Part One: The Vision I was crowned by my God, my crown is living

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The Sub-Creation

Chapter 2

To call the web of human sub-creation "appearances" is not to say that it is imaginary. Actually, it is real, painfully—sometimes inhumanly—real and active. Within this web of collective forces are included many experiences which have been accepted as the way life is—wars, conflicts, violence, strife and troubles in any form, poverty, disease, old age, the cycles of death and rebirth, the struggle of mankind to understand himself and his universe.

Since such imperfections have generally been accepted without question, very few of my lost children have tried to find perfection by coming to realize that I have already given to each and every one a mind that knows all things and has all power, and a life force which cannot age since it is the essence of eternal youth.

Instead of reaching this point of realization, some of my children think I have thrown them into the searing earthly experiences so they can learn to face troubles and live with them. Some think it is my way of punishing them for past sins. Others think the reason for it all is that I am attempting to form perfect beings by slow trial-and-error methods, shaping a little here, rounding a little there, filing off somewhere else, a process which is supposed to go on for thousands of lifetimes while each is being honed down to the essence I want. Still others believe that I am testing to see if they are worthy to inherit heaven after death. If found unworthy, the belief goes, satan will inherit the soul and it will be tormented forever in a lake of fire and brimstone.

All of these stories are products of the surface mind, misinterpretations of my Word. Jesus came to earth to set men free from such beliefs, to let my children know that as they think in their hearts, so are they.

How do you think "in your heart"? Is that not the area of deep feeling commonly known as the subconscious mind which is fully conditioned by past happenings, by fears and doubts and unpleasant memories, by mixtures of the good as well as the bad, until most of your actions and reactions have become automatic habits? This "heart" is a very important center to understand.

It is like a vast reservoir constantly being filled with whatever you pour into it through the surface mind. The quality of the ideas in your personal reservoir determines the quality of your actions and reactions. If you have filled your reservoir with accepted human beliefs in limitation, then you are limited in all your actions. But if you are willing to empty out your heart and let me fill it with eternal truth, you will experience a transformation.

Your heart is your creative center. It is like a powerful dynamo transmuting the thoughts and emotions with which you fill it into manifested form. For instance, why is it that the things Job feared came upon him? He mulled his fears in his mind and they were so alive for him, so intense, they blended with his feelings and fell into the creative reservoir where they were transformed into the very substance of the image in his surface mind.

This creative endowment of your heart center is not a bizarre flaw in the way I made you. It was my intent that the desires of your heart should always be fulfilled. Through proper use of this creative reservoir, anything that the Father has can be manifested in your own life, if you are persistent and your yearnings are intense.

However, since I created only perfection, I did not mean for you to fill your minds with images of evil, letting these evil images drop into the creative reservoir and come back to you manifested as outer forces over which you have no personal control.

Your ever-active heart center works on an automatic basis. It projects a "mold", as it were, into my uncreated spiritual elements, and this mold assumes the shape of whatever has been strongly visualized in the surface mind. The heart center does not screen out experiences and materialize only that which is good for you, since the surface mind itself is the screening master, and once an image has fallen into the feelings and been sustained there, the manifestation of the image perceived is automatic.

Therefore, an "emptying out" of your surface mind is essential to your ability to realize and experience the perfection of my cosmos. Since creativity is a continuous process, and I have made you in such a way that you can have anything you "feel" for, you can experience perfect Oneness with me just as readily as you have been experiencing an utter sense of separation from me.

The secret is to control the point at which your attention is focussed. All of my children are gods with creative powers similar to my own, and by controlling the point of conscious focus, the sub-creation can be erased just as easily as it was brought about.

It has never pleased me to have you suffer from the unpleasant experiences created by misthinking, and I have set up no rigid laws that say you must accept the consequences of your mistakes.

Instead, I have tried to tell you that I forgive sins instantly, I cancel out the many effects of wrong-thinking, I pull you through that Door in mind and gather you under the shadow of my protective wing as soon as you stretch out your hand to let me know that you are ready.

