Pepiot family history (as relates to the descendants of Eva Pepiot Wannemacher)

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(as relates to the descendants of

Eva Pepiot Wannemacher)
1785 - 1962

Transcriber’s notes: The following are transcriptions of documents photocopied by Sheryl Harrison Pepiot from material provided by her mother-in-law, Margery Yearick Pepiot. Margery married Earl Herman Pepiot. Earl Herman is the son of Herman Pepiot, grandson of Stephen, great grandson of Louis and great-great grandson of Pierre Joseph Aimé Pepiot. Stephen was a brother to Emme (Amos) Pepiot, my great grandfather—father of Eva Pepiot Wannemacher, my grandmother. As coincidence happens, in 1981 Sheryl Harrison (who is my husband’s first cousin) married Colt Pepiot. When Colt and I met at his wedding, we assumed we were “shirttail relation.” Now, 27 years later, thanks to research by Colt’s mother and brother, David, we know where the branches of our family tree join the trunk. I have transcribed only the documents sent to me by Sheryl that are pertinent to the descendents of Eva Pepiot Wannemacher. Except where noted, I have attempted to retain the original text of the documents. Though efforts have been made to correct transcription errors, I apologize in advance for any that may have slipped through proofreading.

—Jean Wannemacher Geist (JWG)

The Pepiot family has been in Ohio since at least 1839 when the name first appears in the Saint Valbert parish register.

Civil records from the Franche-Compté village of Neuvier which were used for this study date only from 1793. There is no indication that a parish church existed here, and no earlier church records from the region are available at this time on Mormon Library microfilms.

The first entry of the Pepiot name at Neuvier is the 1793 birth of Marie Adelaide Pepiot, daughter of Joseph Fréderique Pepiot and sister of Pierre Joseph Aimé Pepiot (who emigrated to the United States). The occupation of the father is given as national customs agent.

From the subsequent marriage record of the latter, we learn that he was born about 1785 in Foncine-le-bas, quite a distance away in the department of Jura. It is possible he was born while his father was assigned to duty there.

We can assume that Joseph Fréderique retired from the customs service and brought his family back to settle in his home town because he is identified as an innkeeper in Neuvier in 1796. He may have married Marie Marquier (or Marguier as it is also written) while in the customs service as there are no records of families in Neuvier with that name.

Pierre Joseph Aimé Pepiot was a farmer and a respected citizen of Neuvier, serving as mayor from 1831 to 1834.

In 1832, Marie, his first wife and mother of six surviving children, died. A year later, he married Celestine Pequignot and a couple of years after that, with two more children added to the household, he decided to emigrate.

Pierre Joseph Aimé Pepiot and his family apparently left Neuvier in the fall or winter of 1835, sailing from Le Havre aboard the ship Fortune. They arrived in New Orleans on 22 January 1836 and made their way to Ohio, probably by way of the usual route up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

The passenger list contains several errors. Although the family’s origin is listed as Germany and their last name is spelled incorrectly, they can be recognized by their first names.

Pierre Joseph Pepien 50

Marie Celestine 35

Joseph George 23

François Aime 20

Marie Virginie 16

Regis 14

Pelagie 9

Cecile 5

Louis 2

Jean [Joseph?] 3 mos.
As the baby, who was born in August, is listed as 3 months old, they probably boarded the ship in November or early December.

Aimé evidently died in Ohio before 1840 as he is not listed with the rest of the family in the 1840 Shelby Co. census. Also not included is a daughter born in 1838, who may also have died.

Celestine appears in the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Loramie Township, Shelby County. She died in 1874 and is buried at Russia.

Of the children, it is known that George Frederick married Angelique Pour; Regis married Marie Pierron and followed the Oregon trail to the West Coast where his descendents still live; Cecile married Joseph Laurent and also seems to have gone to Oregon; Virginie married Joseph Schmitt but died in 1856; Louis married Mary Didier; the youngest, known in this country as John Philip, married Eugenia Marchal.

The earliest Pepiot land entry found in Shelby County is 86 acres for Regis Pepiot in 1845.
The Neuvier records do not provide many answers about what happened to Aimé Pepiot’s brothers and sisters. Marie Adelaide married a man from Bourguignon in 1813 and she disappears from view. François Joseph married in 1821, but nothing more is recorded about him. François Stanislas married about 1819, but not in Neuvier. In 1849 his residence is identified as Froidevaux. The last Pepiot mentioned (records have been filmed up to the 1880s) is Philibert Pepiot, son of François Stanislas.
*Transcribed as written from a double-columned typeset page numbered 16 in the upper left-hand corner. JWG


Pierre Joseph Aimé Pepiot
Born: 1784 Foncine-le-bas, Jura, France

Father: Joseph Frederique

Mother: Marie Héléne Marquier

Married: Marie Joseph Maillard

Marie Celestine Pequignot July 14, 1833 Neuvier, France

Resided: Clifford Barga farm, 1 mile north of Russia, OH

Died: May 1839
Children [of Pierre and Marie Celestine Pequignot]:
Louis Benjamin

Born: 1833 Neuvier in Alsace-Lorraine district of France

Married: Marie Didier (b. Jan 22, 1834 Etueffont Haut) September 5, 1854

Shelby Co. OH

Died: August 1, 1871 Russia, OH

Buried: St. Remy’s Cemetery, Russia, OH

Jean Frederick Joseph

Born: 1835 Neuvier, France

Married: Eugenia (Jane) A. Marchal

Died: 1926 Newport, OH

Louis Benjamin Pepiot and Marie Didier [Eva Pepiot Wannemacher’s grandparents]

Catherine b.1855, Russia, OH d.1894

Emme (Amos) b. 1857 Russia, OH [Eva Pepiot Wannemacher’s father]

Stephen b. January 19, 1860 (or Dec. 19, 1859) Russia, OH

d. July 11, 1893 Versailles, OH

m. Marie Eugenia Pequignot (b. 1854)

Cecilia b. 1863 d. 1930 Grand Rapids, MI (Sr. Mary of St. Mary, Good Shepherd)

Francis b. 1864 d. 1940 Russia, OH

Louisa b. July 11, 1865 Russia, OH d.1892

Nicholas b. 1867 d. Nov. 30, 1949 Russia, OH

Mary Celestine b. 1870 Russia, OH d. 1939 (Mother Mary of St. Rosalie, Good Shepherd)
Margery’s notes read: “Parents of Louis emigrated to Ohio on the ship Fortune – arr. [unclear initials or date] Jan 1836. Marie emig.—Feb. 3, 1852 on ship Minnesota.”

*Transcribed from handwritten notes made by Margery Pepiot. Margery wrote “Copied from David’s info” across the top of her notes. David is Earl Herman Pepiot’s older son and Margery’s stepson. I rearranged some data for clarity and added information in [brackets]. JWG



Very little is known at this time about PETER JOSEPH EMME PEPIOT. We do know that various spellings of the name Pepiot were used: Pepio, Pepioz, Peppiot, Peppio, Pipiot and the one used now, Pepiot. We also find Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot, Peter Joseph Amma Peppio, John M.P.E. Pepiot (John P.E. Pepiot in the same document), and an Amos Peppiot who is thought to be Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot, listed in an article written about early Russia, Ohio, by Ruth Davidson.

