Part One: The Vision I was crowned by my God, my crown is living

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The Holy Spirit

Chapter 5

As your Light of Life gushes into more expression, it will make you conscious of a Reality entirely overlooked by your limited surface mind. It will cause you to understand what your brother Jesus meant when he said, "The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."

This Comforter, or Holy Ghost, is also known as Holy Spirit. It is the ever-flowing River from which you can siphon life more abundant for yourself. I have made it available to each and every soul. As soon as your reoriented surface mind sets up the right conditions, you shall be filled with the full measure of this Holy Spirit and it will open up for you the Doorway of a new dimension.

The process of receiving an increased supply of Holy Spirit and being renewed by it has been described as being born again.

You must be born again if you wish to enter the kingdom of heaven, or the new dimension. You must be born of the Spirit. Many of my children have sincerely tried to understand the meaning of an idea so mysterious as being born again, but it is seldom realized that being born again begins with a simple step which is no more than opening wide your mind and heart to receive a greater abundance of the life force which has animated you all along.

Your spark of life attracts the needed substance to increase itself in much the same way that the tomato seed attracts its needed substance or the caterpillar attracts materials with which to build. In each case, the original source for this life substance is the River of Holy Spirit, and each siphons from this source in accordance with its nature and its needs.

To ancient men, this River was known as the Holy Ghost, an invisible power which came down upon them from heaven, a gift which I bestowed after they had turned their attentions to me and had done everything within the limits of human strength to prepare the right conditions in their hearts.

Since my ways are eternal and unchangeable, it is just as possible now for men to be filled with the Holy Ghost as it was for men in days of old.

Not only is it just as possible, actually it is easier, for now you have the findings of science to verify the existence of this Holy Ghost, whereas in ancient times my invisible substance was ghostly indeed, and only a strong imagination, combined with even stronger faith, could accept the idea of its reality.

In the present day, a certain branch of scientific exploration is concentrating its efforts on the study of cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are detected coming from the depth of space, seemingly approaching from every direction, a great many of which are so highly energetic, so utterly unstoppable, they plunge in through the atmosphere and bombard the surface of the earth in fairly even distribution all around the globe. Similar cosmic rays, usually of lower energies, are continuously ejected from the sun and these fall in great quantities on my beautiful planet earth. The lower energy rays are often broken up by collision with atoms in the atmosphere, thus changing form into many different types of particles. The highest energy rays from deep in space are quite capable of plunging safely through to ground level, without collisions to break them up.

Within this superabundance of cosmic substances it is possible to find all the fundamental particles that go to make up atoms. If man had the technological know-how, he could "catch" these rays of Spirit and combine them into any kind of atoms necessary to make whatever substance he might want, whether that substance be animal, vegetable, or mineral.

It is these cosmic rays that have been called the mother element, my raw invisible substance, the force of life. They circulate like colossal rivers through all space, through all time. Their source is absolutely and eternally inexhaustible. I have filled the cosmos with this wonderful River of Life for the all-important purpose of keeping my beloved children supplied with everything they want or need.

If you believe in science, then you will surely believe in this rain of cosmic particles from the heavens, this ghostly invisible substance which is constantly penetrating everything on earth.

This mother element has been described as the Light that contains all and is all things to all men.

When you are born of the Spirit, you become conscious of the presence of this Light, you believe in it and in the reason for which it is sent. Your sacred seed of life can then attract it and incorporate the full measure of it without harm. Not only will it supply your every need, it will also be the source of your increased consciousness of life itself, the source of life more abundant, or the feeling of alive-ness greatly magnified.

Yes, as my Word tells you, when your eye is single to my glory, your whole body shall be filled with Light.

It may seem incredible at first that your overworked, over weary physical body could be a recipient of this dynamic, on-rushing Light. Yet you would readily agree that your body is the temple of the Spirit. This is an idea you have always heard and accepted. Did you realize that Spirit would someday be discovered, studied, and slowly but surely understood? Also that the body, mysterious as it is, is releasing many secrets to the seeking techniques of science?

Before long, the full mystery of how the body and the great life force relates will be uncovered and proved. Exactly how the body is the temple of the Spirit will become accepted knowledge.

Your body was formed out of very sensitive Spirit substance, contrary to repeated ideas about it being formed from the dust of earth. Dust you never were. You may become "dust" if you choose that road, of course, if you find it easier to believe in death than everlasting life. But you most certainly have a choice.

During the first few weeks of your life on earth, while you were no more than a tiny embryo of rapidly-multiplying cells, you were encased in a fluid-filled sac, a completely private world protected even from your mother's body. No blood from mother came in contact with your embryonic cells, no nerves connected you to her physical world. Not until you were approximately twelve weeks old did you begin to receive nourishment from her bloodstream through the placenta feeding station.

During those first twelve weeks without worldly nourishment, your rate of growth was tremendous, you were a very busy infant. By the time you were no larger than the head of a match, you had a brain, a mouth, the beginnings of a jaw. Before the twelve weeks were up, you had tiny arms and legs, bone, muscle, blood, internal organs, and a heart already beating. Much further development and growth remained, to be sure, but during those first twelve "foodless" weeks your baby body outlined the cellular structure of a distinctly individual person.

