Part One: The Vision I was crowned by my God, my crown is living

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The Total Stillness

Chapter 10

My Holy Spirit comes upon you to lift you through that Door in mind after you have reached a state of total stillness. This means retiring into the closet of your consciousness where you worship me in secret until I reward you openly.

Your efforts to live upward must be accomplished in the privacy of this closet, in quietness and in confidence. The flame of enthusiasm which truth has lighted in you was not intended to be dissipated in idle talk, in efforts to reform your relatives and friends, or in attempts to teach the great Christ message. This flame of enthusiasm is a precious fire of mine, the fires of purification, and it is there to do its purifying work in you as you nourish, cherish, and feed it in the silence. My fire is not there to make you feel so spiritual you redirect your enthusiasm, in the name of service, to interfering with the religious beliefs of your brothers. The only person you are responsible for changing is yourself.

It shows a complete lack of humility if you catch a glimpse of truth and, without waiting to digest it or understand it clearly, set out to spread it everywhere, hoping one and all will bow before your knowledge. Do not let yourself be deceived into becoming such a false teacher. Your falseness will be recognized, because truth half learned still tends to stay within the range of human reason, mixing good and evil, justifying its false god, the god who was not God enough to create perfect children.

You do not want to be another of these blind leaders running in the same big circle as the herd, thinking you are someone special because you have a private rut.

Authentic teachers of my truth must have enough humility to lean completely on my strength and stay within their closet until I open up the door.

Nor can you reach a state of total stillness where mighty faith takes over if others all around you are promoting their false gods of imperfection. Evict these noises from the privacy of your closet and listen only to the words of those who have discovered the one God of perfect Being.

False teachers everywhere will be humbled by their own misdeeds until eventually all will know of the perfect world I made, and the perfect children whom I love so dearly. I am waiting eagerly to take each one into my everlasting arms. The radiant energy of my Spirit shows no partiality, it rains through one and all, it waits to exalt the blackest sinner alongside the whitest saint as soon as there is surrender in the heart.

It is never wise to compare personal notes about the steps of your development or try to impress anyone by bragging about your spiritual accomplishments or intuitive powers. This urge to gratify your ego will not reveal your spiritual side at all; it will be only a sure sign of how far removed you are from the required state of humble stillness.

Surrender in this humble stillness is the final step toward making possible the lightning flash which I will send to set you free.

Your troubled heart cannot be still at all unless you believe, without any reservation, that I am a Father who forgives only. Even the failings of your surface mind are not enough to keep my all-powerful Spirit from lifting you through the Door to freedom.

As you study and believe, pray and meditate, major strides are being taken toward removing all old fears and quieting the turbulence in the reservoir of your heart. When this turbulence is quieted, you will be transformed into a state of perfect peace. For the peace that passes understanding is one of the many treasures buried in your submerged mind. It can easily be released and mirrored throughout your entire temple.

When you learn to touch this peacefulness, going back to it in meditation every time you have a chance, gradually it will become a part of surface mind and you can enjoy its presence night and day. As more and more it is released from the deep well of your soul, you will reach the high level of consciousness where nothing can ruffle the serenity of your being.

It is in this total stillness that you can at last be guided by my still small inner voice.

This inner voice is vibration from your Father consciousness, the wisdom center of your Grand Cosmic Self. For this reason, it does not speak to you with words to be heard by your ears, it is a voice to be felt, a vibration as sweet and unmistakable as the music of the spheres.

The fact that my voice must be felt, not heard, may seem disappointing at first if you have occasionally tried to feel my inner guidance and been unable to separate it from the confusion of the self. This difficulty has arisen because you have not treated the mind and body as one, and because negative emotions have dulled your state of consciousness, thereby dulling your receptivity to the delicately-refined vibrations of the Spirit.

Here is another reason for the total stillness. With repeated, faith-filled practice, you can resharpen your sensitivity to the point where my voice really does vibrate in your surface mind like a beautiful note of music, ringing loud and clear, leaving not a single doubt that you have heard its message with unmistakable accuracy.

Regardless of the extent to which noise from the surface mind is interfering with your ability to "hear" your still small voice, this loving Father-Mother voice is always trying to rescue you from difficult situations with its all-encompassing knowledge.

Just as your body is able to be fully cognizant of many things at once, through the complexities of the senses, so your submerged mind, with its unlimited capacity, is fully cognizant of all the seen and unseen, the hidden and the obvious, the future and the past, and it can lend this full awareness to you with a speed incredible to mortal consciousness.

This inner wisdom-center is your personal Secret Place, the Secret Place of the Most High, and if you want to become fully conscious of it, abiding in the shadow of its almighty protection, you need only to be still—very, very, very still—and practice the long-lost art of "listening."

