Peace to War 1919-1939

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Czechoslovakia 1938-1939

Konrad Henlein

Hitler encouraged and supported the Sudeten Germans� claim for self-determination. In the middle of the 1930s Konrad Henlein had come to prominence as the leader of Sudeten German nationalism. Hitler fuelled Henlein�s political agitation and there were a number of riots and marches led by Henlein in opposition to Czech control of the region. Hitler provoked problems in the region by mobilising German troops and the Czechs did the same in retaliation.

Under pressure from Britain and France, Benes, the Czech President offered Henlein virtually everything he had been calling for. Henlein refused because Hitler wanted an excuse for invasion. In an effort to calm things down, Chamberlain flew to meet Hitler in a series of three meetings.


It is at this moment that appeasement reached its most notorious point. Chamberlain met Hitler on three occasions before a peace deal could be thrashed out:

  1. Berchtesgaden � 15th September 1938

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