Part One: The Vision I was crowned by my God, my crown is living

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Grand Cosmic Being

Chapter 3

When I created you in my image and likeness, I endowed your being with the greatest gift I had to give. Alas! This greatest gift has seldom been received or understood.

For I so loved the world I gave my only begotten Son that whosoever believed in him would not perish but have everlasting life.

It is a generally accepted belief that Jesus was my only begotten Son. Some of you have been taught that if you believe Jesus was the only begotten of the Father, you will not perish, you will have everlasting life after you have died.

The real truth is that the only begotten of the Father is a Grand Cosmic Being, a perfect man or woman, a radiant image clothed in robes of shimmering Light, a godlike ideal who claims the cosmos for his playground and comes and goes with the speed of thought, a joyous being whose vibration is quickened to the rate of mine and whose consciousness is as expansive as mine—the Living Christ.

Yes, I so loved the world and all my children in it that I gave to each and every one of you this most cherished gift—I created you by the pattern of the Living Christ. My only command to you was that you believe it and live accordingly.

So simple, so easy. My image and likeness placed inside each and every one as your nucleus, your very mind and soul, and all you have to do is believe in your own Self.

How much longer must I wait for you to learn? Oh my children, all of you could join a mighty cavalcade of majestic gods who even now are winging their way across the face of the deep singing a chorus of praise and joy, but you will not. Even though the Spirit and the bride say come, and he who hears could come, you will not. You are too busy with the mundane pastimes of earthly occupations to listen to the call.

If you should be still long enough to hear the call, you would most likely hesitate, doubting, thinking it is all too good to be true.

In spite of your doubts, that submerged mind of divine holiness is a living part of you; your polluted reservoir of feeling contains power enough to erect mountains; and my image is your identity for I am truly your Light of Life.

If you do not believe my words, try believing in the Grand Cosmic Being, try feeling Its identity inside you, and you will see for yourself.

That is what Jesus did, of course, and when you were instructed to let the same mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, you were not being told to try to develop this mind, or evolve it, or create it, but just to elevate it and let it express.

When Jesus learned that divine omniscience is the nucleus of everyone, he held his life in prayerful stillness till he was conscious of my presence, then took up residence with me and began to experience all wisdom, all love, all power.

There are no laws in existence to say you cannot do the same. In fact, my holy laws say that you can. And I am waiting, with arms outreaching, until you do.

I know there appears to be contradiction in my words. If Jesus claimed his identity as the Living Christ and became a Grand Cosmic Being who knows all things and has all power, why did he die such a painful death on the cross? What happened to the goodness and mercy which I have promised to pour out on all who turn to me? Who wants to realize his Christhood when it appears to increase the dangers to be faced?

These are indeed worthy questions and they deserve to be answered.

As you will readily agree, Jesus was the greatest revealor of truth ever to live on earth. Not that he has been the only one; there have been thousands of others, some in the present day, but he is the supreme example. He made the greatest sacrifice of all. He did it willingly, knowing what was coming, holding back his already-quickened vibration to the mortal level and allowing it to happen, all because of his great love for you.

Yes, Jesus loves you even as I do in spite of the fact that you are so hard to teach. The human side of mind is very reluctant to unlearn the old and reach out for the new, even when the new is the very thing for which it has been yearning.

If this were not so, then the sacrifice made by Jesus would not have been necessary. He would not have had to die at all. He could merely have told you that, through the grace of Holy Spirit, I expect you to be master over the elements, master over your body, in charge of every single cell so completely that you could resurrect it even though it were in a state of decay. No, it was necessary to show that this is possible, and Jesus went through it willingly to show the world.

In spite of his loving sacrifice, many have missed the message. Jesus was the Son of God, you say, a man of virgin birth, and that makes him different. You are a mere mortal born of flesh and you could never be expected to do the impossible sort of things that the Son of God has done. It furnishes a perfect excuse for not trying.

But you are letting the loving sacrifice of your greatest teacher go to waste. Each time you turn away and bother not to comprehend the example he set for all to follow, you are driving more nails into the cross, crucifying not him, but your own Self, over and over again.

