Part One: The Vision I was crowned by my God, my crown is living

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The Sacred Seed

Chapter 4

The essential nucleus of your being, that seemingly elusive Christ center where my love and wisdom are stored, is far more available to the surface mind than has been previously realized. I erected no formidable partitions to keep human nature separated from divine nature. For this reason, the dividing barrier is unreal, it is non-existent, it appears to be there only because a form of mass-hypnosis is in effect which keeps my children believing that they are strictly human.

Let us return to the tomato seed and look at it more closely. Is it strictly a seed, a little collection of molecules that cling together in a certain way to form a certain kind of matter? If you had never seen a tomato seed, and had never heard of a tomato, the seed probably would appear to be no more than an insignificant bit of matter capable only of a short, unproductive existence followed by decay.

However, if someone told you about the tomato see, explaining that within those apparently inactive molecules a divine pattern was held in waiting, eager to come forth, a pattern for a fragrant, leafy plant which would flower and bear delicious fruit, you would find it hard to believe. Knowing nothing at all about the reality of tomatoes, you probably could not visualize such an impossible thing as a big green plant with red fruit growing out of an uninteresting-looking seed. You would, no doubt, laugh uproariously at the quaint idea that all you had to do was bury it under the dirt, then keep it watered, and the forces of nature would co-operate with it to bring about its amazing change of form.

When you are told that your very being is a seed containing a pattern altogether as different from what you appear to be as the tomato seed-pattern is different from what it appears to be, this idea is just as difficult to visualize. You can accept the tomato idea readily enough because it is a very ordinary thing, with tomatoes you have seen it happen. But with human beings, the problem of visualizing a complete change of form is something else again, you have never personally known anyone to experience such a radical change. Human beings are born, they grow, they think and dream and create for a while, then die. If they contain a pattern for some other destiny, it is no more obvious to your surface mind than the pattern in a tomato seed is obvious to your naked eye.

Where is this Grand Cosmic pattern contained within you? Where is the nucleus of your own sacred seed? How can you feel its reality, believe in its existence, plant and tend and let it grow?

The nucleus of that sacred seed is your soul. Your soul is not an elusive entity hiding out somewhere within, your soul is the collectively organized life force in every atom, every molecule, every cell of your body. Your soul is the total consciousness of your being. It is the very awareness that animates you, that lets you experience living. Your soul is light, pure light, the very Light of Life.

Just as the plant pattern in the tomato seed is locked within its life force, awaiting proper conditions for automatic release, the Christ pattern within you is locked within your life force, awaiting proper conditions for a similar release.

In the case of the tomato, its life force is released when it is planted and kept moist long enough to interact with the forces of nature and draw unto itself the necessary building materials found in its surroundings.

In the case of yourself, the life force is released and begins to grow, drawing in the building materials supplied by nature, when your attitude of mind and heart provides the proper conditions for such growth. The needed growing materials are available to you just as they are to the tomato, they are supplied by me, and they would have been drawn unto you easily and naturally if your attitude had not caused conditions to be wrong for growth.

Your life force has, for the most part, gone unappreciated by your surface mind. You fully realized that you had a soul and that it was most likely an eternal soul which would, someday, have a chance to express more freely without the encumbrance of a physical body. Did you stop to wonder what the physical body was for, why I imprisoned your soul within one?

Did the tomato seed stop to wonder why its life force was imprisoned in the molecules of a seed? Did it look forward to the time when the seed would die of old age and set its life force free? No, it realized instead that it was in the seed for a purpose, that through the seed it could work its way to full maturity, to full fruition. It realized that within the seed its divine pattern was contained.

As man, you are a threefold being—mind, body and soul. If either is missing, you are a seed without fertility. If the life force of a tomato is not within a seed, it cannot sprout and fulfill its destiny. If the life force of a man is without a body, it must clothe itself in the substance of a new body before it can fulfill its destiny. The soul is the sacred seed while the body is the vehicle through which it finds expression, in much the same way that the brain is the vehicle through which the mind expresses.

