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The Second Birth

Chapter 6

Much has been learned about the physical endocrine system from the animal kingdom, even from the caterpillars. When hardly even a piece of skin or bone can be exchanged among my children without serious consequences, it is apparent that hormones of the endocrine system are of a very exclusive nature since some of them may be exchanged among species, human or animal, without harm, often with interesting results.

The endocrine glands manufacture, and secrete into the bloodstream, potent hormones that play a major role in regulating the chemistry of living matter. The amounts and types of these hormones make tremendous differences in the functions of the body. What happens to the caterpillar when its metamorphosis-hormone is released is a common fact of life. There is a certain kind of salamander, not so commonly heard about, which was injected with extracts from the human thyroid gland. This little salamander is a water-lover; normally it spends its entire lifetime living in the water. After being treated with the thyroid extract, it lost its gills and tail fin, developed air-breathing apparatus, and moved out of the water to live upon the land, a dimension new to it.

Endocrine hormones are life-giving, life-balancing, life-altering proteins. This is true in the case of animals just as it is in the case of men. At the moment, your endocrine glands are supervising the major chemical functions of your body, working in close cooperation with your mind. The glands are fully equipped to do more, much more than the mind has let them do.

As their primary function, the function of greatest importance, I intended that your glands should effect in you a more remarkable transformation than the caterpillar undergoes—changing you from mortal to immortal—just as soon as your "wave of determination" lets them know that you are willing.

If you develop the habit of hungering and thirsting after the Light of Christ within you, filling your temple with quietness harmonious to its flow, you will experience the momentous Second Birth, the birth of the Spirit. At this time, you will be on the road toward becoming perfect even as the Father in heaven is perfect. Your body will be caught up in the River of Life More Abundant; it can go on to full awaking, completing the development which was arrested as turbulent subconscious feelings began to work against your soul's natural growth.

Until the time of the Second Birth when your body becomes filled with Light, you are still numbered among the living dead. You are still counted in the herd of lost sheep headed toward the ditch of death. You are still chained to the cycles of the sub-creation and the painful road of evolving through sowing-and-reaping methods.

When my Holy Spirit is allowed to shine within, it will make you free at last by opening up all the important body centers and setting them off in the full swing of operation.

The first mission of the Spirit is to purify your surface mind, to erase belief in all appearances, to uplift your thinking and fill you with unshakable faith that the Door of Everything is waiting at the apex of your human consciousness.

The next mission of this beautiful working Light is to repair the substance of your cells, replace tired tissue, perfect damaged organs and renew "sick" areas, purify your bloodstream and keep it supplied with cellular food of the purest essence. The vibratory rate of each individual cell will be gradually quickened, or speeded up, by power contained in these rays of spiritual Light.

The great and glorious center of your heart will burst wide open, as if struck by a lightning flash, and you will become the vibration of Love, a vibration so exalted above the love of human emotion that the languages of earth do not contain words vivid enough to make the comparison.

This indescribable vibration of the heart spreads into every center of your sacred body temple, revealing to your astonished consciousness all the hidden jewels which were veiled to sight before.

The hidden jewel of the pineal gland, the mystical spiritual eye, will be made known to you as it is stripped of its "blindness" and resurrected to full activity. This precious spiritual center, presently languishing in your submerged treasure chest, is the all-seeing, all-knowing Eye of the Soul; it is fully aware of all that I am.

When this submerged center is reawakened, you will experience extended vision. The earth around you will suddenly be illuminated by light more delicate, more beautiful, more plentiful than the light of the morning sun. These illuminating rays are a special kind of light invisible to your human eyes. Unlike sunlight, these special rays are never stopped by solid surfaces. They penetrate everything, illuminating all the inner parts, enhancing all the inner colors, revealing to your eyes a glory of the holy ground beneath your feet such as you have never dreamed. The walls of your house will look transparent, the rock in your garden will look more like a precious gem than like a stone.

You will be seeing a far wider range of the radiation spectrum, a joyous visual experience which limited human consciousness cannot possibly imagine. The "glass darkly" through which you had beheld the world before will not return to limit your vision again, for now the blind can see.

You are actually seeing the physical world by light contained within my Holy Spirit.

It is through the resurrection of the Eye of the Soul that you also become filled with knowledge. For in this same jewel is hidden the record of heaven, the truth of all things, the wisdom of the Christ.

When this center is fully active, you can do much to help your brother put his hand in mine, for you will be able instantly to evaluate his degree of receptivity and say exactly the words he needs to send him on his way.

You will be so fully conscious of me at this point that my still small voice will blend with your voice, and yours will be the Voice of God falling upon the earth.

