 Nicholasville, KY on Catnip Hill road his homeplace in Kentucky. md. Francina Bradshaw b. 1742 PA. She d. 1775 in Thompson Valley, VA, near Tazewell, VA. Their homeplace when they lived there and settled the year of 1773 & was stationed in one of the frontier forts of the area about 1776 *Rockbridge Historical Society says:

Dear Mr. Marrs August 20 1974

In response to your letter of the 15th, I can only say that the military service of the early settlers was not always given to record. Every male, as soon as he could carry, load and fire a rifle, he was a member of the militia and this continued until he was too feeble to do so. A company from the Middle New River Valley, commanded by Capt. Thomas Shannon, of Walker’s Creek, has Alexander Marrs as one of the Lieutenants. This company saw service under General Greene at Guilford Courthouse. I have no lead at to his connection with your Samuel Marrs. But I feel sure you will find them kinfolk. In Tazewell County, there were a number of forts as the Indian country was just beyond. These forts were not manned by soldiers as a general rule, but by local militiamen and settlers. When the alarm of “Injun signs” passed along the wilderness paths, the settlers hastened “to fort up” in a designate place. I have no doubt but that your Samuel Marrs was one of these militiamen. It is of record that, on Sept. 8, 1774 a band of 12 or 15 Indians made a raid into Thompson’s Valley and killed John Henry, his wife and three small children, who had come to the valley only the previous May. Samuel Marrs had settled there just the year before (1773). From the data you have given in your letter I would offer this as a possible narrative of your Samuel Marrs: “He and Francina Bradshaw were married in Pennsylvania and lived there for possibly seven or eight years. During which time their first five children were born. About 1768, they migrated southward and settled for a time in Augusta County, that section now of which became Rockbridge in 1778. Here 3 sons Samuel W, Wm. & John were born. Shortly after the birth of John, the family migrated to Thompson’s Valley where James was b. 1774. The next year Francina Marrs died 1775, a few years later he married the Widow Fowler. Note: that Elizabeth Fowler was made administrator of the estate of Samuel Fowler deceased, Mar. 17, 1778 in the Washington Co. court, then in Mar 21, James Dyshart was designated as the guardian for Mary and Samuel Fowler, orphans of Samuel Fowler deceased. Perhaps this is the family of “Widow” Fowler and this Mary Fowler was the girl Christopher Marrs married, Feb 10, 1787 - the dau. Of his stepmother. *** Very early, it seems, the name Marrs became Mairs in the records of Southwest Virginia, as is seen in the Index of Lewis Preston Summers “Annuals of Southwest Virginia”. The name also found as Mares - the clerks of the frontier courts were given to spelling by sound and intuition. Assuring you of my interest in your quest and of my willingness to assist you as far as I am in position to do so, I remain. Very truly yours, George West Diehl, genealogist of the Rockbridge Historical Society. Dundee Plantation, R#3 Lexington, VA 24450

Letter of August 13, 1974 states: The earliest record of the family name appears in the records of Augusta county on Dec 10, 1745 when a certain Gideon Marrs qualified as an attorney, but there was no further mention of him. Too, in the 1780's there was a certain Francis Marrah, Mora, Mara - I cite this as it might be a corruption in the spelling as was often the case in early records. In a Chancery Case, July 29, 1811, a Richard Marr is mentioned as being the husband of Winifred Tilman, daughter of Thomas Tilman, Sr. and his wife Lucy Hix; Lucy was the dau. Of Daniel Hix, deceased. In another Chancery Case, dated Dec 1818 there is mention of John Marrs who had married a dau of James Jones and his wife Nancy Woods. This deposition was made in Charlotteville, Albermarle co, VA, June 5, 1820. Rockbridge County was formed from Augusta and Botetcourt Co in 1778. So, William (1770) as you cite, was evidently b. in that section of Augusta Co which became Rockbridge when he was a boy of eight years of age. “Note: In the work of Netti Schreiner-Yantis, “Montgomery Co, VA circa 1790, I note in the Index Marrs (Mair’s, Mares, and Mears). Signed George W. Diehl, genealogist.