RUSSIA—History has it that when the first settlers arrived at the site of Russia there were several inches of snow on the ground and the temperature was very cold. This combined with the rolling countryside, has been said to remind them of the Ukraine in Russia where some had served in the Napoleonic Wars, thus leading it to be named Russia, pronounced “Rue-sha.”
These early French settlers, from the Alsace-Lorraine area, perhaps left the homelands because they were not favorable to the Bourbon regime, Louis Phillippe, or Napoleon III.
Early settlers of the Russia site included James Unum in 1835; J.J. DeBrosse and Joseph Gaible in 1837; John B. Malliott and Amos Peppiot in 1838; Tebone Didier in 1840; and Nicholas Didier in 1852. Other settlers arriving in the early thirties were the Marchals, Monniers, Richards, Delaets, Reboulets, and Goffenas. (Russia by Ruth Davidson; A History of the Communities of Shelby County; Reprinted from the Sidney Daily News Bicentennial Issue with permission of Amos Press Inc.; P. 35
We know that Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot purchased land from a Mr. John Elliot for a sum of $500 on May 4, 1836. This land was 173 43/100 acres, located in the NW 1/4 Section 22, Township 10, Range 4 East, in Civil Township Loramie, Shelby County, Ohio. (Deed Book H, pages 185-189, Shelby County.) This was recorded April 12, 1839, in Book H, pages 23 and 24, Shelby County.
Peter Joseph Emme was married twice. His first wife was Mary Joseph (Josephine) Milliard. Six children were born from this first marriage: sons George Frederick, Francis Emme, and Regis; daughters Mary Virginia, Barbara, and Mary Cecil. Peter was married a second time to Mary Celestine Pequignot (Memoirs of Mother Mary of St. Rosalie Pepiot, page 74) and from this marriage two sons were born: Louis and John Pepiot. (Deed Book H, pages 185-189; Deed Book J, pages 18-19; Book O pages 138-139; Book L, page 541; all Shelby County, Ohio.)
Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot died in the month of May 1839 (Deed Book J) As he had not made a will, his widow Mary Celestine Pepiot made a quit claim deed to carry out his wishes. On the original 173 43/100 acres of land purchased for $500 from John Elliot, Frederick George (also George Frederick in various documents) and Francis Emma (also Francis Amma in various documents) gave money to Peter Joseph Emma Pepiot to help buy the land. This money had been left to the boys from their mother as a legacy after her death. Frederick George gave $123.25 and Francis Emme gave $114 to help purchase the land. The quit claim deed gave 40 acres of the original 173 43/100 acres to each of the two sons. Frederick George received the East 1/2 of eighty acres taken off the North side of the NW 1/4 Section 22, Township 10, Range 4 East. (Deed Book H, pages 185-189, Shelby Co., Ohio) This quit claim was made on June 12, 1839.
On May 1, 1840, Mary Celestine Pepiot claimed as her dower land that bordered the land owned by Frederick George Pepiot and Francis Emme Pepiot (Deed Book J, Pages 18-19, Shelby Co., Ohio)
On March 17, 1845, a quit claim deed of 40 acres originally belonging to Francis Emme Pepiot located in the North West part of NW 1/4 Section 22, Township 10, Range 4 East, was made giving back the land to Mary Celestine Pepiot. (Book L, Page 541, Shelby Co. Recorders Office). From these two previous documents some conclusions can be made. Francis Emme must have died shortly before March 17, 1845 as he was living on May 1, 1840, when his name was mentioned as owning ajoining property in Mary Celestine’s dower. Barbara Peliza, a sister to Frederick George, Regis, Cecilia, Virginia and half-sister to Louis and John, must not have been living on March 18, 1848, as she was not mentioned as an heir to receive property. She would have died sometime between March 17, 1845, when she was mentioned on a quit claim deed, and March 18, 1948, where she is not mentioned in chancery action of Regis Pepiot vs. Joseph Laurent and Others. Also the dower of Mary Celestine Pepiot was divided with one-sixth of the 133 43/100 acres going to each of the legal heirs: Regis Pepiot, Cecelia Laurent, George Pepiot, Virginia Pepiot, Lewis Pepiot, and John Pepiot. (Common Pleas Court, Minutes of Shelby Ohio #7, page 103-104, Tuesdsay, May 23, 1848) As Barbara was not mentioned in this action the assumption is made that she was not living.
Listed below is Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot’s family in outline form

b. Alsace, France

mar. (1) to Mary Joseph (Josephine) Milliard

mar. (2) to Mary Celestine Pequignot b. in Switzerland

d. May 1839 Shelby Co., Ohio
Children of Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot and Mary Joseph Milliiard

b. ca. 1812 France (U.S. Census 1850 Shelby Co., Ohio – Loramie Twp.)

mar. 5 Jan. 1859 Ohio to Anglina (Anglique) Pour (Vol. 4 page 105

Shelby Co., they were married by Mich’l Kennedy, a Catholic priest,

Piqua Parish)

b. 20 April 1831- Headstone Ins.

d. 18 Sept. 1900 Shelby Co., Ohio and buried in St. Remy’s. Inscription

on headstone d. 26 Aug. 1900)

d. 1 April 1893 Russia, Shelby County, Ohio


d. between 1 May 1840 and 17 Mar. 1845

b. 2 July 1820 in France

d. 5 Sept. 1856 probably at Russia, Shelby Co., Ohio; she is buried in St. Remy’s

in Russia; Will located in Shelby Co., File #987, Probate Court


mar. ca April 1847 (Miami Co., Ohio) to Joseph Laurent


b. 1 Jan. 1823 in France

mar. 7 Jan. 1843 in Ohio to Marie Pierron

b. 29 Jan. 1824 near Verdun Alsace France

d. 10 Sept. 1906 in Lane County, Oregon; buried at Greenwood Cemetery

Lane County, Oregon

She was the daughter of Joseph and Marie Francois (Thiebaux) Pierron

d. 15 Dec. 1894 in Lane County, Oregon; buried at Greenwood Cemetery

Lane County, Oregon
1) Octavia Pepiot b. 1843 Ohio

2) Mary Catherine Pepiot b. 20 Dec. 1845, Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio

3) Joseph Amie Pepiot b. 28 May 1848, Ohio

4) Mary Adeline Pepiot b. 1850, Ohio

5) John Joseph Pepiot b. 15 Aug. 1852, Ohio

6) Mary Frances Pepiot b. 23 April 1855, Lane Co., Oregon

7) Ann Victoria Pepiot b. 10 Mar. 1858, Lane Co., Oregon

8) Cecelia Josephine Pepiot b. 27 April 1861, Lane Co., Oregon

9) Frederick R. Pepiot b. 8 Mar. 1864, Lane Co., Oregon

10) Francis Augustus Pepiot b. 19 Feb. 1867, Lane Co., Oregon

Children of Joseph Emme Pepiot and Mary Celestine Pequignot

b. 1834 in France

mar. 5 Sept. 1854 in Shelby Co., Ohio to Mary Didier daughter of Nicholas

and Mary (Monnier) Didier

b. ca. 1835 France

d. 1 Sept. 1893 in Russia, Shelby Co., Ohio; buried in St. Remy’s

Russia, Ohio

d. 1 Aug. 1871 Russia, Shelby Co., Ohio; buried in St. Remy’s , Russia, Ohio

Children: All born in Russia, Shelby Co., Ohio

1) Catherine Pepiot b. 19 July 1855

2) Emma (Amos) Pepiot b. April 1857

3) Stephen Pepiot b. 19 Dec. 1859

4) Francis Pepiot b. Nov. 1862

5) Cecilia Pepiot b. Dec. 1863

6) Louisa Pepiot b. 7 April 1865

7) Nicholas Pepiot b. July 1867

8) Celestine Pepiot b. 25 Jan. 1870

b. 10 Oct, 1837 Shelby Co., Ohio

mar. to Eugenia Jane Marchal

b. 29 April 1842

d. 25 July 1926 in Russia, Ohio; buried in St. Peter & Paul Cemetery

Newport, Shelby Co., Ohio

d. 30 April 1916 in Russia, Ohio; buried in St. Peter & Paul Cemetery

Newport, Shelby Co., Ohio

Children: All born in Russia, Shelby Co., Ohio
1) Anna Marie (Angela) Pepiot b. 10 Nov. 1862

2) Mary Adeline Pepiot b. 28 Feb. 1864

3) Mary Margaret Pepiot b. 14 Dec. 1867

4) Justin Joseph (Joe) Pepiot b. 17 Mar. 1869

5) Celestine Pepiot b. 19 Mar. 1870

6) George Pepiot b. 19 Oct. 1873

7) Francis “Frank” Emanuel Pepiot b. 10 Dec. 1875

8) John Etiene Pepiot b. 2 Feb. 1878

9) Julian Pepiot b. 10 Oct. 1881

10) Henry Julian Pepiot b. 21 June 1882

11) Cyril Pepiot b. 21 Oct. 1886

Mendota, Illinois [handwritten]

*Transcribed from a four-page typed manuscript with the name “Leonard Pepiot” handwritten in the upper right hand corner of the first page. The name “Emme” in the heading had “Aimé” in parenthesis handwritten above it. Also “Emme” is crossed out in the first line, with “Aimé” written above it. “My Great-Great Grandfather” is handwritten beside Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot in the heading, “My Great Grandfather” beside Regis Andrew Pepiot, and “My Grandfather” by Francis Augustus Pepiot. The names of Regis’ children have the word “West” written beside them, and what could be the word “Prison” is written beside the third child’s name, Joseph Amie Pepiot. Limited spelling and punctuation corrections have been made to the typed manuscript as needed for clarity. JWG


Ship “Fortune” arrived January 23 1836 New Orleans
PEPIOT Pierre Joseph 50 shoemaker

Marie Celestine 35

Joseph George 23

Marie Virginia 16

Regis 14

Pelagie 9

Cecile 5

Celestine Louis 2

Jeann 3 months

Francis Emme 20

Notes by Emily Monnin Grillot

Joseph George also known as Frederick

Marie Virginia born July 2 1820 d. Sept 5 1856

Frederick Joseph George Pepiot died April 1 1893

Pelagie also known as Barbara

Louis first child from second married born 1834 died Aug 1 1871

Jean was found one time in church book (presumely Russia) and

was listed at Joanne

John Pepiot was born after they landed in Shelby County Ohio

*Transcribed as written, including spelling and punctuation irregularities, from a single typewritten page. JWG


Louis Pepiot was brought by his parents to USA at 2 years of age from France in 1836. He was born in 1834 and died August 1, 1871.
His parents:
Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot - May , 1839

Mary Celestine Pequignot 1802 - January 6, 1874

His grandparents:

Louis married Mary Didier September 5, 1854 in St. Remy’s Church, Russia Ohio. She was born January 22, 1834 and died September 1, 1893 Mary (Marie) Didier was 18 years old when she came from Alsace, France to USA in 1853.