If this were not true, Jesus would have been forced to turn away many trusting souls who came to him believing he could give them help. He probably would have said to Mary Magdalene something like this: "Sorry, Mary, but you really are a wanton woman. You will have to reap what you have sown sooner or later. Might as well let the stones hit you and get it over with."

Of course he said no such thing. Well he knew my eagerness and my power to cancel out all imperfect forces that are in operation. Well he knew that Mary was my beloved daughter and though her sins were as scarlet I waited to make her white as snow.

It is the same with you. You reap what you have sown as long as your surface mind is drifting here and there between the poles of good and evil, and your feelings are implanted by this surface mixture. As soon as you accept the truth of my eternal perfection and learn to master the surface mind, thereby controlling the reservoir of feeling, your level of consciousness is elevated to that transcendental apex wherein all evil conditions fall under the dominion of my Light.

It was on this high level of consciousness that Jesus lived, on the inside of that Door to submerged mind. From this exalted level, he was able to erase the appearances of the sub-creation and restore perfection to my ailing children. Not only did he overcome death of his own body, he restored the bodies of others who had died.

Lazarus was a very dear friend and Jesus taught him and Mary and Martha my most precious truths. Lazarus could have overcome death for himself if he had accepted these truths thoroughly enough to make them active in his creative dynamo of feeling. He was accepting these teachings with his surface mind, but they had not become subconscious, he had not grasped the feeling of truth fully enough for it to drop into the heart center and be manifested as the reality of his experiences. His subconscious still harbored the old belief that death and the grave are necessary steps along the road to eternity. Therefore, he died, as do all who hold to this belief since there is so much evidence in its favor. Jesus wept because Lazarus was in possession of the truth that makes men free from earthly law, but he had been unable to let go of the old long enough to put on the new.

Lazarus was reaping what he had sown in the subconscious; the earthly law of cause-and-consequence had done its destructive work. Still, this did not stop Jesus. My power within is always greater than any power without. When Jesus said, "Lazarus, come forth," the law of cause-and-consequence was superseded and even the decaying body cells responded to his unspoken recognition of my omnipresent life.

When questioned once about a number of Galileans who had been destroyed, Jesus answered, "Suppose ye that these Galileans were sinners above all the Galileans because they suffered such things? I tell you, nay; but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower of Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, nay; but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."

Except you repent—except you turn around exactly where you are and swing your thoughts and feelings to the positive pole, sooner or later the wages of negative reactions will mean destruction for you too.

As soon as you refuse to be blinded by the web of sub-creation and cease using your mixed thought forces to sustain it, it will dissolve before you, first individually, then collectively, and you will be lifted free into the promised land of good.

Then you will see me as I am and know at last it never was my will to have you boiling in such a torrid earthly stewpot. You have always been willing to believe, have you not, in a God who has all wisdom and all power? Then why should you be deceived into thinking that I was unable to make you perfect when I created you? Had I to leave you half-finished, a fragile, defenseless creature, often incapable of dealing with the environment around you?

The truth is that I created you in my image and likeness, and you are destined to realize this equality in its fullest measure. The missing link in this realization has been the surface mind and its tendency to remain focussed in the wrong direction.

I stand at the Door of your consciousness, knocking. If you will only turn toward me, emptying yourself out to receive my Spirit, I will pour so much Light into the reservoir of your heart that it will run over with goodness and mercy all the days of your eternal life.

By the power of this Light your subconscious reservoir of feeling can be lifted up to its original purity, thereby exalting your reactions, causing you to put on the living crown of life, to receive the face and the fashion of a new person, to open the Door in consciousness which has been closed to you. When this happens the old order of life will pass away, the sub-created web which seemed as invincible as enclosing bars of iron will melt and dissolve before you. This renovation does not depend on time or place but solely on your acceptance and application of the truth that you are really created in the image and likeness of your God.

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