4. Henry Marrs b. July 6, 1762 d. ca 1838 md. Elizabeth Maxwell

5. Phyllis b. Sept 20, 1763 d. 1810 md William Wynne

6. Elizabeth b. Dec 20, 1764 d. Mar 17, 1836 md. James Owens

7. Samuel W. Jr. b. March 31 1769 d. June 12, 1831 md. Lydia Thompson

8. Christopher b. Feb 14, 1766 d. Md. Mary Fowler

9. Ruth b. Oct 13, 1766 d. July 12, 1839 md Mr. Alderson

10. William b. Oct 13, 1770 d. Mar 12, 1844 md. Jane McClure

11. John b. April 10, 1772 d. 1800/1 md.Polly Fowler

12. James b. May 14, 1774 d. Feb 3, 1834 md. Mary Foley. He md. 2nd Widow Fowler and had Ch.

Samuel Marrs, b. 1740 (no. 2) helped build the Fort at Hillsville, Va with Thomas Whitten, John Greenup, John Markman, was among those that helped build the fort. They stationed a John Marrs and other at their homes to give protection for their families while they built the fort. The Indians were so savage at this time and safety was foremost in ones mind. Samuel Marrs built his family a small log cabin on Thomas Whitten land that he owned, this log cabin set on the north side of Clinch River in the mouth of a little hollar just up from the Pisgah Church and in 1962 there is a white house that sits on this spot of ground and is called the Cecil place. They lived here in their log home about 13-20 years in this area of Tazewell VA. They settled there in the year 1773. There are still Marrs relatives living in the area in 1975. Their forefather settled there 202 years ago, and it has been 255 years since William Marrs an Earl of Mar of Scotland settled Little York, PA and started the Marrs family this is now a vast of relatives throughout America. Samuel had a son James (12) b. 1774 a year after they settled near Tazewell, VA in Thompson Valley. He had by this time Henry, Phillis, Elizabeth, Samuel Jr., Christopher, Ruth, William, John and James Marrs, making twelve children. In 1785 he bought 105 acres of land from a surveyor which was authorized by the Gov’t of England. The surveyors name was Patton. He gave Patton 1 lb of English money for this survey. This land lay in the Ella Perry Hollar at the end of the hard surface road and Samuel built a log cabin near where Harry Peery’s home stands now in 1962. They lived here 4 or 5 years, then he sold to a man by name of Allen & bought land from the Cecils that lay along the Clinch River through North Tazewell, VA west across Hubble Hill and into Baptist Valley. This was about 1790. His cabin stood where the Thompson or mule farm house burned down. His wife, Francina Marrs d. here in 1795 - her maiden name was Bradshaw. She was buried on the south hill behind the log cabin. In 1962 this graveyard lies on the back of Henry Christians lot. There are 10 or 12 graves there. Samuel later moved from River jack and his oldest son Henry (4) md. In 1785 to Elizabeth Maxwell dau of Tom Maxwell and had 3 children. Thomas Marrs born there and died at age of 8 or T.B. and is buried with his grandmother Francina Marrs. Rebecca Marrs, she md. John Brooks and Rebecca and John lived where Samuel and Francina Marrs had lived and Samuel moved on to KY. Henry Marrs lived here in Tazewell till he died in ca. 1838 - his kinfolk yet around that area today and his wife Elizabeth d. a few years earlier. They both are buried with Francina Marrs, his mother and his son (their) Thomas Marrs who d. age 8. He (Henry) was 76 yrs of age at death and willed his land to his son in laws. The Marrs owned land at Head of Baptist Valley from 1790 to 1838 (some 48 years.) Data: portions from William Henry Marrs (747) 1912-1968, Tazewell, Va.
23. John Marrs (4) Henry Marrs

he was in War and was captured by the enemy out east of Tazewell, he was caught one day and made his escape that night they tied him up to a tree with rope to the side of a fence an they lay down for the night an while they slept he worked hisself lose an as he got lose there was a herd of hogs that passed by & he walked away on his hands and feet as he got among them. As they the hogs passed through the camp of the enemy. He had s won wounded in this war by the name of Herman Marrs out near Richmond VA.

12. James Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)

b. May 14, 1774 d. Feb 3, 1834 md. Mary Foley. He md. 2nd Widow Fowler and had Ch.

