Patrons -wealthy people who financially supported artists

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World History

1.2 The Northern Renaissance Begins
Drill: Secular & Patrons

Secular -concerned with worldly rather than spiritual matters

Patrons -wealthy people who financially supported artists

Objectives: Students will be able to explain the origins and characteristics of the Northern Renaissance by tracing how printing spread ideas.

I. Notes:

A. Utopia - An ideal place free of greed, war, and conflict.

B. printing press is a machine for reproducing writing by pressing paper against inked type

C. Gutenberg Bible - First full-size book printed with a movable type printing press

II. Why was the time right for the Northern Renaissance to begin?

A. By 1450, the bubonic plague had ended in northern Europe.

B. Hundred Years’ War between France and England was ending.

C. Educated people combined classical learning with interest in religious ideas.

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