Part One: The Vision I was crowned by my God, my crown is living

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The Mighty Rock

Chapter 9

The old earthly law of reaping what you sow can of itself be reapplied to help your consciousness rise upward. This law is saying plainly that if you sow tomato seeds you will reap ripe tomatoes; if you sow love, love will be yours to reap; if you sow belief in my perfection all around you, you will reap full familiarity with this perfection; if you plant a vision of your Grand Cosmic Self, your day of harvest will inevitably arrive. Since like always produces like, this is a law of infinite application, it works on every vibratory level, it cannot conceivably be broken. For thorns do not grow on thistles and neither do juicy red tomatoes grow on apple trees.

When you plant a prayer for bread I do not send a stone, and if you plant the seed of the Living Christ you will reap more than better humanhood. When you ask me, your Father consciousness, for the gifts of Holy Spirit, I do not send disappointment.

My gifts will flourish so bountifully your heart will burst into a song of praise much like the one that Clement sang so many years ago: "How blessed and wonderful, beloved, are the gifts of God. Life in immortality! Brightness in righteousness! Truth in full assurance! Faith in confidence! Temperance in holiness! And all this has God subjected to our understandings."

You have the capacity to believe as Clement did that I have truly made you perfect and placed you in a perfect world, and this perfection is yours, subjected to your understanding. Subjected to your willingness to believe. Subjected to your faith.

Anyone can believe in happenings he has seen take place. Anyone can believe in events being reported in daily coverage of the news. Anyone can believe in new inventions or great scientific discoveries—after they have been proved. Anyone can believe in the obvious God when the "impossible" perfection has been left out.

If you use faith only to bring about things you know can happen, then you are in for a wonderful discovery when you put faith on the job to bring about things beyond the range of human reason. This range beyond is really the home of faith, the realm in which faith works.

Until enough faith is exercised to rise like incense into this range beyond, you will be unable to transcend your human level. Until you recognize that my methods are truly above the understandings of men, you simply will not stir up the mind in you which was also in Christ Jesus. For Jesus not only had faith in my impossible methods, he had such great and mighty faith his desires became experienced with the speed of thought.

Faith, needless to say, is a very dynamic vibration. It is the combined vibration of the mighty Ascension Attitudes. It is one with the vibration of my Holy Spirit. Therefore, when faith is set in motion, it makes possible the everlasting affinity between your soul and my Light.

You have used faith many times. You have used faith in troubles to bring upon yourself the things you feared. You may have used faith in poverty to keep yourself in want. You have used faith in limitation to hold your talents back. You have used faith in physical breakdown and old age to destroy the reality of your life force, the reality of eternal youth. You have used faith in short lifetimes to keep yourself in bondage to the cycles of birth, childhood, old age, death; rebirth, childhood, old age, death.

Since faith has been used so many times to bring destruction upon yourself, you have already practiced using great and mighty faith. Now all you need to do is reverse your attitude and lend your faith to me, using it to invite the unfoldment of the sacred pattern which is trapped within your soul.

Rebuilding your attitude upon the rock of faith causes it to become a firm foundation beneath your feet which is absolutely immovable. Once you thoroughly understand that the ways of the Father consciousness are impossible to the surface minds of men, your faith cannot be shaken by anyone alive; it would be easier for the doubting Thomas to shake the earth itself than move this firm foundation on which your feet are placed.

A miracle is merely a manifestation, in the earth realm, of perfection that exists already in the timeless realm of Being. Miracles could be happening every day among my children if all lived upward toward the Christhood level, refusing to be held back by false belief. The average human consciousness is so bogged down, however, beneath the pressures of daily living, it takes an emotional intensification of some sort to boost it upward even a slight degree. Faith itself cannot be exercised on such a low, non-hungry level, except to bring more human good or evil.

Exercising great and mighty faith means looking inward toward the Christ, not outward at the darkness.

Jesus himself confronted many he could not help because of their non-hungry attitudes. The surface minds of these lost souls were so completely closed to truth not even a glimmer could penetrate. Those who already had their "gods" sneered and persecuted. Others came to worship him because he seemed to have some superhuman personal power. Not many comprehended the truth he was revealing well enough to apply it for themselves.

