Part One: The Vision I was crowned by my God, my crown is living

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The Door of Everything

Chapter 12

A Door is set before you and the keys have been presented with which it may be opened.

My still small voice is there to guide you, to comfort and encourage you, to lead you by the hand.

Faith is your magnetic force and prayer illuminates the way.

Rejection of all limited race beliefs keeps you from being weighted down with false ideas you have outgrown.

Refusal to judge by appearances keeps you from losing faith in my omnipresent perfect Being.

Enthusiasm sets alight in you the fires of purification.

The total stillness conserves your vitality and lets it quicken the vibration of your consciousness and spiritualize the chemistry of your cells.

Surrender indicates humility and willingness to lean upon my wisdom and my strength.

My lightning flash will let you know when the Second Birth has taken place

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