Part Three (Placement Learning)

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Part 3

Part Three (Placement Learning)
To be completed where a new or existing course will include a compulsory or optional period of study abroad, which constitutes 25% or more (in terms of the credit awarded or the period of study) of the overall award; where required for a professional qualification or by a Subject Benchmark Statement. The ‘Guidelines for Departments Introducing Placements as part of a Course of Study’ (Annex 1) should be consulted when completing this form.
1. Placement Partner(s):
On what basis has/ve the partner organisation(s) been chosen for the placement abroad? (i.e. international standing, excellence in teaching, similarity of curriculum, appropriateness of work environment, relevance of learning opportunities etc ).

2. Nature of Placement
What is the nature of the placement abroad envisaged? Please tick from the following:
Intercalated year (optional) [ ] Intercalated year (mandatory) [ ]

Work placement (UK/overseas) [ ] Study placement (UK/overseas) [ ]

SOCRATES/ERASMUS exchange [ ] Work-based learning [ ]

Professional experience placement [ ] Other (provide details below) [ ]

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