If you want to be lifted off the wheel of cause-and-consequence, you must learn truth and then believe it until it is demonstrated by my Spirit.

Belief is the partial opening of your heart center, and when it is not present your heart is completely closed.

Faith is far more than belief. Faith means the heart has opened wide, it is radiating its dynamic vibration, it is ready to be filled with Light.

Belief widens into faith when nourished, cherished, and practiced. Faith turns into experienced knowing.

The point stressed most in all the Master's teachings was that you must believe. The greatest deterrent to your ability to live upward is doubt, that unstable, wavering attitude that positively keeps your heart from running over. What happens to the water in a reservoir when its bottom is full of holes? You are a reservoir for my living waters, but if you are full of doubts, they are the same as holes, my waters leak straight through.

Belief itself should be applied to things beyond the range of what seems possible. For if you can bring yourself to the high point of belief, faith as a grain of mustard seed is sure to follow. It is a fact that a little bit of faith can reach a long, long way. And a little bit of belief can stimulate that little bit of faith.

Appearances say hard times are always just around the corner. Expect them and be prepared.

This still small voice of your indwelling Father consciousness says perfection is waiting for you everywhere. Turn to me with faith and let me reveal it to you.

As you plant belief in the everlasting arms, your weary surface mind will reap eternal rest. Though you may chant for all the world to hear that you believe in God, if you deny that my realm of perfect Being is for all on earth to enjoy, here, now, and forever, you are indeed denying me. Your belief is falling short of what I expect from you. You are ignoring my word of truth.

My good has been prepared for eons without number; it is revealed before your eyes in accordance with your faith. When you begin to live upward toward the Christhood level, you will cease the habit of exercising faith in failure, faith in poverty, faith in trouble, and adopt the habit of singing praises for my gifts. Subjected to your glad heart's singing, these precious gifts may be experienced. My power within is greater than any seeming-power without, as you must know by now. My power within can deliver you from the most violent storm that ever raged. This power within waits only to be applied through the channel of your faith.

You always demonstrate on the level where your consciousness abides. It is not necessary, as a result, for you to learn the secret of how to demonstrate, how to bring the invisible into form, because you have been doing this all your life. The power of mind cannot do otherwise than demonstrate in accordance with the way in which it is used.

Therefore, you do not need to exercise faith in your ability to perform miracles, for if you will only exercise enough faith to lift your consciousness to a higher level, the miracles will take care of themselves. They will happen not as a result of human thinking, but as a spontaneous result of Christ-like being. You could not stop the miracles any easier than you could stop your life.

As you learn to put me first, to have one goal and only one—that of living upward toward the level where my will can be done in you—all outer conditions will naturally resolve themselves, not because you are trying to change them, but just because you are.

If you have been trying to heal a disease or defect in your physical body, forget these efforts and be at peace. Ignore such appearances as best you can and lie back singing in the everlasting arms. The healing will come spontaneously as your consciousness floats upward to touch the edge of mine.

Come unto me in this manner, all you who labor and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest.

On the higher levels of consciousness it takes no mental strain to recognize that imperfection is nothing but the sub-created web held before my Light.

Only by the use of great and mighty faith can you direct your mind toward me and learn to hold it there. The limited race beliefs, as you took part in them, were self-inflicted crosses which you should not have had to bear. You can throw these crosses to the winds, standing up at last to see my kingdom without the "glass darkly" before your eyes.

When you have unwavering faith that the mind in you is omniscient and that it is truly one with the mind of the Christ, you will find yourself living under the freedom of my grace. Be wakeful always against the awaking of this inner mind.

When you have faith in all the promises I have made to you, you will be established on the mighty rock, the firm foundation that cannot be moved. Your soul will then stand forth from the center of your being, to reign over the body temple as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. This is the kind of faith that quickly grows into the long-sought state of conscious knowing.

There is, of course, an indescribable difference between knowing me and just knowing about me, as you will shortly realize if you continue efforts to live upward.

Faith that you can be One with me is the very magnetism which will draw you through the Door of Everything and let you know me fully.

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