Practice is the answer to anything that seems difficult, as you know so well. The painter would never learn his skill if he did not practice. The swimmer may become a champion, but not without continued practice. The carpenter's house may not be perfect if it is the first one he has built. Even the farmer with his tomato patch may grow more luscious fruit after he has gained the experience offered by the first attempts.

When you tried previously to receive my inner guidance, did you listen once or twice, perhaps without much hope, and then give up in doubt? If so, practice is the answer, sustained, sincere practice which can become a delightful habit in almost no time at all.

Many changes will be apparent in you as this habit is established. You will notice a great renewal of mental activity, a clarity and quickening of your ability to think, a keenness of good judgment, an enhancing of imagination. These changes will be inner changes; your outer activity will decrease while your inner activity increases.

You will find yourself slipping into a rapturous inebriation with real thinking, effortless thinking of original thoughts, not just a rehashing of old ideas that have accumulated in your mind. This inebriation with effortless thinking has been experienced by a few creative or inventive persons to a small degree. It could be experienced by everyone to a degree beyond belief.

Be forever willing to reject guidance from outer sources and listen in the total stillness to your own small voice. It is your one true personal guide in every situation.

If you cannot quiet your ruffled feelings enough to be still and listen, while you practice you might pray for me to help you. Think of the beautiful peace that passes understanding and let your prayer be one of trying to comprehend this inner peace. You may be a long way from experiencing it, but regardless of how turbulent you feel, you can offer up this turbulence on the altar of your heart, and hold your mind upon the inner heavenly kingdom until peace begins to crowd the turbulence out.

By the same token, if you are not sure it is my voice you hear when you are in the silence, prayer will liberate you from this confusion too. You can pray to know my voice, and as you do your sensitivity will be heightened until you are quite familiar with this beautiful Light of Wisdom.

You will soon understand that your still small voice has two aspects to its nature—it redirects you when you wander just as reliably as it intoxicates you with its guidance.

As the voice of your re-director, you recognize it as conscience. Since you have felt the sting of conscience, it is obvious that your still small voice is easier to hear than you may have thought. There is no denying that conscience is a penetrating vibration, that it originates beyond the reaches of the stubborn surface mind, and that it can "whip" you with greater severity than your earthly father whipped you even in his angriest mood.

Nor does it leave you guessing as to what it says. You always know why your conscience "hurts," do you not?

The voice of conscience is not a dictator to which you must feel enslaved. It is a tender, guiding friend. It is holding you by the hand while you learn to walk with me. If you miss a single footstep, it pulls your hand, as it were, to guide you back onto the narrow razor's edge.

You need only to turn to it, to trust, obey and love it, and your receptivity will increase until you never have to doubt that my wisdom, indeed, is guiding you infallibly. Conscience does not condemn you for the mistakes you make, it merely helps you find the way again. Give thanks for this masterful Light of Wisdom from the mind of me and watch its value to you grow.

In its other aspect as intuition, the still small voice can lure you upward like the sweetest beckoning song. Here again, as you realize that intuition is your Father-Mother mind in communication with you, your sensitivity to it will be greatly heightened.

This aspect of your still small voice may not be as easily heard, however, as the stinging voice of conscience. You may need to be so totally still that you can hear your own cells singing before the vibration of intuition, with its embodied message, can be clearly heard by you.

Be very still and practice listening. Ask me anything you want to know, then wait in quietness and carefully watch your thoughts. Do not strain or make an effort, just sit in silence and let my coherent Light play across the weary brain-cells of your surface mind.

From the depths of this total stillness, the voice of intuition will spring up like a musical note and you will hear its message as unmistakably, as understandably, as the message from your conscience. Not only will it lure you into more creative thinking, it will be your source of truth, and you will know what you believe, and what you want to do, without knowing how you know it.

With the help of intuition, the surface self will come to realize what a hopeless task it undertook in trying to manage the affairs of life without omniscient mind. It should then be delighted to surrender to my will.

When the self is ready to admit its folly, its utter helplessness to do one single thing without me, the level of consciousness is being reached wherein reunification can take place. As long as that misplaced center of awareness wants to be the "brain," I do not subdue it with force or violence. But when it is quiet long enough to hear the intuitive voice of truth and seek marriage with the Father consciousness, the mystic union will take place.

"I can of mine own self do nothing" becomes the attitude of the surface mind which gives up efforts to glorify itself and invites the Christ within to use it—instead of it trying to use the Christ. "Not my will but Thine be done."

Stillness truly can be total stillness as the mind lets go and "waits upon the Lord" before that Door.

The day will come when the Door is opened and its threshold is repeatedly crossed. Sometimes the footing may be upset by a tinge of doubts, an absence of humility, or an outburst of the self which forgets it has surrendered. But this high-level footing can be regained through quietness, faith, and confidence.

The human self, tottering like an infant at that mighty Door, completely surrendered to my will, is ready for my lightning flash.

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