Her parents:
Nicholas Didier 11 Nov 1807 - March 31, 1881

Mary Monnier (Marie Ann Mauiner) 13 Oct. 1808 – July 31, 1875

Married February 16, 1832

[“buried Russia” handwritten in margin beside the names of Nicholas Didier and Mary Monnier]

Her grandparents:

Jean Pierre Didier b. Nov 8, 1776

Marie Jeanne Reinicke b. May 13, 1781

[Names are bracketed on both sides with “married 27 Feb 1800 France” handwritten beside the right-hand bracket]

Their children: Nicolas Monnier b. 1764 [This date must surely be inaccurate.]

Anatase Lambalot
Catherine July 19, 1855 – Oct. 19, 1894

Married Etienne Stephen Francis Feb. 5, 1854 – Jan. 1, 1846

Amos (Emme) April 1857 –

Married Mary Louise Brentlinger

Stephen J Dec. 19, 1859 – July 11, 1893

Married Mary Jane Pequignot May 1, 1854 – Dec. 20, 1929

Frank Joseph Nov. 1862 – Feb. 15, 1940
Cecilia (Sister Mary of St. Marine) Dec. 1863 – March 7, 1930
Louise April 7, 1865 – March 6, 1891

Married Frank J. Simon 1864 – Nov. 8, 1946

Nickolas July 26, 1867 – Nov. 30, 1949
Mary Celestine (Sister of St. Rosalie) Jan. 25, 1870 – Jan. 31, 1939
*Transcribed as written, except for my notes in brackets, from a single typewritten page. Italics indicate handwritten insertions from an unknown source. JWG




Probate Court

Shelby County

Sidney, Ohio


PEPIOT George Frederick - Angelique Pour 5 Jan 1859

Horatio - Mary Pierron 7 Jan 1843

John - Jane Marchal 12 Nov 1861

Lewis - Mary Didier 6 Sept 1854

Celestine - John Couchot 19 Sept 1861

Catherine - Stephen Francis 6 June 1876

Louise - Francis Simon 28 Sept 1886

Transcribed as written from a single typewritten page. JWG


Stephen Pepiot was born Jan. 19, 1860, at Russia, Ohio. His parents, Louis and Mary (Didier) were both born in the Alsace-Lorraine District of France, but emigrated to Ohio at different times, Louis (AT AGE 2yrs) arriving in 1836 aboard the ship “Fortune”, and the Didier family in 1852 on the ship “Minnesota.”

Stephen Pepiot married Mary Eugenia (Jane) Pequignot, and had three children: Fred Joseph [crossed out with (James F.) handwritten above] b. 1890, Herman Louis, b. 1891, and Stephen, who died in infancy.

Stephen Pepiot, in partnership with James Pequignot, operated a grocery store in Versailles. He died at the early age of 33, on July 11 [(20) written in above the day], 1893, and is buried in St. Valbert’s cemetery.


[The following are notes made across the bottom half of the page in what appears to be Margery Pepiot’s handwriting:]
Micro-film Library 1891 – Policy
Recorders Office —> for records of business.

1857 Library Business Directory

St. Remy’s records begin — 1839

One on McGreevy Rd. — rd along R.R. track

back toward Vers.

old cemetery—

tombstones used in

bldg. burial place

of Pierre Joseph Aimé Pepiot
(Mrs. Mari[a]ie)

Emily Grilliot (was a [Mouniore])

researchers Russia
*Transcribed as written from a single page. The top half was typewritten and the bottom half, handwritten. My best guess for handwritten words or letters that I could not clearly decipher, as well as other transcribing notes, are in brackets. JWG


(The following information was gathered from family notes and research in France as well as Darke and Shelby counties.)
Stephen Pepiot was born in Russia, Ohio, Jan. 19, 1860. His father was Louis Benjamin Pepiot, who was born in Neuvier, France, in the district of Alsace-Lorraine. Stephen’s mother, Marie (nee Didier), was born in the same region, at Eueffont-Haut, on Jan. 22, 1834.
Stephen’s grandfather, Pierre Joseph Aimé Pepiot, brought his family to America when Louis (Stephen’s father) was only two, arriving in New Orleans aboard the ship Fortune, on Jan. 22, 1836. Marie Didier (Stephen’s grandmother) emigrated with her family in 1852 aboard the ship Minnesota. Both families most likely traveled to western Ohio by riverboat and canal.
Stephen married Mary Eugenia (Jane) Pequignot of Versailles. The couple had three sons, only two of whom, Fred and Herman, reached adulthood. Stephen, the youngest, died at the age of six weeks

Darke county probate records show that at the time of his death at thirty-three, Stephen was the proprietor of a retail grocery in partnership with a James Pequignot.

Stephen died July 11, 1893, and is buried in St. Valbert’s cemetery. His widow married a man named Woods. She died Dec. 20, 1929, and is buried in St. Valbert’s.

*Transcribed as written from a January 3, 1994, submission by Margery Pepiot to Mrs. Geo. A. Schieltz “…for the forthcoming biographical history of Darke County.” Margery Pepiot also submitted biographies of Stephen’s son, Herman, grandson, Earl Herman, and great-grandson, Colt Pepiot. I hold copies of these biographies, but have not transcribed them for this ancestral record of Eva Pepiot Wannemacher. JWG


Tombstone Inscriptions

St. Remy Cemetery

PEPIOT Virginia b. July 2 1820 d. Sept 5 1856 a. 35y

PEPIOT Joseph J. s/o J.P. & J.A. d. Jan 6 1881 a. 2y 6m

PEPIOT Louis D. Aug 1 1871 a. 37y

PEPIOT Celestine M. d. Jan 4 1874 a. 73y 4m 22d

PEPIOT Anna d/o J.P. & J.R. d. Jan 13 1881 a. 19y 2m 3d

PEPIOT Henry J. s/o J.P. & J.A. d. May 18 1884 a. 10m. 27d

PEPIOT Mary A. d/o J.P & J. R. d. Aug 7 1884 a. 20y 5m 11d

PEPIOT Infant s/o A. & M.

PEPIOT Mary w/o L. d. Sept 1 1893 a. 50y 7m 10d

SIMON Louise (PEPIOT) b. 1865 - 1891

PEPIOT Cyrile s/o J. & J. d. Mar 6 1888 a. 2y 4m

PEPIOT Celestine d/o J. & J. d. Feb 15 1888 a. 16y 1m

PEPIOT Frederick d. April 1 1893 a. 80y 5m

PEPIOT Angelica w/o Frederick b. April 20 1831 d. Sept 18 1900 a. 79y

PEPIOT Nicholas 1867-1949

PEPIOT Frank 1861-1940

PEPIOT Thomas R. 1970 1971

PEPIOT Raymond J. 1945-1970

PEPIOT Ralph J. 1903-1983

Evelyn 1904-

PEPIOT Mary Joseph s/o A. & M. d. Sept 13 1885 a. 1d [Transcribed correctly: Mary Joseph is the name typed on the page followed by s/o for “son of.”]

PEPIOT Mary M. d/o J. & M.E. d. June 25 1883 a. 16y 5m 19d

PEPIOT Jane d. July 23 1926 a. 87y

* Transcribed as written, with addition of my note in brackets, from a single typewritten page. JWG


Mary E. Pepiot


Mary E. Brintlinger-Pepiot was

born December 19, 1867, at Cairo,

Ohio, and died October 6, 1946, at

Detroit, Mich., where she was

making her home.

