Part One: The Vision I was crowned by my God, my crown is living

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The Lightning Flash

Chapter 11

"As the lightning that lights out of the one part under heaven and shines unto the other part under heaven, so shall also the son of man be in his day." What your friend Jesus meant when he said this was that the earth of your body will be lit up from end to end by my Light, even as swiftly as the lightning moves from one end of the sky to the other, when your day has come.

I steal upon you like a flash in your consciousness and you know not during which hour to expect me. When I do come, lo! I come quickly—and your reward is with me.

The bars of iron that kept you a prisoner of the sub-creation melt before my burning flame, and you look through that widened Door inside yourself, feasting your hungry eyes upon my heavenly kingdom. Yes, at last you know you really were the Door of Everything! The film of unbelief that separated your surface mind from your submerged mind is torn asunder, and never again will you be entangled like a helpless fly in the web of sub-creation.

"Receive ye the Holy Spirit," Jesus said, and if you continue to believe that even you with all your failings can receive it, since I love one and all, you shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye from mortality to immortality.

And you shall know with full realization that I am indeed a God of Love and Light through whom the superimposed imperfection of the sub-creation will be erased.

The last and greatest evil to be removed from my precious planet earth is satan's evil, death. Death never has been and never will be the way I call my children home. The fact that Jesus taught that death is an evil to be overcome has too long been ignored.

Your greatest teacher did not utter a single word unworthy of attention. You must not continue to ignore his highest, most "unreasonable" teachings if you want to apply his truth enough to demonstrate it for yourself. The vision drawn by him is workable and attainable to the surface mind once it is understood.

Meditate on the things he said regarding the subjects of death and life. One of these things was this: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, if a man keep my word he shall never see death."

Could any talk be plainer?

It is true that life is everlasting regardless of how many times the body dies. It is true that the soul lives on and creates a new body for itself. But it is also true that the soul is endowed with wisdom, it knows death of the body is out of harmony with my universal law of Life.

This is why death has such a morbid connotation to my earthbound children. Your soul knows it is the way of earth-believers. It yearns to be exalted by the vibration of the Ascension Attitudes so it can travel the way of saints. In order to travel this high way, it needs a body which overcomes the destructive earth vibrations and is transmuted into Light.

Death is the way of separation, it is not the way of Oneness. Although death may, on rare occasions, be painless and easy for its victims, it is never painless and easy for the loved ones left behind. This is because I created all my children to be together in love, together in Spirit, not separated by unknown universal vastness. Though you were able to roam the cosmos when you knew it as the Garden of Eden, you were also able to be bodily in the presence of a loved one, whenever your heart desired, with the speed of thought. Death is contrary to this perfect law of non-separation which all exercised most freely before the foundations of the earth were ever laid.

Death not only leaves you physically out of touch, it leaves you mentally out of touch. It is most assuredly the sorrowful road of separation. And I would never have penalized any of my beloved children by setting them on this road of pain. Death came into existence along with all the unhappy experiences, as a result of your misthinking.

It will go out of existence as each one learns to surrender the limited self to me. Death will be destroyed by truth.

Many have suffered mental torture because of the barbaric belief that sinners who die are punished forever in eternal lakes of fire. This misinterpretation of the Bible teachings must be relinquished from your consciousness before you can reach the all-important state of total stillness.

The hell-fire symbology was a way of saying that the surface mind does indeed sear and singe with self-inflicted torture as long as it continues to plant belief in mixtures of good and evil. Hell, therefore, is within you just as surely as is heaven. Hell is the realm of the independent surface mind, the level in consciousness on which all dwell before discovering, and entering, the Door of Everything. Hell is on your side of that Door, heaven is on my side of it.

When death does come, it releases the weight of gravity and temporarily frees the soul from earth. But it does not change the vibration of consciousness from the human level. There is no escape from the vibration of yourself except by practiced change of thoughts and feelings.

Nor does death cause the released consciousness to go directly to celestial levels. Consciousness, when departing from the body, automatically seeks its own level of vibration among the levels of the psychic realms, which are comparable in understanding to the levels of the earth itself.

The psychic realms are still a part of the web of sub-creation, for this is where disembodied souls await their chance to take on new bodies and thus come back to earth for another lifetime, another opportunity to fulfill the beautiful law of Life, the law which puts an end to the monotonous life-death cycles.

Consciousness changes slowly as you will notice by observation of yourself and others. This is true when the consciousness is incarnate or discarnate. A consciousness does not automatically come into greater understanding of my truth just because it has left the body. Sometimes it can be taught. At other times, it may be just as closed to new ideas as it was on earth. If the sacred seed of Life was understood in psychic realms, there would be no need for these between-life-time areas, for all souls therein would be winging forward into celestial brightness. Unfortunately, these many souls are tied to earth by binding emotional chains that draw them back again. They come refreshed, renewed, and rested, with eager childlike minds which can be shaped by truth if they resist the world's mis-teachings. Every lifetime is a new beginning, a new opportunity to be anointed with Light and rise above the trap of death.

Indeed, every day in every lifetime is a new beginning.

If you want to see the Christ fulfilled in you, take hold of the message of the Christ, love it, expand it, live it, pray that I may confirm it to your surface mind.

You will receive my confirmation, clearly and unmistakably, as the Light of Christ begins to glow in you and becomes a new, warm, comforting inner presence. You will know beyond all doubt that I am with you all the way.

Then as you learn to put me first above all things and surrender without the slightest reservation to my will, your Light of Christ will be increasing every minute of every day. You will be like the tomato, steadily growing to maturity on the vine.

The moment will come when you, like the tomato, have reached a perfect state of ripeness. You are ready to be "picked."

This is when, as Jesus said it, you will be as the lightning that lights out of the one part under heaven and shines unto the other part under heaven. In other words, by the time your surface mind becomes conscious of it, your whole body is already filled with Light, and the veil that separates your surface mind from the unlimited realm inside the Door is rent asunder as swiftly as a lightning flash.

The truth has made you free and you are free indeed!

Many of my children have yearned to do the works of God without being willing to purify their minds and become worthy of these works. Others have believed they were already pure, refusing to admit their own bad habits. But all have sinned and fallen short of my glory. Each must give up his self-glorifying habits, or pray to be delivered from them, before the brightness of the Christ can be revealed for all the world to see. Each must take up my rod to truth and live it in every word and act before my lightning flash can strike. Each must repent and be transformed by the renewal of his mind.

If you keep my commandments then am I bound, but if you keep not my commandments then you have no promise.

Put on the great Ascension Attitudes and wear them like a robe of light. Through the practice of these attitudes your mind can be renewed, your heart can be made pure. Through the practice of these attitudes, you can be led into firsthand exploration of my many, many mysteries.

"Who is able to interpret the wonders of the Lord?" sang the writer of the Odes. "For he who could interpret would be dissolved and would become that which is interpreted."

You, too, may be dissolved, as quickly as a lightning flash, and become the Light of Christ which you are learning to interpret through my wonderful word of truth.

"For he that is joined to Him that is immortal, will also himself become immortal."

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