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13th General Election

In 2013, the Commission received 59 complaints with regard to the 13th General Election held on 5 May 2013. Of these, three were related to general matters, while 56 were related to procedures and were forwarded to the Election Commission (EC) for further action. A discussion between the Commission and independent observers that were appointed by the EC to monitor the election process, saw eight recommendations being offered:

  • There is a need for the EC to improve the electoral roll

  • The size of constituencies should be normalised by ensuring that the discrepancy is limited and not more than 15% of the average constituency in each state

  • The EC should be independent of the Prime Minister’s Department and its members should be appointed by, and made accountable to, a permanent and bipartisan Special Parliamentary Committee.

  • The EC should be accorded the power to recruit its own staff, independent of the civil service.

  • The role of a caretaker government should be defined and legislated to ensure that duty-bearers are aware of their role, that is, to ensure the smooth day-to-day administration of the country during a general election

  • Persons with disabilities should have the same access to election facilities as other voters

  • The appointment of election observers should be made a permanent feature in every General Election; the appointment process should be improved and training provided to emphasise best practices from Asia Pacific countries.

  • All elections candidates should have equal access to the Government’s communication channels, which should be non-partisan and unbiased in reporting national matters. All state-owned and government-linked media companies must remain independent in their reporting and cease unsubstantiated attacks against opposition parties.

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