Peer Evaluation for New Deal Essay

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Peer Evaluation for New Deal Essay

US History


In today’s lesson we are going to give feedback to one of our peers on their essay and receive the same in return. The goal of peer feedback to is help our peers to do the best they can against the assessment rubric: leading to a great essay and the highest attainment possible. To achieve this we are going to use three steps. Read the instructions for each step and attempt to follow them as closely as possible. The whole process should take you between 20-30 minutes before you feedback to your peer.

Step 1 Completion

In this section you are checking to see if the draft has all of the requirements that Mr. Johnson is looking for in the essay. Check off each section as it appears:

  1. An introduction that includes

    1. Background on the New Deal and your program

    1. The goal of your program (relief, recovery or reform)

    1. Thesis statement that gives a one sentence answer to your question and shows the order that you will be presenting your point. Since this is a “to what extent” question, two of your points should be in support of your position and one should point should be a counter argument.

  1. Body paragraphs that include

    1. Topic sentence that connects the main idea of the paragraph and the question

    1. Supporting sentences to explain the connection between the main idea and the question

    1. Concrete detail that shows the success/failure of the program

    1. Commentary/Analysis that explains how the evidence shows the success/failure of the program

  1. Conclusion that includes

    1. Restatement of Thesis

    1. Summary of main points (1 sentence per argument)

    1. Evaluation of your program’s importance relative to the New Deal’s success as a whole

  1. A bibliography that is

    1. Formatted in MLA format and presented in alphabetical order

    1. Well researched with a variety of secondary (and primary if possible) sources

    1. Reflected in in-text parenthetical citations in your essay

Section 2: Translate the Rubric and Grade the Essay

Read over the essay rubric Mr. Johnson gave you on the first day of the assignment and go down the 10-point column (Mr. J has a few extras if you need them). Make sure you clearly understand what each descriptor is looking for by putting it in your own words. This can be handwritten on the rubric.

When you are finished, grade the your peer’s essay and justify your score in the comment section.

Section 3: Constructive Criticism

We can’t fix everything but the point of this process is for the writer to have some constructive feedback how to substantively improve their work. Identify three specific elements of their paper that you feel like if they improved it could lead to at least a ½ to whole letter grade improvement.




Download 10.86 Kb.

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