13. Josiah Marrs b. Feb 16, 1781 Tazewell VA., d. in Mississippi - no ch.

14. Abigail b. D. young girl bur. Catnip Hill Road, Nicholasville, KY

md. 3rd wife unknown but she and Samuel are buried on homeplace they settled on Catnip Hill Rd. Nicholasville, KY. He and his 3rd wife emigrated to Kentucky in 1793 settled in Jessamine Co on Catnip Hill Rd on a small farm of 100 acres more or less bought of Mr. Hampton for 105 lbs of English money. He lived there until his death in 1817. He was 77 years of age. Portions from letter written by John Marrs of Lexington KY in 1869, a grandson of Samuel 1740. (*Marrs & Allied Families book by 4 sisters in Tex.) I have heard my mother say he was a small active old man and that she had seen and his 2 brothers (Henry & Barnabus) ride to Lexington horseback, it being 15 miles & they were all 3 over 70 years of age at that time. He md. 1st about year 1760 in PA. He md 2nd before 1781 & md. 3rd wife in Va, name unknown and no ch. by last wife. His will made April 5, 1810 in Jessamine Co, KY proved court 1818 page 375 of Will Book. “ * I now have a photostat copy - Leon Marrs, R#3, Bloomington, IN 47401. Also is in the Marrs and Allied Familes’ book by 4 sisters in Tex. Rea Marrs Jameson.
3. Henry Munday Marrs (1 William Marr) date of birth not known or his wife’s name


15. George Marrs b.

16. Samuel Marrs b. Md. 1810 to Jane Johnson

15. George espoused the British cause in the great struggle for freedom in the War of the Revolution, but his name or fate little or nothing is known but he settled state of Georgia after the war. His line is most desired to be found - home someone will have data to do so.
16. Samuel md 1810 Jane Johnson and settled in Mercer Co near Shakertown. He d. say 40 yrs ago (ca 1829) leaving several children, but his sons are all dead except on John Marrs living somewhere in Mercer Co & unmd. In 1869 as far as John Marrs of Lexington, KY remembers. * He grnson of Samuel (1740) and his brothers Henry Marrs and Robert Marrs md & have families both deceased. Also had some sisters one was named Juretta Marrs. Henry had a dau who md. Phillip Negly who d. near Shawnee Run meeting house in Mercer Co a few yrs before 1869 and she d. sometime before 1854 for Phillip md. 2nd wife. Juretta d. leaving several children. Names or how many is not known at this time.


17. John Marrs

18. Henry Marrs

19. Robert James Marrs b. 1818 md. Amanda J. Stout

20. Juretta b. D.

21 Catherine Marrs b. D.
4. Barnabus Marrs (1. William Marr) the birth date not known or of his wife.


22. Thomas Marrs b. D. Childless in Fayette co KY.
4a. Henry Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)

b. July 6, 1762 d. ca 1838 md. 1785 Elizabeth Maxwell, dau. Of Thomas Maxwell of VA. She d. before 1838 of T.B.. Her sister Nancy md a William Cecil of Va and her two sisters Jennie and Mattie were killed by Indians. Her grandfather James Maxwell came from Ireland to America in the 18th century during the days of George Washington. He was in several skirmishes of the Revolutionary War. One was at the Battle of Kings Mountain & he was never wounded. Henry was know as Big Creek Marrs of Tazewell, VA. He lived in Tazewell while his brothers & sisters moved on to KY with his father and 3rd wife.


23 John Marrs b.

24. Maxwell Marrs b. 1787 md. Nancy Jane Brooks

25. Sarah Ann b. 1785/6 d. md. Hezekiah Augustus Harmon

26. Thomas b. D. age of 8 T.B.

27. Rebecca b. Md. John Brooks

28. Henry b.

29. Jane b. Md. James Brooks Aug 16, 1810 (he d. 1852)

30. Samuel b. 1799 md. Cynthia May

31. Robert b. md. McClure

32. Charlie b.

33. William Wesley b. 1810 md Sally Brooks md. 2nd Sabetha Tabor

33a. James b. md. Rebecca Maxwell

33b. Olive b. md John McClure

5. Phyllis Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)

b. Sept 20, 1763 d. in MO. Md. William Wynne (ref. Chalkey’s Augusta Co VA, Vol I, Page 86) believed she died before 1810 since she is not mentioned in her father’s will. She md a widower with eleven children. He b. Aug. 10 1729 and in Virginia and d. July 8 1808.


