Part three: the nun's priest's tale

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In the Nun's Priest's Tale, there is a poor and simple widow who lives with her daughters; in her farmyard there are a lot of animals, but her cock, Chantecleer, is the best and proudest cockerel that has ever lived. He's very handsome and he has got seven wives, but his favourite one is Lady Pertelot.

One night, just before the sun rises, Chantecleer starts to scream: he tells his wife to have dreamt that a horrible monster wanted to eat him. He thinks his dream comes from God. Pertelot replies that dreams are only the result of eating too much and she suggests him to go to the chemist and to get some medicine for his stomach.

Chantecleer doesn't trust her and he tells a story to prove that dreams come true.

Once, two pilgrims, who were looking for a place to stay in town, had to sleep in separate inns, because of the great crowd. During the night, one of the men dreamt about his friend who told him that some thieves had murdered him to steal his money and that they had hidden his body in a dung cart to the west gate of the city. After the dream, the man went back to sleep; but when he went to meet his friend to the other inn, the following morning, and he didn't find there, then he ran to the place whose his friend had told him in his dream and he found his body right there.”

With these words, Chantecleer forgives his dream and flies down into the yard to gebin his crowing. But there's a sly fox who's hiding like a murderer, waiting.

Suddenly, just as Chantecleer sees her, he runs away; then the fox tells him to be his great admirer and that she likes to hear him sing. So, while the proud bird is preparing to sing and he's closing his eyes, the fox catches him by the neck and begins to run off towards the forest.

All the animals in the yard scream and try to stop the fox.

Then, Chantecleer speaks to the fox and congratulates with her, because no one can catch her. He suggests her to turn and shout at the stupid people that they could never have catched her. So, as soon as the fox opens her mouth to say this, Chantecleer flies high into the trees; he is safe now, and the fox understands to have been very fool.
Ex.1 pag.53

How much did you understand?

a. What animals and birds did the widow have?

The widow had three pigs, three cows and a sheep, but she also had a cock and seven hens.

b. What did Chantecleer dream about?

Chantecleer dreamt about a terrible monster which wanted to eat him.

c. What did Pertelot and Chantecleer disagree about?

They disagreed about the importance of dreams that come true.

d. Why did the fox come to the farmyard?

The fox came to the farmyard because she wanted to catch Chantecleer.

e. What happened when Chantecleer closed his eyes to sing?

When the cock closed his eyes to sing, the fox caught Chantecleer by the neck in a second.

f. What happened when the fox opened his mouth to speak?

When the fox opened his mouth to speak, Chantecleer flew up to a branch in the trees where he could be safe.

Ex.2 pag 53

What do you think?

- Do dreams come true? I think that many dreams could come true

- Does all the bad luck in the world come from women? No! It's absolutely not true!!!

- Does the story teach us anything? Yes, it does. It teaches us a lot about shrewdness and foolishness.
Ex.4 pag.55

Another story about a dream:

1. Chantecleer told Pertelot some more stories about dreams.

2. Two merchants wanted to cross the sea to France.

3. They waited in the port until the wind was right

4. One of the travellers was worried because he had had a strange dream.

5. He wanted to delate the journey until he was safe

6. His friend said that he wasn't afraid of a dream

7. The friend decided to go to France and become rich and the other one stayed on the land.

8. But during the journey there was a sudden accident.

9. The ship sank and every one was drawned.

10. If Pertelot knew more history she wouldn't laugh of Chantecleer's dream.

Ex.5 pag.56

Here are some sentences about the story of the cock, the hen and the fox.

d. Pertelot had loved Chantecleer since she was a young chick.

e. One morning, Chantecleer told his wife that he had had a terrible dream.

b. After he had ricovered from the shock of the dream, he walked around the farmyard.

g. The fox told Chantecleer that he had come to the farmyard to hear him sing.

a. But when Chantecleer had closed his eyes to sing, the fox had seized him.

i. Everyone wanted to catch the fox who had stolen Chantecleer.

c. The fox has stopped running when he had reached the forest.

f. The cock flew up into the trees after the fox had opened his mouth.

h. After the priest had told his tale, the Host thanked him.

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