Your soul is a living part of me and my omni-present life. Your soul is constantly being regenerated and revitalized by the great life-essence which circulates throughout my cosmos. This life force reaches all, supplying animation to all, tying all things together in one dynamic wash of ever-flowing, ever-renewing consciousness.

This indescribable life force is being received by my children in varying degrees, depending entirely upon your attitudes. Your body is the vessel which receives it, your mind controls the angle of the vessel, and your heart determines how much of this River of Life you will let in.

The River is flowing all around you, in it you live and move and have your being. It is the supply found in nature from which your sacred seed may draw to unfold within you the pattern of your Grand Cosmic Self.

Your sacred seed, your spark of life, awaits only the cooperation of your totally-still heart center. When you have extended this cooperation, the sacred seed will begin to grow, to fulfill its cosmic pattern as the human hull falls away and allows the holy metamorphosis to be completed.

You have much to gain by learning to appreciate your spark of life. Concentrate on its presence, feel it, enjoy the silky flow of it as it gushes up from the deep well of your soul. This spark of life is more than just the human consciousness you thought yourself to be. This spark of life is the very Light of Christ which I wedded to you and from which you cannot possibly be divorced. By simply learning to appreciate it, you may cause its flow to be enhanced until it gushes up and becomes a living fountain that can never be diminished.

By the opposite attitude, you can decrease its flow. You can squeeze it out of your body altogether. But you cannot destroy it or cause yourself to become anything apart from the Light of Christ, for it is out of this very light that I have shaped your being.

The elemental nature of life is to increase, to seek more and more expression. This law of increase holds true within you as readily as it does in any aspect of nature. Life is a joyous, singing river ever surging onward. As you feel it and appreciate it, the little trickle finding outlet through your being will bubble up into a flood, drawing you into the beautiful pathway of the River of Life More Abundant.

This is what happens when you become the Living Christ. You do not suddenly become something else, or somebody else, you merely express a fullness of what you already are. You merely allow the Light of Life to come forward and increase. You merely allow the soul to stand forth in full reign over your body kingdom, your own personal soul whose right it is to have full reign.

Meditate on the life within you, cherish it. How joyous the surge of it! Imagine that surge doubled, tripled, multiplied by a hundred, by a thousand. That glorious Light of Life will respond to your appreciation and begin immediately to shine brighter.

It is a sad mistake to regard life as a bore which must be endured, with all its hardships, until death comes to set you free. Death is not the road to freedom, it will merely retard your progress. The life force in your body is the key to the freedom that you seek.

Take the old, familiar example of the caterpillar and the butterfly. If the caterpillar had been born, lived a while, then died, where would the butterfly be? The soul of the caterpillar is the sacred seed of the butterfly. The beautiful butterfly pattern is contained within the caterpillar even while it is a lowly worm, crawling on its belly.

In this case, I have predestined that the butterfly come forth. The caterpillar cooperates by instinct. It withdraws into its closet, its cocoon. A scientist has said that a "wave of determination" seems to start the process of metamorphosis on its way. Indeed it does! This wave of determination releases a hormone, an exciter, from a few tiny cells in the caterpillar's brain, these hormones stimulate the release of other hormones from the caterpillar's endocrine glands, and in the secrecy and silence of the little sealed cocoon a miracle of transmutation, of pattern fulfillment, begins to be accomplished.

When the brightly-colored butterfly emerges, it is an entirely different creature, free to fly about the earth in a dimension new to it. What has happened to the hull that fell away, that limited little worm?

With you, the fulfillment is not predestined. You may live and die time and time again before the truth about your sacred seed of life is consciously understood and subconsciously accepted.

When you do accept the Light of Life within you as being the route to a higher dimension, a "wave of determination" will be released in you and the needed alteration of attitude can be set in motion. Like the caterpillar, or the tomato seed, you will start to change. The wisdom of the soul, as it begins to assume command, knows every step that must be taken to transmute your physical body into quickened, refined substance.

This wisdom of the soul is me, your indwelling Father consciousness, doing the mighty works for you, rebuilding with the substances of life which are abundantly available in nature, in that ever-flowing River which fills the entire cosmos—my Holy Spirit.

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