34. John Wynne b. May 4, 1783 md. Dec 23, 1810 Olivia Peery

35. Mary Polly b. Mar. 19, 1784 md. Peery

36. Margaret Peggy b. June 23, 1786 md. 1807 Hugh Curry

37. Elizabeth b. April 10, 1787

38. Phoebe b. Jan 10, 1788 md Jan 8, 1807 Samuel Whitten

39. Samuel b. July 31 1789 md Sept 2, 1813 Sally Hix

40. Robert b. Sept 10, 1790 md Sept 1, 1812 Peggy Russell Whitten

41. Henry b. May 9, 1793 md.

42. Martha b. May 10, 1794

43. Anne b. Nov 19, 1795 md Jan 19, 1815 James Charles

44. James b. July 30, 1800 md. Sophia Peery

45. Nancy Ann b. Jan 11, 1802

46. Miner b. Apr 11, 1803 md Emilie Peery

47. Peter b. Feb 9, 1797

48. William Wynne b. 1804

6. Elizabeth Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)

b. Dec 20, 1764 d. Mar. 17, 1836 Cole Co MO. Md. 1784 in Tazewell co, VA James Owens b. Oct 19, 1763 Hanover Co, VA.


49. Samuel Owens b. May 18, 1785 md Oct 9, 1806 Katherine Rutherford

50. Nancy b. Dec 10, 1786 md. Jan 13, 1801 Daniel Cloud

51. Avy b. Mar. 27, 1788 md Oct 30, 1806 Andrew Rice. She d. Nov 3, 1858

52. William b. Oct 16, 1789 md Feb 1, 1812 Hannah Clifford

53. James, Jr. b. July 10, 1791 md Aug 12, 1813 Nancy Clifford (Nieces of Daniel Boone)

54. Betsy b. Jan 1, 1793

55. Rebecca b. April 24, 1794 md. May 2, 1813 Michael Sone. She d. Mar. 21, 1867

56. Polly b. Dec 7, 1796 Jessamine Co, KY md. George H. Miller

57. Sophia b. Mar. 19, 1798 Jessamine Co. KY md Mr. Williams

58. John b. Nov 20, 1799 Fayette Co KY md. Aug 5, 1821 Talpha Steele. He died aug 27, 1867

59. Hiram b. Jan 13, 1805 Fayette Co. KY md.

Source: Genealogy of “Rogers, Peyton, Owens, Sone, Marrs, Jennings, Jouett, and Allied Families” publ. 1958 by Guy Sone, Jefferson City, Missouri. Marrs and Allied Families by 4 Sisters in Tex.
7. Samuel W. Marrs, Jr. (2. Samuel Marrs)

b. Mar 31, 1769, Augusta Co Va. D. June 12, 1831 Thompkinsville KY Monroe County KY md. Lydia Thompson b. 1768 d. Oct 10 1814. Md. 2nd Widow Sally (Mulkey) Bayless in Glasgoe, Barren Co. KY. Marriage bond record Samuel Marrs and James West bound unto Commonwealth of KY sum 50 lbs current money which payment to be made - dated Feb 15, 1815 – Samuel Marrs and Sally Bayless, widow 31 or 32 years of age and is entirely at her own disposal as to marriage. Signed, John Mulkey, (her maiden name was Mulkey)


60. Abijah Thompson Marrs b. Oct 17, 1789 VA md Nov 12 1838 Cassander Drane. He d. Dec 26, 1872

61. William b. Feb 15, 1791 d. 1838

62. John A. B. Jan 19, 1793

63. Sinah Fraley b. Apr 19, 1794 d. unmarried

64. Samuel Wayne b. Nov 23, 1795 d. Oct 19, 1881 md. 1821 Fanny King

65. Elizabeth b. Sept 24, 1797 d. unmarried

66. Lydia b. Mar 9, 1799

67. Henry Bradshaw b. Feb 20 1801 md. Dec 3, 1822 Polly Hammer

68. Ruth b. Jan 19, 1803 d. 1817

Ch. 2nd marriage Sally (Mulkey) Bayless a widow

69. Icypheny Marrs b. Feb 25, 1816 md. A Vaughn

70. Mulkey Watts Marrs b. Dec 25, 1818

71. Hannah Boone b. Mar 19, 1821

72. Sirena Ann b. Jan 28, 1824
John Marrs of his sketch says his Uncle Samuel (1795) first settled in Bourbon Co. KY, then moved to Monroe County KY. He recalled seeing him and he was a rather small man, bald head, and dressed very plainly in the Quaker style. He was a remarkably well read in the Sacred Scriptures. It was not at all unusual for him at family worship to recite from memory without opening a book having committed large portions of it to memory. I knew his son Abijah Marrs, now about 80 years of age. *(written 1869 he d. then just 3yrs after John wrote about him). Abijah lived in Tompkinsville

8. Christopher Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)

b. Feb 14, 1766 md. Feb 10, 1787 Montgomery Co, VA Mary Fowler, dau of Widow Fowler who md his father Samuel after his mother & 1st wife Francina diet. He was witness and & Setp father to mary and Christopher’s wedding. He was in War of 1812 but Archives has no record of him being in the war. Maybe because I asked under Marrs and I notice in Montgomery Co. KY. He is listed as Mauris as is typical of that day spelling as it sounds. His father ws also listed at times under Mairs instead of Marrs. So it can be confusing to those in searching. He later md. In 1800 to Mary Greenup. He moved to Edgar Co. Illinois and surely he d. there.