On December 13, 1884, she was

married to Amos Pepiot at Latty,

Ohio. To this union was born

thirteen children.

The husband preceded her in

death on September 25, 1924, also

five sons preceded their mother in


Surviving are eight children—

four daughters and four sons—

Mrs. Alphons Wannemacher of

Payne, Mrs. Vera Theiman, Mrs.

Gertrude Kollar and Mrs. Celes-

tine Bedenbarn, all of Detroit,

Mich., Nick and Paul, both of

Lima, Ohio, Adam of Lexington,

Ky., and Louis of Daytona Beach,

Florida, also one sister, Mrs. Etta

Meffley of Lima, Ohio, thirty

grandchildren and forty great-


In 1910, she and her husband

moved from Payne to Lima, and

after her husband’s death she

made her home with her children.

On July 5 of this year, Mrs. Pe-

piot had a fall, suffering a fracture

of the hip, and on July 7, two

days later her only sister suffered

a fractured hip also in a fall.

Funeral services were held Wed-

nesday, Oct. 9, at St. Rose’s

Catholic church in Lima, and bu-

rial in the Gethsemane cemetery.


* The source of this obituary is not listed, but it appears to be from a compilation as it is surrounded on the page by obituaries dated 1928, 1918, and three from 1968. “Page 288” appears in the upper left-hand corner and “0-2” is handwritten beside the page number. JWG


MY FRENCH CONNECTION . . . . . . . Maxine Schafer
Although I saw my Great-Grandmother, Mary Catherine only once, and that was when I was about eleven years old, she remains in my memory as if it were yesterday. At that time, she was nearing eighty-eight years, a very small woman with beautiful snow-white hair and brown twinkling eyes. Although sMary he was getting quite feeble and her eyes were going blind, she took her every day walks with the use of a cane, and also smoking her corn cob pipe which she had done for years.
Mary Catherine Pepiot was the second child of Regius and Marie Octavia Pepiot, being born December 20, 1845 in Dayton, Ohio. Her mother, Marie Octavia Pierron Pepiot was the daughter of Marie Francois Thiebaux and Joseph Pierron from the department of Meuse and a village called Hennemont in France. She and her parents and family arrived in the United States in 1839 at New Orleans, and after moving up the rivers to Ohio, they settled near Frenchtown in Darke County, Ohio.
Mary Catherine’s father’s family also came from France, but as yet we do not know from what village they came. They settled in Shelby County, Ohio in January, 1836 in the middle of several feet of snow at a small village named Russia. Her father was the son of Peter Joseph Emme Pepiot and Mary Josephine Milliard, who had passed away before they left France. Peter Joseph then married Mary Celestine Pequinot from Switzerland.
In the spring of 1853, Mary Catherine and four brothers and sisters with their parents left Ohio and came west to Oregon along the Oregon Trail. My Great Grandmother had told my cousins of some of the incidents along the trail, and later on recalled by Ursula. It seems that one of the oxen took sick and died and that meant that the remainder of them were unable to pull the load, so some things had to be left behind. The most important piece of furniture which they brought with them was a chest of drawers which Marie treasured, more than that a piece that she had brought it with her when she came across the Atlantic from LeHavre, France. It had to be left behind, and Marie stood sobbing in the middle of the dusty road as the wagon began its trek westward. It was just like losing part of herself.
Mary Catherine was a small girl of eight when she made the trip to Oregon, but remembered quite a few things. For instance she thought about the boy that was found in the bushes with an arrow in his chest. Some of the members of the train picked him up and put him in one of the wagons and took him on to a medical unit at Boise City.
The trip took about three months and after many hardships they arrived in Oregon in August, 1853, and settled temporarily near Harrisburg, Oregon. Their route when they reached Oregon was not known as they never kept diaries like a lot of the settlers.
The following year, Regius Pepiot made application for a Donation Land Claim on some land along the McKenzie not too far from the town of Springfield at Vida, which was later named after one of the granddaughters of theirs.
Near this place is the Greenwood Cemetery where some of the Pepiot children are buried with their parents, Regius and Marie. It is a small cemetery with wrought iron fence and quite private.
Regius made application for citizenship of the United States at Eugene, and swore to sever all ties with Napoleon Bonaparte of France. He was granted citizenship on June 22, 1859. That was just four months after Oregon become a State.
In the 1860 census of Oregon Regius Pepiot was listed as a stone mason, and it was a known fact that he had worked on the construction of the first Courthouse at Eugene.
Today, after some hundred and thirty years, there are some of the Pepiot family still living on that land and farming part of it. It is choice property, and they were very fortunate to have had such a piece of land.
Mary Catherine used to tell my cousin Ursula about the sour doc leaves taken from the plants that grew wild along the creeks and resembled the leaves of the beet. Marie would make lunches for the children by baking biscuits and placing the leaves between and sprinkling them with salt, and sometimes she would make extras for the children that did not have lunches. Things were sparse at times. Pioneer life was hard and Mary Catherine spoke of the many tears shed by her mother, as it was lonely and neighbors were few and far between, and what was worse was that she only spoke French. The children were able to overcome these things as they had each other. There were ten children in the family, so there was plenty to do. Marie Pepiot taught the children French, and also my great-grandmother also taught her children French. My grandmother, Octavia May Hunsaker would read many French books and even named my Father with a name she found in a French novel.
Mary Catherine attended Columbia College in Eugene for awhile around the age of fifteen, but then it burned down. While going to school there, she met Joaquin Miller, the “Poet of the Sierras”. He taught English and Poetry and Writing. The two of them became very good friends, and later she called him her beau and told her grandchildren of the poems that he had written for and dedicated to her. He left college and Eugene after the college was burned, and went to the Sierras.
Shortly after Mary Catherine had met Williamson Gatewood Allen, who had come from Missouri on horseback with a wagon train, and became a member of the Oregon Mounted Volunteers in 1856 with Capt. Bowe’s A Company of the 2nd Oregon Volunteers, as per the Department of the Interior’s records in the Oregon Archives in Salem, Oregon. His brother had come out to Oregon and the Gold Rush before 1850 and came back to Oregon and died in 1861.
Williamson Proposed by letter to Mary Catherine, and my cousin, Rhoda has it in her posession today. It had pleated lace around the folded page. A sample of it is on the following page.
[A blurred photocopy of the letter was included with this narrative, along with the typed text of the letter, which reads: “Lane Co. Oregon November 12, 1860 Miss Catherine I hope that you will forgive the great liberty I have taken in addressing you on a subject which for some time past has absorbed my whole thoughts. I feel that I am in love and that my future happiness in life must depend upon your smiles and your favor. Can one so good so noble as yourself ruthlessly crush my fond hopes. I pray that your reply to this if not absolutely favorable may at least enable me to in effect to win your favor. Catherine I request an answer let it be what it may but I hope to merit a favorable one Devotedly yours Willliamson Allen” JWG]
They were married the following year, January 31, 1861 at the home of their parents in Lane County. Their first child, John Murah, was born January 2, 1862 in Lane County, but later that year they moved to Albany where they lived for a few months. At that time there were four stores on the river at the foot of what is now Broadalbin and Ferry Streets. Joseph Laurent, who was known to come with the Pepiot family across the plains, had a general store at the foot of Broadalbin Street. He also worked at the trade of cooper, as most all goods were packed into barrels at that time.
In checking the census I could find no record of Joseph’s wife with him. There is still a question of what happened to her. She was the sister [Cecile Pepiot] to Regius Pepiot.
The town of Albany had a terrible flood and freeze in which all the vegetables were frozen, and the farmers had to do without any flour for six weeks, due to the entire valley being flooded.
The next record that I found shows that Mary Catherine and Williamson moved to central Oregon near the town of Prineville and also near one of our larger rivers of the state. My father had left a note about the Pepiots in which he stated that the first foot bridge across the Crooked river was built by Williamson Allen. The year in which they moved was 1869 and the rest of the children were born there, which totaled eleven.
In 1886 the ranch was sold and they moved to Monument, where he took up a ranch about two miles above the junction of the south fork of the John Day River, and engaged in the sheep and cattle business. but through failing health he sold out to his son-in-law. Emmet Cochran after a couple of years, and spent a little calmer life. He owned quite a few race horses and raced many of them about the state. He also loved cards, and spent quite a few evenings playing at the cardroom. He and my grandfather at one time near 1900 owned a still together. Williamson G. Allen died May 22, 1901, while returning from Canyon City by buckboard, due to a heart attack. Mary Catherine was grief-stricken by the news. She had once told one of the granddaughters that there was never a morning that she did not thank God for having Williamson Allen.
In the town of 200 or so people, many of the family still lived near or around Grandma Catherine. She took care of many of the grandchildren, including my father. I had heard from someone in the family, that he was he “apple of her eye”. From some of the things that I have gathered, I will assume that he was a tease and rather devilish. That was confirmed by a friend of Doris who lived in John Day. She remembered him in school. One of the things that he enjoyed the most was a pair of tall stilts that he used a lot. Catherine’s eave on her house was lower than most and Vibert would tease her by going to the edge of the roof and then sitting up there or walking around. She would come out of the house, hollering at him and saying “you are going to break your neck if you don’t come down from there.” Of course he came down when he took a mind to do it.
As far as I know, Catherine only came over to the valley once in her life and that was 62 years after she had left there. She stayed pretty much in Eastern Oregon and kept busy with all of the grandchildren. She also had her church. Having given up her Catholic religion long since due to the fact that there were no travelling priests coming to that part of the country, she turned to the Presbyterian church. They had ministers who travelled around from small town to small town. In 1903 she had a chance to help organize the first Presbyterian church in Monument. Several of her family members also worked hard to get everything going in their community.
Rhoda, one of my second cousins, told me a rather funny story about Mary Catherine. She had been ill, and she and her other sisters and brother took turns caring for her. It was Rhoda’s turn and she was brushing her grandmother’s hair, when there was knock at the door. Mary Catherine was sitting upright in her bed smoking her pipe, and when she heard Rhoda greeting the minister she immediately put the pipe behind her back. The minister came in and there was grandma sitting there with a large curl of smoke arising in back and over her head. Her guise, I am sure, was to no avail. After all the years she had lived in Monument, everyone for miles around knew that grandma Allen smoked that corn cob pipe.
Doris also spoke about her quilt making and that she had a quilt in the making-process all the time. It hung on a frame from the ceiling and could be let down whenever there was time for quilting, and would be pulled up when it was time to quit.
Mary Catherine’s trip to the Willamette Valley was in 1924 when she went to Albany to visit her daughter, Emma for a few weeks. At the same time she also was able to see five of her sisters and brothers, at Eugene. As far as anyone knows that is the last time they were all together.
Ursula also remembers the most delicious yellow cake that Mary Catherine made when she was a child. As she was telling me about it, I could almost taste it. It seems that it contained more than the usual amount of eggs and was baked in an old cast-iron skillet, and then turned out on her special blue and white plate that she kept for such a treat. The cake did not have a frosting, but instead was spread with a very tart jelly, like currant flavor, or a jelly made out of some of the wild bushes that grew in the vicinity. Then a little powdered sugar sifted over the top.
The last years of Mary Catherine’s life were spent mostly at home, as she was becoming blind and feeble, but she still tried to take her daily walks. She passed away in Monument at home on June 4, 1935 at the age of 90 years. She had a long and fulfilling life and is long remembered by friends and descendants.
*Transcribed as written, except for my notes in brackets, from an eight-page typewritten document. In addition to the photocopy of Williamson Gatewood Allen’s proposal letter, a faint copy of Regius Pepiot’s Oath of Citizenship accompanied the document, as well as photocopies of portraits of the following family members: Marie Francois Thiebaux Pierron, Marie Octavia Pierron Pepiot, Regius Augustus Pepiot, Mary Catherine Pepiot Allen with her first child, John Murah, Mary Catherine and Williamson Gatewood Allen with their two youngest daughters, Octavia May Allen Hunsaker, Vibert Regius Hunsaker and wife Daisy I. Comer Hunsaker.
This document was of special interest to me as our son, Jude, daughter-in-law, Wendy, and grandson, Eli, currently live on Ferry Street in Albany, Oregon. We have walked our grandson up and down Ferry and Broadalbin Streets numerous times, no doubt following the same paths walked by Mary Catherine and Williamson Gatewood Allen during their brief residence in Albany in 1862. We have traveled over several sections of the Oregon Trail in our cross-country treks back and forth from Ohio to Oregon and marveled at the spirit of the intrepid pioneers who carved the still-visible ruts into the land west of the Mississippi during the mid-1800’s. How exciting to learn that the oxen driven by my great-great-great uncle may have helped carve those ruts over 150 years ago! JWG