The center of power within your throat will be fully awakened, and when your word rings out it will be alive with the unlimited creative force contained in Holy Spirit. If you should say "Lazarus, come forth," my cosmic substance would be motivated to respond, to fulfill the suggested pattern, the pattern of a rebuilt body temple for Lazarus; all this would be accomplished with the speed of thought.

If you should want to multiply the loaves and fishes, to turn water into wine, to complete the body structure of a baby born deformed, to return the old and broken to their youth, or any of a thousand other things needed to restore balance on my ailing planet earth, then you can do them all by the vibratory power contained within your spoken words. Indeed you will not need to speak at all, for the same vibratory power will be contained within your thoughts.

No longer will your words be empty and dried up. They will be backed and fortified with all my power to act, they will be living words.

You will be master of the elements as Jesus was, master of the atomic elements, master of the flesh, conqueror of all evil.

Evil cannot even get near you in this exalted state, for the electrified substance emitted as your body vibrates will rebalance any imperfection within the aura of your presence. The lepers in the crowd, or the cancer sufferers, will be automatically healed by your vibration as you pass by, without so much as a conscious thought on your part.

From the centers of your body you can project a beam of radiant Light, which to your extended vision will look as solid as a rod of steel. On this beam you can travel to any point in the cosmos where your Father's business leads you. There is no problem of survival in "vacuous" outer space along the way. You are filled with the Light-that-contains-all, and all your needs are supplied by it.

I will literally light the way of your feet, for the quickened vibration of your body cells will cause a soft, exquisite radiance to emanate through the skin and surround you. When you put your hand in mine, truly you no longer walk in darkness.

You will be clothed by this Light, clothed in heavenly white raiment, no longer embarrassed by nakedness as the human race has been embarrassed since it fell from this Garden-of-Eden state which all enjoyed together before satan caused the separation by erecting the blinding web of appearances, the sub-creation.

Satan is the independent surface mind, the human "self" [ego] that has decided it can rule the universe without me. Satan is the father of all evil, of all suffering, the author of death.

But your personal satan has been trampled beneath your feet, for now you are my ideal creation, my Grand Cosmic Being. You have been born again in Spirit. The power of this Spirit has opened up your submerged treasure chest and regenerated your mind, your heart, your body to full maturity, to wholeness of function. Those vital centers which served you with half measures before are now giving forth the full measures of their performance and perfection.

You have truly experienced the Second Birth, in the physical sense of the word as well as in the spiritual sense.

At the moment of your first birth, when you were delivered from your mother's womb and drew in the initial breath of air, a marvelous unsealing took place in your body temple. The lungs, those two efficient bellows-like organs which utilize the breath of life, had been inbuilt to do this very work, but they lay collapsed and dormant while you were in the womb. The main bloodstream of your body did not circulate through them, for there was no reason why it should. It could not be purified or oxygenated in collapsed lungs that had no access to an oxygen supply. In your immature infant body there was another entrance to and exit from the heart which your bloodstream unquestioningly followed. But at the moment of birth, at the instant of the first ingoing breath, the lungs were suddenly unsealed, the blood rushed eagerly in through channels that were unused before, the alternate exit from the heart was permanently locked—an amazing body organ which had apparently been useless began to serve its vital purpose.

At the time of your Second Birth, when the light of Holy Spirit is invited in to do its work, it will trigger other momentous unsealings of your body organs, just as the breath of air triggered the unsealing of your lungs.

This Second Birth will happen when you are thoroughly and utterly ready for my will to be done in you. This does not mean that you are ready to use me to bring these glorious things to pass; it means that you are ready to surrender completely to my will and let me use you for whatever purpose I decree.

In this state of complete surrender, your sustained prayer might be, "Thank you, Father, that I am blended with your Spirit."

As you continue to hunger and thirst for my presence, trusting your future to my will, suddenly you will realize your thirst is being quenched by the blood of Christ, and your hunger is being satisfied by the body of the Christ. No longer will you need to live by bread alone, for you will find you are becoming my Grand Cosmic Being of Pure Light.

The manna of Holy Spirit is the "bread ye know not of" which Jesus wanted to share with you. It is the mystic union that makes you and the Father one.

You are now ready to do the works that Jesus said you could do, and progress onward toward the greater works.

No longer do you approach me timidly, hesitating to make demands of me. Rather, you stand up courageously, full of confidence, extending to me a vessel as wide as imagination, and I keep filling it over and over with the Light-that-contains-all. For now you know I am not pleased when you are satisfied with a little. I want you always and forever to ask a lot.

As you give and give and give of my Holy Spirit, you shall receive more and more and more.

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