73. James Marrs b. D. probably Edgar Co. IL

74. Daniel b.

75. Isaac

76. Daughter

77. Daughter

This to date is all we know about Christopher and his family. I hope someone has more data.
9. Ruth Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)

b. Oct 13, 1767 d. July 12, 1839 bur. Catnip Hill Rd in family plot with her father etc. She md. A man name of Mr. Alderson & has a son Hiram Alderson who learned trade of Blacksmith and md. Betsy Knox & moved to Missouri. No more is known at this time hoping again someone somewhere has more data.


78. Hiram Alerson b. Md. Betty Elizabeth Knox in Nicholaville, KY dau of Benjamin Knox

10. William Marrs (2. Samuel Marrs)

b. Oct 13 1770 Rockbridge Co VA. Md. Nov 25, 1794 Kentucky. Settled Bourbon Co KY, but later moved to Shelby Co, Sidney Ohio. He d. Mar 12, 1844 Sidney Ohio and is probably buried beside his son and dau. Samuel and Betse on St Rd 29 east of Pasco on his homeplace. Now small graveyard beside present road. We have been there twice. (Leon Marrs and family R#3 Bloomington Ind) Samuel has a large stone and Betsy a smaller one & several have been so broken it is so shameful to see and never will know who all are buried there. We know the Peppers are bur. There too Betsy his dau. Md. William Pepper. He is also liste in Beers Shelby County History 1883. A biographical sketch. He married Jane McClure & she d. 3 yrs after he did. April 6, 1847. About the year 1808 they came to Champaign Co Ohio where they remained until the year when they settled on the banks of the Mossquito Creek within the city limits of Perry twp. Sidney Ohio. He and 2 of his sons were known to be there as early as 1814 but did not settle there till 1816. He entered his land in 1812 at the land office in Cincinatti, Ohio. On page 131 of reprint -History of Shelby Co Ohio 1968 is the following - William Marrs was taxed in year 1819 for 3 horses and 6 cattle. Samuel Marrs - page 124 - donations to accure seat of Justice at Sidney dated Dec 14, 1819. List includes Samuel Marrs. Marrs in carpenter work - $20. Pg 157 Early Mortgages of Shelby Co (begin 1824) Nov 17, 1825 John Marrs and Elizabeth Johnston by John McCreight. And page 193 William Marrs of District no 2 was taxed $1.30 for Road Tax July 4, 1818, for 2 horses and 7 cattle. Page 195 William Marrs is listed as Trustee 1828 and 1830 Samuel Marrs is listed in 1827. & page 196 listed in Poll book, William Marrs in June 1817; Oct 1817; Oct 1817; Oct 1818; Apr 1819. There are several other references to Marrs but mostly just a notation that the person received 25 cents for attending a trial - and the person was Samuel Marrs. On page198 is recorded the biography of William Marrs 1770. Can be ordered from Phyllis Leech Asst. curator of Lima Ohio - Historical Society. Recorded July 27, and 29 1835 in Book D page 337 of Shelby Co Ohio (Courthouse) Joel Frankberger and wife Deed to William Marrs Jan 31, 1826 in Book G. No I page 208 Champaign Co Ohio, 140 acres - $100.00 beginning at white oak easterly corner to the report edentatives of Peter Miners Survey no 4674 running with his line 60W 192 poles to two blackoaks, a cherry & white oak in said line then south 30E 40 poles to a stake thence north 60E 40 poles to a step the 30E 40 poles to a black oak thence north 60E 153 poles to 2 blackoaks thence N. 30W 125 poles to the beginning the whole tract containing 140 acres. He also belonged the United Brethern Church. His last will and testament in Shelby Co Sidney Ohio Court House book No. A-342 - Know all men by these present, that we John Marrs, Samuel Marrs, William Murphy, & M. McElroy of Shelby St. of Ohio are held & firmly bound unto the State of Ohio in the sum of twelve hundred dollars, current money of the U.S. A. for the payment of which we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors & administrators, jointly or severally, firmly by these present sealed with our seals, Mar 21, 1844 AD. Whereas letters Testamentary were this day, by the court of common pleas for Shelby co granted unto the above bound on John & Samuel Marrs on the Estate of William Marrs - late of this county, deceased. Now, the condition of the above obligations such, that if the John Marrs & Samuel Marrs shall make & return to the court on oath within 3 months, (from date hereof), a true inventory of all the moneys, goods, chattels, rights & credits of the Testator, which are by law to be administered, & which shall have to come to their possession or knowledge; & also if required by the court, an inventory of the real estate of the said William Marrs deceased, & administer, according to law, and to the will of the Testator, all his goods, chattels, rights & credits & the proceeds of all his real estate that may be sold for the payment of his debts & legacies, which shall at any time come to the possession of the said John Marrs & Samuel Marrs as Executors aforesaid, or to the possession of any other person for them, & render upon oath a just & true account of administration within 18 months (from date hereof) & at any other time when required by the court or the law; that then & in that case the above obligation to be void, else to be & remain in full force & virtue of law.
Signed & sealed & Acknowledged in presence of C.W. Wells.