*Transcribed from a 16-page double-spaced typewritten document written by Mrs. Ralph Pepiot (Evelyn Monnin) started in 1961 and finished in 1962. For the most part, errors in punctuation and spelling are included as written, though the left-hand margin has been blocked and spacing regularized for ease of reading. The indentation in the original document was inconsistent. I have attempted to use indentation to indicate generations. The author made scant use of periods throughout the document. Handwritten notations, presumably made by Margery Yearick Pepiot, have been included in italics. My transcription notes within the document are bracketed. JWG

These Pepiot’s came to the United States of America in 1836, Ship La Fortune 1-31-1836 and settled in the state of Ohio, Shelby County. Built their house of logs they cut down the trees themselves. It was built in the woods on the farm, now known as the Clifford Barga Farm, about one mile North of Russia Ohio.

John, Peter, Philip Pepiot married Josephine or J.A. (first W)

also married Celestine Peguignot (S.W.)

Louis and John full brothers, and half brothers to

Frederick and Regius Pepiot

Louis and John also had two sisters: Jo Anne and Virginia who

died in their youth.

Louis Pepiot the father of Catherine, Amos, Frank, Louise,

Nickalos, Stephen, Cecelia, and Celestine Pepiot

John Pepiot the father of Anna, Adeline, Margaret, Joe, Celestine,

George, Frank, John, Julian, Henry and Cyril Pepiot

The John Pepiot girls all died in their youth.
Frederick Pepiot and Regius Pepiot are Full Brothers, and half

Brothers to Louis and John Pepiot

Frederick Pepiot never married

Regius Pepiot, the father of Joseph, Amy, Octavia, Adeline,

Cecelia Anna, Mary, Jim, Frank and Fred Pepiot

Louis Pepiot married Mary Didier Family

Catherine Pepiot married Stephen Francis

Amos Pepiot married Mary Brintlinger

Frank Pepiot Single

Louise Pepiot married Frank Simon

Nickolas Pepiot Single

Stephen Pepiot married Mary Jane Pequignot

Cecelia Pepiot *** Sister Mary of St. Marine

Celestine Pepiot *** Sister Mary of St. Rosalie

Both Sisters are Cloister Nuns


The Good Shepherd
Catherine Pepiot and Stephen Francis family

Elizabeth, Cecelia, Anna, Cyril, Celestine, Frederick,

Fred, Josephine, Laura and Cyril Francis
Elizabeth Francis Married Peter Paulus

Catherine Paulus married Raymond Magato

(Adopted) Mary Ann Magato
Lawrence Paulus died age 32 yrs. of age

Thomas Paulus married Josephine Placke

Betty Paulus married Meril Wyne

(Adopted) Thresa Wyne

Charles Paulus Single
Edna Paulus married Virgil Boeke

(adopted) Jerold Boeke

Marie Paulus and Lucille Paulus
Stephen Paulus died 18 months old
Stephen Paulus married Ruth Barga

Marion Paulus married Marge LeFever

Cinda Paulus
Norman Paulus married Laura Sebring

Barbara, Jimmie and Janet Paulus

Pearl Paulus died

Agnes Paulus married Harold Dershame

Rosetta Paulus married Jerry Prostman
Donald Paulus died age 20 yrs, of age
Jerome Paulus Single
Joe Paulus married Alice Storer

Thresa Paulus

Rita Paulus, Mary Jane, Margaret, William Paulus

and Stephen Paulus died 3 months old

Adrian Paulus married Berniece Chambers

Florence, Ronald, Frederick, and Rose Ann Paulus

Helen Paulus married Paul Demange

Carl, Elizabeth, Nancy, Margie, Jo Ann, Edward, Marilyn,

Ernest, Leroy, Roger, Richard, Elaine and Thresa Demange

Sarah Paulus married Carl Magato

(Adopted) Jimmie and Kathleen Magato
Martha Paulus died 18 yrs. of age

Christine Paulus married Alfred Cariety

Laura Paulus died at 12 yrs. of age
Cecelia Francis and Walter Cruse Family

Edward, Agustus, Louis, Frederick, Elizabeth (dec.) Clyde,

Georgia, John, Robert, Lucille, Sara and Marcella Cruse
Edward Cruse married Ada Erbe