For you are just as surely a Son of God as Jesus is, the soul in each of you is a living part of me. As soon as you let it stand forth in full expression, your body will be as indestructible as your greatest teacher's was. You can come and go like the wind and no one will know from whence or to whither, just as it was with Jesus, for your body will be transmuted into a fast-vibrating organism that can carry the high-potency of my Holy Spirit. And if you should choose to make the sacrifice of death and resurrection to reveal the truth of everlasting life, you will be richly rewarded. Such a sacrifice, made to show the unbelieving surface minds, will release so much love within your soul that you could float a solar system upon this love and still it would keep gushing up and pouring out into the deep.

While this sacrifice is being made by you, the human mind with limited vision, judging from appearances, would most likely be feeling pity that you had come to such a bad end. The human mind tends to emphasize the suffering, pointing out how all the saints have suffered, being completely unaware that man causes the suffering by his unwillingness to believe. Also being unaware that my Spirit is on hand, with a host of heavenly angels, to lavishly bestow rewards on one who makes a sacrifice that others might receive a sign. We leave the scene together, rejoicing in a job well done, firm in our knowledge that someday all mankind will see through appearances and behold my Light.

Already a new age of understanding is dawning upon my beautiful planet earth. Much superstition and false interpretation is falling by the wayside while many minds are moving upward toward a new level of consciousness wherein they no longer try to attack and do harm to one who reveals my power. They may ignore him and not recognize his words of truth because these words are so simple, but that reaction is a step forward, an elevation removed from the level of consciousness on which they approached him with violent intent.

The hardest task that the surface mind must face if it is to cooperate with my will is the task of unlearning ideas universally accepted as truth and taking on such implausible ideas as belief in unlimited inner powers and eternal life for all.

My unhappy earth children should be delighted when they hear the good news that the message of the Christ contains. But some reject it, either because of fear or doubt, or because a little too much mental effort is required to push old opinions out of consciousness. Nevertheless, it is these old beliefs in mixtures of good and evil that have oppressed the Christ spirit and kept you from being exalted to my kingdom long ago. You should be glad to let these threadbare opinions fall away for the sake of something better. They are the same opinions, with variations here and there, that have been clung to, passed around, and handed down from generation to generation without much added enlightenment.

The practice has been to accept whatever ideas you are exposed to, to accept the ways of the ancestors, more or less, and question them not at all. This in spite of the fact that Jesus revealed the revolutionary pathway of independent thinking, the pathway of aligning your thought forces with the forces of creation. This is not the pathway of making up universal laws to suit yourself; it is the pathway of withdrawing from the race beliefs and aligning yourself with the onrushing River of Life More Abundant so that your inborn originality has its chance to express and eternally unfold

History bears witness to the fact that few of your ancestors understood the message of eternal life. Why look to their methods, expecting these methods to benefit you any more than they benefited them? Did they not fall together into the ditch of death toward which you are heading by following in their footsteps?

Withdrawal from race beliefs is the first important step if you wish to shift your center of consciousness to the inside of that Door in mind, the Door that leads into my kingdom, that opens up for you a garden paradise of Reality among the stars.

Imagine what a wonderful place the earth will be when all my children learn the truth about their relationship to me and begin to weave it into their every thought and act. Imagine how easily lives will change, how easily the dove of peace can spread her white wings and settle down over the planet. Behold, I make all things new, including your bodies, my holy temples, which will be transmuted into the invisible when they are filled with my Spirit. For this Spirit is potent and not one single organism can open to receive it and remain unchanged. Not one stone shall be unturned on that great day when my image and likeness is allowed to increase on earth.

Even now a few of you are beginning to know your Grand Cosmic Self. You have been introduced to Yourself as you studied the teachings of my Word. You have taken this unspeakable revelation into your reservoir of feeling, cherished it in golden silence, and guarded it from all dark forces while it began to grow toward maturity. And it has been an untouchable, indescribable thing, a glow in your interior, like a bright star caught inside some tunnel, and you have been unable to share it, knowing full well that it can never be reduced to the dullness of intellectual ideas.

But as you cherish this revelation, this Christ child of truth within you, you too will experience a virgin birth, and I will give you words with which to shout my glorious truth from the housetops of the world.

