Part Music of the Vietnam War Era

Music for the study of the Vietnam War

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Music for the study of the Vietnam War

collected by John J. Fitzgerald
General Questions for all of the songs:
Who is the singer (speaker)?

5 W's who, what, when, where, etc.

Who is the speaker addressing? potential audience

What is the speaker's point of view?

What is his or her attitude toward war and/or the Vietnam War?

Is there logic in the person's presentation?

Do you agree or disagree with the values expressed?

What degree of patriotism, if any, do you find present?

What degree of humanitarianism/pacifism do you find present?

Rank the eight (8) songs from left to right on the political spectrum.

Left is most radical/most anti-war.

Right is most conservative/most pro-war. Defend your ranking selections.

Which songs reflect realism? Cynicism? Pessimism? Paranoid delusion?

Which songs reflect idealism? Fantasy? Optimism? Strength?

Specific questions:
Song #1 Which group is being attacked? Who is being defended? Is this an anti-war song?
Song #2 In what way is this song different from #1? Logical?
Song #3 What values besides militarism are present in this song?
Song #4 This is very strong rhetoric. Is it effective? Does it turn you off?
Song #5 This song reflects the 1940's. What values of the 1960's does it embody?
Song #6 This song reflects the 1980's. What values of the 1960's does it embody?
Song #7 Does this song reflect a quest for peace or a quest for justice?
Song # 8 What ideology is inherent in this song? More than one ideology?

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