Walter Cruse Single

Norman Cruse married Lenna Snow

Jerry, Mark, Pat, and Jeffery Cruse

Ted Cruse married Peggie Keller

Ann and Ted Jr. Cruse

Eleanora Cruse married Edward Texeria

Edward, Ted, and Alecia Texeria

Agustus Cruse married Margaret Pretty

Agusta Lou married John Burnett

Delone and Diana Burnett
Louis Cruse married Irma Staley

William Cruse married Juanita Fesoler

Mark Cruse
Frederick (Fritz) Cruse married La Donna Reeb
Elizabeth Cruse Dec.
Clyde Cruse married Ethel Heath

Shirley Cruse married Darryl Garrison

Karen and Kathy Garrison

Linda Cruse

Robert Cruse married Virginia Baumgardner

Barbara Jean Cruse married Charles Huston

Jeanne Huston

Carol and Tomas Cruse

John Cruse married Lucille Kinsella

Mary Cruse married Ralph Kuhmen

Lola, Rick, and Christina Kuhmen
John Cruse Jr. married Judy Ryan

John and Kurt Cruse

James Cruse married Alberta Tylor

Cynthia Cruse

Patricia Cruse married William Dreese

William and Jeff Dreese

Sandra, David, and Debora Cruse
Georgia Cruce married James Friend
Sara Cruse married Charles Crowe
Lucille Cruse Married Franklin Rike

James and Douglas Rike

Marcella Cruse married Robert R. Schriver

Roberta Schriver married Jack

Catherine Ann, and Mary Reginia Schriver
Anna Francis married John Creed no family
Cyril Francis Dec.
Celestine Francis married Roy Laukhart

Charles F. Laukhart married Martha Gies

Mary Ellen Laukhart married Richard McConkey
Suzanne Laukhart married Richard H. Radcliffe

Kathleen M. Linda M and Richard H. Radcliffe Jr.

Michael C. Laukhart married Barbara

Michael C. Laukhart

Lisa G. Laukhart

Laurel Ann Laukhart

Louise A. Laukhart (Teacher)

Harry E. Laukhart married Walburga Marie Borgerding

Barbara Laukhart married Doliver G. Adkins

Kathleen Lee, Michael Jay, Garrett and Steven Adkins

James Ronald Laukhart married Rose Marie Ritchie

Susan Laukhart

Dennis Alan Laukhart dec.
Kathryn Laukhart married Bernard Whitton

Frederick Whitton married Patricia Ann

Linda and Frederick Whitton
Elizabeth Laukhart married John Begley

Michael and Maureen Begley

Theresa Laukhart married Charlie Wenger

Celestine J. and Melinda Wenger

Ruth Mary Laukhart married Dec.

Richard Laukhart married Helen Noland

Patricia, David, John, Judy, Lois Ann, and Janet Laukhart

Frederick Francis Dec.

Fred Francis married Flora Bonie Family

Herbert Francis

Paul Francis married Mary Cox

Fred, Carol Sue and Tommy Francis

Edna Francis married Earl Treon

James Treon

Ruth Francis married John Monnin

Mary, Michael, Fred, Tommy, Margaret, Thresa,

Beverly and Barbara Monnin
Harold Francis married Joice King

Billy and Christine Francis

Kenneth Francis married Wilma Medford

Richard Mike and Christine Francis

Delores Francis married Edward Siegel

Donna and Betty Siegel

Lowell Francis married Lucille Tupp
Audrey Francis married Kermit Monnin

Edward, Linda, Gene, Dale, Raymond, Susan, Ellen & Jefferey M.

Joseph Francis married Aletha Cavender

Joseph Francis died age 7 yrs.

Neva Francis
Margie Francis married Raymond Schlecty

Judy and Rosie Schlecty

Josephine Francis married Joseph Groff Family

Irvin Groff married Agnes Doseck

Irvin Groff Jr. married Ann Kusaka

Ann Elizabeth and Mary Ann Groff

Francis Groff married ?

Danny and Debbora Groff

Ralph Groff married Hazel Garrison
Robert Groff died in 1937 Single
Clarence Groff married Wilma Howe

Robert Groff married Caroline Smith

William, Lucinda, Rebecca, Christa, and Joan Groff
Margaret Groff married William Lamping

Catherine Groff married Cletus Francis

Marlene Francis married John Weigel

Linda and Johnny Weigel

Joseph, Ann Marie, Tommy, Kathy and Jackie Francis
Nickolas Groff married Donna Phillips

Loraine, Monica, Nickolas, and Gary Groff

Mary Groff married Fred Nette

Steven, Alex, Paul and Thresa Nette

Grace Groff married George Grumkemeyer

David, Mary Ann, John, and Michael Grumkemeyer
Rosemary Groff married Leonard Wildenhouse

John, James, and Edward Wildenhouse

Martha Groff Single
Stephen Groff married Joice Hoskins

Stephen Groff Jr.

Laura Francis died at 18 yrs. of age
Cyril Francis married Marie Monnier Family

Leroy Francis married Mary Seger

Leroy Francis Jr. died at 12 yrs. of ge

Gerald, Wanda, Ronald, Paul, Theresa, Douglas, Mark,

Mathew, John, Magdaline, and Monica Francis
Laverne Francis married Rosetta Francis

Julia Ann Francis married Paul Perin

Patty Perin

Carol Francis married Gary Rindler

Joey and Bruce Rindler

Rebecca Francis and Christopher Francis

Valerian Francis married Jean Simon

Richard, Anthony, Catherine, Irene and Audrey Francis

Helen Francis married Neil Bomhard

Kevin and Keith Bomard

Floyd Francis married Betty Clark

Sharon, Evelyn, Norma Jean, Veronica, Rodney and Bruce Francis

Rose Anne Francis married Norman Kinnett

Kathy Ann, Courtney, Ricky and Jeffery Kinnett

Carl Francis married Marie Barton

Stephen, Dale, Larry, Craig, Jason, and Gary Francis

Cyril Francis married Mildred Stricker

Paul, Patrick, Susan, and Rita Francis

Mary Francis married Anthony Hemm

Angela, Mark, and Shirley Hemm

Edwin Francis and David Francis

Amos Pepiot married Mary Brintlinger Family

Eva Pepiot married Alphons Wannemacher
Veronica Pepiot married William Thieman
Adam Pepiot married Edythe Thompson (first wife)

Rachel Anderson (second wife)

Celestine Pepiot married Gilbert Bedenharn
Lorenzo Nick Pepiot married Ruth Sawmiller
Louis Pepiot married Marjorie Beach
Gertrude Pepiot married Winiferd Kollars
Paul Pepiot married Mary Shirkey

Eva Pepiot and Alphons Wannemacher Family

Herman, Teresa, Charles, Bertha, Frances, Helen.

John, Alphons, Bernard Dec. Louis, Eva dec.

Richard, Mary, Robert, and Sharon Wannemacher
Herman Wannemacher married Helen Castleman

Betty Rose, Bernard, Gerald, Carl, Maurice,

and Ann Wannemacher
Betty Rose Wannemacher married Ray Kast

David, Carol, Jean & Joan, Susan, and Kevin Kast

Bernard Wannemacher married Barbara Boesch

Martin, Paul, Christine and Michael W.

Gerald Wannemacher married Sally Powell

Joseph, Debora and Kathy Wannemacher

Carl Wannemacher married Judy Johnson

Maurice Wannemacher married Elaine Mollet

Jo Ellen Wannemacher
Ann Wannemacher
Teresa Wannemacher married John Trabel
Charles Wannemacher married Evelyn Stoy

Marlene, Robin. Gloria, and Franklin Wannemacher

Marlene Wannemacher married John Schlegel

Tim & Tom, Hugh, Carol, and Ward Schlegel

Robin Wannemacher married Rita Brenot
Gloria Wannemacher married Richard White

Gregory and Michael White

Franklin Wannemacher in Germany in army
Bertha Wannemacher married Durward [Duward] Wilson

Philip, Beverly and Marilyn Wilson

Philip Wilson married Catherine Ormsby

Philip, Cathy, Cynthia and Stephen Wilson

Beverly Wilson married John Amstutz

Jennifer, Edward and Joseph Amstutz

Marilyn Wilson at home yet
Frances Wannemacher *** Sister Germaine
Helen Wannemacher married Leo McBane

James, Constance, and Theresa McBane

John Wannemacher married Wando [Wanda] Tobias

Harold, Dianne, Marsha, Keith Wannemacher

Harold Wannemacher married Beverly Hatcher

Richard Wannemacher

Dianne Wannemacher married George Heyman

Alphons Wannemacher married Edna Harris

Alan (Dec.) Judy, Jane, Myron and Byron Wannemacher
Bernard Wannemacher (Dec.)
Louis Wannemacher married Theresa Johnston

