Past And Present By James N. Ike Oracles and Prophecy in Igboland

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The achievements of the church

Since the inception of the church in Amuvi in 1929, the influence eof the church has been felt in the community more. As the first church in the village, it brought light and the light shone amongst men, both spiritual and mental development came in as we can see to day in Arochukwu. The church has tried to unite and spread our Christian faith in the whole village; at least, we have more than twelve churches in the village now. It increased literacy among the people through reading of Bibles, hymns and Sunday school which motivated the education advancement of every home in the village. Now having seen the achievement of this church, physically and spiritually, the presbytery of Arochukwu PCN, on the 26th of November, 2005 at her general meeting held at Agbagwu village PCN considered the need for Amuvi PCN to be elevated to a parish status. Permit me to reveal that among the early converts were late Mazi Igwe Nwa Oji, Mazi Kanu Okoro, Late Mazi Oji Nwosu, the then Eze Ogo Amvui, Mazi Ujah Nwa Ujah and Mazi Oji Onwuasanya, the only survival of the early converts and others. Finally, we thank the PCN for upgrading the church a to a parish status and pledge to our presbytery of Aro and the mother parish (Ameze Parish) to continue to support the church as one of the PCN’s in Aro as we fight against syncretism. We pray for members to be dedicated and God fearing to enable us build a better Amuvi parish PCN.

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