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1600s, the League was hit by internal strife and foreign attacks and was so weakened that it disbanded. At this time, English and Dutch merchants took over control of shipping in the region.

Interpreting Text and Visuals

1. What is the Hanseatic League?

2. Name four port cities where the Venetian and Hanseatic trade routes met.
3. Besides location and length, what would you say marks the major difference between the Hanseatic and Venetian trade routes?
4. Describe the movement of goods from the port of Marseilles to London in two ways: by Venetian and by Hanseatic trade routes.
5. In the 1300s a land route and then a canal connected Lübeck with Hamburg. Why do you think this linkage was so important?
6. The Baltic Sea has been called a “Scandinavian Mediterranean.” Explain why that comparison seems logical.
7. Considering the weather possibilities of their far northern location, what do you see as one great disadvantage to the Hanseatic League’s sea routes?

In your own words, summarize today’s lesson.
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