Ronald, Donald, Rita, Jean, Anthony and Carol Wannemacher

Eva Wannemacher (Dec.)
Richard Wannemacher married Mildred Schmidt

Nancy, Richard, Patricia, Sue and Thomas Wannemacher

Nancy Wannemacher married Charles Woodring

William Woodring

Mary Wannemacher married Ross Litzenberg

Linda, Mark, Michael, Steven, Julia and Marvin Litzenberg

Robert Wannemacher married Dorothy Cluts

Robert, Lynn and Dana Wannemacher

Sharon Wannemacher at home yet

Veronica Pepiot married William Thieman

William, Joseph, Harry, Albert, Thresa and Veronica Thieman
William Thieman married Mary Farkelman

William Jr. Mary Jo, Joseph, John, Michael, Helen,

Tony, David, Rosalie, Tom, and Larry Thieman
Joseph Thieman married Jean Desmet

Joseph Jr. Christine and David Thieman

Harry Thieman married Ann Kuntz

Gary, Pamella, Sharon and Bruce Thieman

Albert Thieman married Delores Morris

Stephen, Michael, Dawn, Bruce and Martin Thieman

Thresa Thieman married Mike Molnar

Michael, Diane, Coleen and Keith Molnar

Veronica Thieman married Bob Newbold

Bobbie, Patty, Barbara, Leslie, Christine and Joey Newbold

Adam Pepiot married Edythe Thompson (first wife )

Rachel Anderson (second wife)

Betty Pepiot married Earl Moldovan

Earl and Pepi Kay Moldovan

Celestine Pepiot Dec. married Gilbert Bedenharn

Gilbert J. Bedenharn

Joan Bedenharn married Roy Pouliot

Roger, Rusty, Randy and Reid Pouliot

Lorenzo Nick Pepiot married Ruth Sawmiller

Mary Alice Pepiot married Charles B. Faust

Cheryl K. Faust
Louis Pepiot married Marjorie Beach

Gertrude Pepiot married Frank Bibb

William and Robert Bibb
Robert Pepiot married Katherine Briji

Barbara Ann Pepiot married Robert Cooke

Robert Glenn Cooke
Sandra Lee Pepiot
Robert Pepiot Jr.
Dorothy Pepiot married Bruce C. Bishop
[To ease confusion, I have not retained the pagination of the original 16-page document. Besides the pages falling at different lengths due to typeface and spacing, the original document contains two pages numbered “10,” each with a slightly varied genealogy of Gertrude Pepiot’s family. I have retained the variant spellings “Winniferd,” “Winnifred,” “Winfred,” and “Winifred” in each version as they appeared in the original. JWG]
[Page 10, first version:]
Gertrude Pepiot married Winniferd Kollars

James Kollars married Gertrude

James Jr. Kathleen, Regand, Pam, Candice and Coleen K.
Winnifred Kollars married Lyle Winslow

Joey and Kay Winslow

Kay Winslow married Jack Ehrke

Rosemary Kollars married Eddie Brinker

Eddie, Douglas, James, Gene, Joan, Patricia, Susan,

Barbara, Paula, Karen, and Rosemary Brinker
Patricia Brinker married Al Ash

Arleen Ash

Paul Pepiot married Mary Shirkey

Carol Jean Pepiot married Dean Boate

Sabrina, Kimberly, Melissa, Kathleen and John Michael B.
Amos Pepiot and Mary Brintlinger also had five boys that passed away when they

were small children. There names were Herman, Leon, Lawrence, Charles and

Joseph Pepiot.

[Page 10, second version:]

Gertrude A. Pepiot married Winfred Kollars

Winifred G. Kollars married Lyle J. Winslow

Kay and Ray Winslow

Kay Winslow married Jack Erke

Rusty or Russel Erke
Rosemary Kollars married Edward Brinker

Patricia, Edward Jr. Douglas, Susie (Sister Edward Rose

Barbara Jean and Joan (twins) James, Paul, Karen,

Rosemary and Patrick Brinker

Patricia Brinker married Albert Ash

Arleene, Douglas, and Laurie Ash

[The Brinkers were frequent visitors to our farm outside Payne, OH, in the early 1960’s during the annual Pepiot Reunion. The twins were Gene and Joan, not Barbara Jean and Joan as recorded above. One summer, Gene, a city boy, spent a month staying with us and learning about life on the farm. JWG]
James A. Kollars married Gertrude Brown

James Jr. Kathy, Pamela and Margaret (Twins) Pam & Peg.

Candis, Colliene and Christine Kollars

Paul Pepiot married Mary Shirkey

Carol Jean Pepiot married Dean Boate

Sabrina, Kimberly, Melissa, Kathleen and John Michael B.

Amos and Mary also had five boys that passed away when they were small children, Namely, Herman, Leon, Lawrence, Charles and Joseph P.

[The document continued, as follows, with Page 11.]

Frank Pepiot Single
Louise Pepiot married Frank Simon Family

Louis and Stella Simon

Louis Simon married Elizabeth Batty

Louise, Melva, Inez, James, Louis, Norbert and Norma Simon

Louise Simon married Bernard Middendorf
Melva Simon married Glen Francis
Inez Simon married Marcel Goffena
James Simon married Mary Peltier
Louis Simon married Dottie Francis
Norbert Simon married Irene Mazur
Norma Simon married Paul Dues
Louise Simon & Bernard Middendorf

(adpt.) Mary and Alice Middendorf

Melva Simon and Glen Francis Family

Ronald Francis married Patricia Grilliot

Lynn Marie Francis

Robert Francis single

Marilyn Francis at home
Randy Francis

Inez Simon and Marcel Goffena family

Larry Goffena single
Sandra Goffena married David Monnin

David Monnin Jr.

Michael Goffena and Mary Jane Goffena

James Simon and Mary Peltier Family

David, John, Bill, Tommy, and Timmy (twins) Edward,

Jerrold, Jane Ann, Susan, and Stevie Simon

Louis Simon and Dottie Francis Family

Denice, Marla, and Elise Simon

Norbert Simon and Irene Mazur

Michelle and Danny Simon

Norma Simon and Paul Dues Family

Linda, Johnny, Diana, David, Lica and Jimmy Dues

Stella Simon single, Lives at Good Shepherd Convent

Nickolas Pepiot single Dec.

Stephen Pepiot married Mary Jane Pequignot

Herman and Fred Pepiot

Herman Pepiot married Mary Baltes

Earl Pepiot married Vivian Flynn (first wife)

David Pepiot

Earl Pepiot married Marjorie Yerrick (second wife) Margery Yearick 10-24-47

Colt John Pepiot Colt John Gordon Pepiot b. 2-10-53
Mary Evelyn Pepiot married Adrian Monnin

Yvonne and Carolyn Monnin m. Orville

Yvonne Monnin married Thomas Hart
Roberta Pepiot married Roger James

Roger, Sharon, and Gregory James

Robert Pepiot married Connie Newton

Stephen, Margaret, Mary, Page and Courtney Pepiot

John Pepiot married Gladys Rhodes

Scott and Herman Douglas Pepiot

Wanda Pepiot married Richard Kaiser (4 children)

Daniel, Robert, Lica Lisa, Karen and Kay [line drawn through

Kay’s name] Kaiser
Fred Pepiot married Elizabeth Della Chappall

Lester Pepiot married Olive Archer Scotford

Kenneth Dale Pepiot
Donald James Pepiot Married Judy Ann Kesler

Kelly Jean Pepiot

Mary Phyllis Pepiot married Fred Woods no children
Cecelia Pepiot *** Sister Mary of St. Marine She entered the Order of The Good

Shepherd, on June 26, 1894 received her Habit and made her Holy

Proffesion June 30, 1896 She entered on April 4, in 1894
Celestine Pepiot *** Sister Mary of St. Rosalie, She was Clothed in the Habit

of the Good Shepherd Order July 2, 1888 Both Sisters are

Sisters of the Good Shepherd and are Both Cloister Nuns

John Pepiot the Full Brother to Louis Pepiot and the Half Brother to Frederick and

John Pepiot married Josephine or J.A. (First Wife)

Celestine Piquignot (second Wife)

By First Wife: Louis, JoAnn, Virginia, and John Pepiot

Jo Ann and Virginia died in their Youth

John Pepiot married Eugenia (Jane) Marchal

Anna, Adeline, Margaret, Joe, Celestine, George.