The miracle of "human" growth came about because your sacred seed of life, richly endowed with my wisdom, drew from omnipresent Holy Spirit the delicate substance that it needed with which to build a temple for itself.

As a result, you are living in a body which my omniscience has constructed with tender loving care, a body in which I have carefully planted most precious powers and gifts. These powers and gifts have not diminished though seldom have they been fully used. They abide in the center of your submerged treasure chest, available always to your lifted consciousness, your omniscient mind of Christ. To your limited surface mind these powers seem beyond the range of the possible, but to me, your Father consciousness, there is no limitation, no range of "possible" or "impossible".

Therefore, your ability to be filled with, and use, the mother Light depends entirely on the awakening of your submerged mind, it has nothing whatsoever to do with "know-how" of your surface mind. Does your surface mind know how to use the oxygen which is taken into your lungs? Does your surface mind know how to receive vibrations of light and color and transmute them into pictures of the world around you that your eyes behold?

No, your ability to transmute the Holy Spirit is one of the sacred powers I gave to abide in you. It is one of your most precious powers, and it has been neglected, ignored, unused, forgotten, lying dormant in the treasure chest of submerged mind.

As the great life force expressed itself, in you or anywhere in nature, its most essential action is taking place on the microcosmic level. The little things in life really are the things that make the difference. The activity that goes on in a realm invisible to your natural eyes is a very orderly perpetuation of chemical processes which make it possible for consciousness to experience. You are presently living in an organism which could properly be called a specialized chemical workshop. In this microcosmic world of cellular activity, the major work, being done at lightning-fast speed, is that of tearing down various molecular substances and synthesizing new kinds to fill the cellular needs.

The surface mind has no idea how this work is done. It is carried on below the level of awareness. It is directed by the wisdom of the soul. The orientation and condition of the surface mind, however, do play vitally important parts. They determine whether the body is a free and open outlet for the dynamic force of life, or whether only a trickle of this life force seeps through. A turbulent surface mind, oriented around the human self, is like a dam thrown up across a river, holding back its surging waters. But a quieted surface mind, oriented only toward my glory, is no longer the dam across the river but merely the banks through which the water flows.

This is why the Christ message teaches that you may be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

The full and varied use of my powers of transmutation begins to be manifested when your turbulence is stilled, when your mind and heart are quieted through your faith in me.

Not only is it your privilege to use these sacred powers of transmutation, it is your responsibility. It is your reason for being alive. It is the way my glory is revealed in you. It is the way you feed my sheep. It is the way you help your brother, not to show what you can do, but to show what he can do if he will learn to live the truth that Jesus taught.

If you can possibly believe these words, you will develop faith enough to hold your life in total stillness, and you will eventually see the truth of what I say with your own "human" eyes.

The reservoir of your heart will be converted into the Holy Grail, the glorious center that hungrily receives my Holy Spirit, magnifies it, and reflects it outward to a needy world.

You could already have accomplished the necessary change in attitude to make this possible if your surface mind had known the truth. But your concept of me has remained so vague that you had no reason for loving me with all your mind, heart, soul, and strength. You had no reason for keeping your mind's eye single to my glory, or Light. When you sincerely tried to love me, it was more like trying to love a "nothing" than a "something." Naturally, you turned back to earthly pastimes of a more tangible quality.

All the while, I am standing at the Door, knocking, knocking, knocking. My Spirit could give you life abundant if you would only let it in.

Nor will it destroy your physical body if you learn to hold yourself in total stillness and let the Light of Life already dwelling in your soul prepare your organism to receive an increase of this potent spiritual force. Your Light of Life will go to work throughout your temple, gently welling up as the fires of purification, and you will be washed clean of all evils and all negatives, with even the very brain cells in which earthly beliefs are stored being replaced with new cells formed from untarnished cosmic elements.

Your body will become the burning bush that is not consumed. It is true that only the pure in heart, the pure in mind, can receive a fullness of my Holy Spirit without being consumed by it. But how easy it is for your all-powerful Light of Life to wash your sins away and transform you into just this state of purity as soon as you are willing!

In addition to being willing, it is necessary also to be quiet and believe, believe so hard that belief turns into faith.

Faith always turns into experience, for faith is more than just blind hope, it is not an intangible emotion; it is a distinct vibration which radiates outward from you, into the mother element, and acts in much the same manner as a magnet to attract the forces of Spirit and focus them in your direction.

As the Holy Ghost descends upon you, it is received by a supersensitive area in the top of your head and drawn into your body temple where the wonder-working organs go about transmuting it into the building blocks of bodies and of worlds.

Please do not let this word picture of Holy Spirit cause you to think your Creator is no more than an infinite supply of pulsating atomic particles waiting to be used. Yes, I am just this, but I am so much more besides that it is absolutely impossible for you to conceive what I am from your present level of consciousness. Recognizing my presence as Holy Spirit is only a beginning point for your surface mind. This beginning point of recognition contains the power, of course, to exalt you to the Christ level of consciousness. As my Word promises, it is on this Christ level that you shall behold my face and come to know me as I Am.

The earth has recently been stunned by knowledge of the tremendous power contained within the atom. This violent splitting apart of atoms is an unfortunate example of the powers of which I speak. This is my spiritual power misused, or used in reverse, for I intended that man should utilize his talents to combine atoms, not to tear them apart. That which I have joined together, let no man put asunder!

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