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Annotated Bibliography for Teaching the Music of the Vietnam War

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Annotated Bibliography for Teaching the Music of the Vietnam War

Dane, Barbara and Irwin Silber, editors. The Vietnam Songbook. New York: The

Guardian/ Monthly Review, 1969. Collection of lyrics.

Dylan, Bob. Writings and Drawings. New York: Knopf, 1973. Collected lyrics.
Goldstein, Richard, editor. The Poetry of Rock. New York: Bantam Books, 1969. Great collection of song lyrics.
Griffen, William L. and John Marciano. Teaching the Vietnam War. Montclair,

New Jersey, Allanheld, Osmun & Company, 1979.

This book is now out of print, but it remains an excellent critique of how

the textbooks handled the Vietnam War. Focuses on the Pentagon Papers. It is an excellent background book for any thoughtful teacher.

Okun, Milton, editor. Great Songs of the Sixties. Chicago: Quadrangle, 1970. Lyrics of all kinds of 1960’s music.
Raim, Ethel and Irwin Silber, editors. The Bells of Rhymney and Other Songs

and Stories from the singing of Pete Seeger. New York: Oak Publications,

1964. Pete Seeger’s lyrics.

Andressen, Lee. Battle Notes: Music of the Vietnam War, 2nd edition. Superior,Wisconsin: Savage Press, 2003. Uneven, and at times chaotic, but covers the entire spectrum.
Franklin, H. Bruce, editor. The Vietnam War: In American Stories, Songs and Poems. Boston: Bedford Books, 1996. A literary history. Weak on the music. Worth a read.
Miller, Jim, editor. The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll.

New York: Rolling Stone Press/ Random House, 1980. Great for context.

Pareles, Jon and Patricia Romanowski, editors. The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia

of Rock and Roll. New York: Rolling Stone Press/ Summit Books, 1983. Important source for all the music of the genre.
Rowe, John Carlos and Rick Berg, editors. The Vietnam War and American Culture. New York: Columbia, 1991. An excellent collection of essays on American culture, music, film and mass media and popular history. Highly recommended.

Periodicals and Journals:
"Studying U.S. History Through Songs" Social Education. (Volume 49,

Number 7) October, 1985. Great ideas for incorporating music into history class.

See: B. Lee Cooper's "Mick Jagger as Herodotus and Billy Joel as

Thucydides?" pp. 596 - 600 and George W. Chilcoat's "The Images of

Vietnam: A Popular Music Approach" pp. 601 - 603.
Cooper, B. Lee. "Social Concerns, Political Protest, and Popular Music" The

Social Studies. (Volume 79, Number 2) March/April, 1988. pp. 53 - 60. Invaluable suggestions.
Natoli, Salvatore J., editor. "Teaching the Vietnam War" Social Education.

(Volume 52, Number 1) January, 1988.

The entire issue is devoted to the teaching of the Vietnam War. Worthwhile.

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