Frank, John, Julian, Henry and Cyril Pepiot
Anna, Adeline, Margaret, Celestine, Julian,

Henry, and Cyril Pepiot died in infancy or youth

Joseph Pepiot married Caroline Wolfrom

Irene Pepiot married John Chestnut

Floyd Pepiot married Violet Duffy
Adrian Pepiot
Irene Pepiot and John Chestnut Family

Tommy and Johnny Chestnut

Floyd Pepiot and Violet Duffy no family
Adrian Pepiot
George Pepiot married Dolly Newton no children
Frank Pepiot married Eva Shamberger
Harold Pepiot married Miriam Manford

Janet Louise and Harold Jr. Pepiot

Evelyn Pepiot married Robert Camper

Melvin Camper

John Pepiot married Margaret Gariety Family
Ralph Pepiot married Evelyn Monnin
Bertha Pepiot “ Norbert Monnin
Ann Pepiot “ Raymond White
Clarence Pepiot “ Mildred Monnin
Margaret Pepiot “ Paul Streib

Yvetta Pepiot “ Paul Groff

Ralph Pepiot and Evelyn Monnin Family

Joseph Pepiot married Hazel Lewis

Joey and Leslie Ann Pepiot
Paul Pepiot married Kathleen Morgan
Lowell Pepiot married Jean Hansel

Debbora, Terri Lynn and Gregory Pepiot

Betty Ann Pepiot married Edward Weaver

Douglas Edward Weaver

Janice Pepiot married Larry J. Francis

Scott Joseph Francis

Mary Jane Pepiot
Ray Pepiot
Bertha Pepiot married Norbert Monnin Family

John, Kermit, Emily, June, Richard, Dennis,

Carolyn, Shirley, Donald and Lyndon Monnin
John Monnin married Ruth Francis

Kermit Monnin “ Audrey Francis

Emily Monnin “ Marion Grilliot
June Monnin “ Remy Grilliot (first husband)

Richard Young (second husband)

Richard Monnin “ Patricia Bredburg
Dennis Monnin “ Jeanette McEldowny
Carol Monnin “ Edward Sherman
Shirley Monnin “ Lawrence Simon
Donald Monnin “ Leona Gasson
Lyndon Monnin single
John Monnin and Ruth Francis Family

Mary, Michael, Fred, Thomas, Margaret, (Peggy)

Thresa, Beverly and Barbara Monnin
Kermit Monnin and Audrey Francis

Edward, Linda, Eugene, Dale, Raymond, Susan,

Ellen and Jeffery Monnin
Emily Monnin and Marion Grilliot

Janie, Sharon, James, William, Kathy, Marjorie,

Charles, Elaine, Carolyn, Emily, Marion, and

Anne Mae G

June Monnin married Remy Grilliot (first husband)

Jeanie, Robert, and Judy Grilliot

Richard Young (second husband)

Randy, Ronald, and Richard Young

Richard Monnin and Patricia Bredburg

Debbie, Karen, Diana, David and Janej Louise


Dennis Monnin and Jeanette Mc Eldowny

Brian, Wanda, Loraine, Bruce and Lanita Monnin

Carol Monnin married Edward Sherman

Joan, Cindy, Sandy, Christy and Douglas Sherman
Shirley Monnin and Lawrence Simon
Donald Monnin and Leona Gasson
Lindon Monnin single
Ann Pepiot married Raymond White

Mary Margaret White and Frances White

Mary Margaret White married Vernon Francis

Vicky, Jackie, and Cynthia Francis

Frances White married Francis Moorman

Steve, Sheryl, David, Gregory, Christopher, and

Pamella Moorman
Clarence Pepiot married Mildred Monnin

Patricia Pepiot married Lynus Hietcamp

Rebecca Hietcamp
William Pepiot married Mary Dreese
Thomas Pepiot in service
Norma Jean Pepiot
Margaret Pepiot married Paul Strieb

Joy Strieb married Edwin Monnin

Randy and Tommy Monnin
James Strieb in service
Danny Strieb in the Navy
Roberta and Debbie Strieb
Yvetta Pepiot married Paul Groff

Ronald Groff in Navy

John, Judy, Robert, Margaret, (Peggy), Mary Elaine,

Roger and Freddy Groff

John Pepiot and Eugena (Jane) Marchal, also had Four Girls

and Three Boys that died in infancy or in their Youth

They were: Anna, Adeline, Margaret and Celestine

Julian, Henry and Cyril Pepiot

Frederick Pepiot never Married
Regius Pepiot married Marie Peronne
Regius Pepiot and Wife went to Oregon with Seven Small

Children in a covered Wagon and Are the Parents Of: Joseph,

Amy, Octavia, Adeline, Celia, Anna Mary, Jim, Franf and Fred

The Regius Pepiot Families now live in Washington State,

But went to Oregon in 1852
Joseph and Amy

Edson Valentine (Ned)

Darell Edson




Geneva, Gary, Greg



Richard, Robert, Rosene


Darline, Dennis


Regis, Randy

Ermine (Bird)

Audrey, Myrn, Cherter


Helen, Hazel (D), Bonnie (D)


Edwina d. Clifford D.

This is what I Got Back from out West of the Regius Pepiot Family

And this came from Darell Edson age 52 yrs and living in Washington

He is standing in a wheat Field which is 3000 acres, and he called it a

small Ranch .

Written by Mrs Ralph Pepiot (Evelyn Monnin)

Started in 1961 and Finished in 1962


Paulding County

St Johns Cemetery

Pepiot Charles 1903 – 1904

Joseph 1901 – 1902
1900 Sound Index

Pepiot Amos 122/42 12/97

W M March 1857 43 Ohio Paulding Blue Creek

Mary E W Sept 1870 29 Oh

Eva Dau Nov 1886 13 Oh

Vero dau April 1890 11 Oh

Pepiot Adam son Sept 1890 9 Oh

Remy son Dec 1892 7

Louis son Dec 1895 5 Oh

Gertie dau Jan 1898 Oh

*Exerpt from single unidentified typewritten page possibly compiled from information retrieved from various recorders’ offices. JWG


Paulding County Ohio

PEPIOT Charles Feb 23 1904 a. 8m 23d Payne
PEPIOT Joseph 30 May 1902 Payne 1y
PEPIOT Lewis 13 Sept 1885 2y 7m 10d Shelby Co. Ohio

*Transcribed as written from single typewritten page. JWG

VERSAILLES POLICY Thursday 4-6-1893
Frederick Pepiot one of the oldest residents of Versailles died at his home last Saturday. He was a retired grocer.
Obituary Frederick Pipiot died at his home in Versailles April 1, 1893 aged 80 years and 5 months. Funeral services and interment held from Russia Catholic Church Apr. 2. Conducted by the Pastor Rev. Father Raymond
Versailles Policy Thursday 7-30-1893

Stephen Pipiot died at his residence in Versailles July 11 1893 aged 33 years 6 months and 17 days. Funeral services held from the Versailles Catholic Church July 13 conducted by the Pastor. Internment St. Valbert’s cemetery.

Darke County Ohio Will Book G page 43

Will of Stephen Pepiot dated 6-2-1893; …

Naturalization Record Miami County Probate Court/Common Pleas Court

Journal P p. 24 Frederick Pepiot Naturalization July 1847

*Transcribed from single typewritten page. Ellipsis (…) indicates information not transcribed. JWG

Documents not transcribed but included in the packet from Sheryl Harrison Pepiot:
Handwritten notes from Darke Co. Recorders concerning land transfer from Xavier Pottier to Frederick Pepiot 17 Nov 1858.
1900 Census from Hamilton Co. Ohio 72/340 1/22

Pepiot Celestine W. …

Peppiot Frances Shelby Co. 138/100 15/60 …

Pepiot George 138/94 11/66 …

Pepiot John 138/101 6/91 …

Pepiot John 138/100 14/61 …

Pepiot Joseph 138/100 14/65 …

Pepiot Mary J E 42/72 6/65 …

Pequingot Louis Brother Sept 1868 31 Oh

Pepiot Angelich? aunt April 1831 69 France Na

Smith Marmanda Brother March 1874 26 Ohio
Single typewritten page numbered “13” at the bottom and beginning with “Stephen Pepiot Louis Pepiot Mary Didier” and followed by a listing of dates that seemingly do not correspond with previously recorded dates for these individuals. Data recorded on the remainder of the page appears to list descendents of Stephen Pepiot.

Jean Wannemacher Geist

Bowling Green, OH

June 19, 2008

Pepiot Family History 1785 – 1962 Transcribed June 19, 2008 JWG

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