Signed: Samuel Marrs (Seal), John Marrs (seal), H. McElovoy (seal) William Murphy (Seal)

Account with John & Samuel Marrs executors -

by acct. of inventory. Amt. Of Debts – paid by Exex. $ ......... no cts

Amount in hands of Executors $661.87 ½ cts

Voucher No II not found to be added $ 38.71

$623.16 ½

2. 50


$625.66 ½

The State of Ohio Shelby Co. JP

I John Marrs one of the Executors of William Marrs deceased make solumn affirmation that the above & foregoing acct. current contains a true and correct account of said estate as I verily believe. Affirmed and Subscribed - before me Apr 1846 C.W. Wells, Clerk by Jonah Counts, Kep. Clerk, signed John Marrs.

The state of Ohio Shelby Co called court of commons please hold Mar 21, 1844 - James Pepper of lawful age being duly sworn depose _?__ this their signatures of Greenup Pepper - to this last will and testament of William Marrs deceased now produced in open court & dated this 7th day of March a.d. 1837 is his genuine signature - signed James Pepper.

Sworn to and embarked in open court this day Mar 21 1844 ad. C.W. Wells Clerk

The Real Estate of William Marrs deceased
No. of voulcher

No. 1 Clerk for receipts $3.12 ½

No. 2. Clerk for receipts 3.00

No. 3. Clerk for P.Beeman 4.62 ½

No. 4. Clerk Mayne 1.00

No. 5. Samuel Maxwell appraiser 1.00

No. 6. John Crumbaugh do 1.00

No. 7. William Shaw do 1.00

No. 8. Mccullouth 7.96

No. 9. E. Hattaway J.P. .25

No. 10. Conklin & Byers 5.00

No. 11. Clerk fees on final settlement 2.50

No. 12. Pd for tombstone for deceased 6.50

No. 13. Clerks receipt 1.20

No. 14. Printer Edwards .50

Total amt. Pd out $38.71

The name of Debtor - Samuel Marrs - date Aug 2, 1830 due one day after date Jan 19, 1831 amt $10.00, William Marrs Jr June 6, 1832, Jan 16, 1837, Feb 21, 1837, Aug 23 183? 56, 18.00, 29-37-5 & 10. Above on Samuel should be also 5-56-5, James Marrs Aug 29, 1830-10, and Feb 21, 1837 - 206, endorsements & payments when Jan 6, 1838 - $23.00.

William Pepper Jan 3, 1838-56, Aug 28, 1838-10, endorsements & payment & when Aug 19, 1840-7-50-10, John Marrs June 6, 1832 72 months Mar 23, 1838 - 16.75 - 31, Oct 15, 1832-22-5-12, 1833- 13-25 Aug 1830- 10, Feb 23, 1833-13. Endorsements & payments & when Mar 23, 1838 $256.02 ½. We the undersigned appraisers of the Estate & property of William Marrs deceased after being duly sworn have made an inventory & appraises thereof of $625.66 this 2nd day of April, 1844, William Shaw, John Crumbaugh, Samuel Maxwell appraisers. The State of Ohio Shelby co. I Samuel Marrs one of the executors of the last will of William Marrs in all respects just & true signed Samuel Marrs, June 21, 1844 C.W. Wells, Clerk.


79. John Marrs b. 1796 d. 1865 md Elizabeth Johnson

80. Samuel b. July 16, 1798 md Elizabeth Berry

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