Pathways to Success – mcas preparation Courses College Transition and Career Planning

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Bunker Hill Community College

Pathways to Success – MCAS Preparation Courses

College Transition and Career Planning

English, Math and Biology Courses in preparation for the 2013/2014 Tests

Spring/Summer classes begin Tuesday, June 18, 4:30-7:30 pm

Courses Offered Tuesday Evenings through the month of July, and will resume in September in preparation for the November English and Math Retest

MBTA passes, and Food Provided

Passing the MCAS English, Math and Science is a high school graduation requirement in the state of Massachusetts. The MCAS Pathways program at BHCC is committed to helping students reach their full potential with MCAS and beyond. We look forward to working with students preparing for the MCAS tests, and with plans for college and/or career planning.

To register or if you have any questions . . . Contact Chad Fallon or Andrea Fisichella at 617.228.2289

Or e-mail: or

Download 4.59 Kb.

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