The juicy red tomato on your dinner table would never have appeared if a tomato seed had not been previously planted. The seed was planted, it was fertilized, it was watered, and then allowed to grow until the day of ripeness. After that, only a moment was needed to pick it.

The full realization of your true identity, your master pattern, does not suddenly burst upon you until the seed of truth has been planted, nourished, cherished, and allowed to mature to ripeness. This does not take thousands of years, it does not take hundreds, it may take only a few short years, a few months, a few weeks, depending entirely upon your attitude and intensity.

You understand, of course, that I am the one who does the work of fulfillment. I do not mean to imply that you are expected to metamorphose yourself through some superhuman determination. Your part is merely to show that you are willing to trust your future to me, willing to let my will be done, willing to align your purposes with mine through the comprehension of my Word and the quieting of your heart.

My Word grows vigorously in your consciousness once it gets a firm foothold. But it does need some care to keep it healthy. It needs to be watered with your faith lest it should wither and dry up, and it responds mightily when nourished with your prayers. However, as you continue to apply faith and prayer, you must be patient and leave the rest to me. A tomato does not receive its increase from the farmer who tends it. The increase comes from me. My truth inside you will grow and ripen, not by your power but by mine.

Until such time as you consciously and subconsciously accept the good news of the Christ, you will continue to be trapped in the web of sub-creation, traveling in a circle on a wheel of cause-and-consequences, confused by the mad whirling, too busy holding onto the flying spokes to see my hand above you, reaching toward you, ready to lift you off the wheel and set you free.

Each life I give you is a new opportunity, a second, third, and fourth chance, ad infinitum, to put your hand in mine and let me exalt your mind and body to that god-like level wherein you have dominion over all appearances.

My entire cosmos is made up in very orderly fashion. All my galaxies follow the same general pattern, though when you start to explore them you discover no two are alike in detail. All my suns are round, so to speak, none of them are square. All my microcosmic motions follow similar basic specifications.

The same divine perfection was intended for all my children. Within the pattern of your Being is contained your originality and your freedom to express it. But first you must show that you are willing to fulfill your Cosmic Selfhood and go purposefully about the business of your Father consciousness before you will experience this universal perfection. As long as you are intent only on the purposes of your human selfhood, the web of sub-creation will continue to grow up around you, blinding you to Reality.

When nothing matters to you except my will be done, I will know that you are ready to put your hand in mine, and I will lift you off the wheel, then come in and feast with you, filling your body with my fires of purification, dissolving all the sins in you as sunlight dissolves shadow, transmuting the cells from end to end of you into my perfect spiritual substance.

As long as you are taking thought for tomorrow, you have not reached the level of consciousness which wills only that my will be done. Concern for tomorrow, in any form, betrays the fact that you are still involved with the purposes of the human self. Concern for tomorrow also means that you do not trust me, you are still looking at the seeming-powers of the sub-creation and trying to worship duality. Keep your eye single to my glory with all the faith that you can muster. How can I trust you to be my Grand Cosmic Being if you will not trust me to be your helpful heavenly father?

Jesus relinquished himself completely to me that day on the cross. The personality, the body, the desires of the surface mind, all were handed over to my will. His crucifixion symbolized the complete letting go of self which I must ask of all my children. For he who loses his life for my sake shall find it in his greater Selfhood.

Your surface personality is of little worth in my kingdom since you are like the tomato seed, the personality being the hull which is needed no more as soon as the kernel is allowed to sprout.

This relinquishing of your surface self may take a lot of effort. It may be enough to keep you occupied for quite some time if you are a victim of deep-seated habit as are most of my earth children. But you will be richly rewarded if you can cast away old patterns of thought, old habits of doubt, and keep the image of yourself as the Living Christ in your mind's eye so strongly your focus never wanders and your subconscious feelings never falter in reacting in accordance with this truth.

There is no need to condemn yourself for being weak if old reactions creep in at first to make the task of habit-changing seem virtually impossible. Neither will I condemn you. Just remember that all things are possible to one who loves God, and soon, as you try again, the former manner of thinking will have passed away, the Christ nature will be seeping through into your surface mind, and you will be quite naturally merging into the high ideal which has been implanted by my Word.

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