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English 11
Unit 4 –Lesson 3 Worksheet -Arthurian Legends
“Morte d’Arthur” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (25 marks)

PART A - Pre-reading Notes

There are no pre-reading notes for this selection.

PART B - Pre-reading Focus

There is no pre-reading focus assignment for this selection.

PART C - Responding to the Selection Questions (20 marks)

Answer the following questions using complete and descriptive sentences. Be sure to make reference to the question in the answer. Do not feel compelled to stick to the spacing limitations below.

1. In “Morte d’Arthur,” King Arthur tells Sir Bedivere to toss Excalibur into a lake. What is your opinion of Sir Bedivere’s actions? Explain your answer.

2. At the beginning of the poem, what occasion is being celebrated?

3. In the poem within the poem, what has happened to King Arthur?

4. In your own words, describe Arthur’s departure.

5. What does Arthur state will soon be lost forever? In lines 277-289, how does Sir Bedivere echo Arthur’s sentiments?

6. What arguments does Sir Bedivere provide for not throwing Excalibur into the lake?

Analyzing Literature:
Epic poetry is long narrative poetry that focuses on the deeds of a single heroic individual who stands for the values of a society. Arthur’s creation of Camelot represents an ideal brotherhood and community founded on honor, courage, faith, love and loyalty. However, human weakness and the world’s evil eventually lead to the downfall of Camelot.
7. Explain how Arthur’s decision to return Excalibur to the lake was a final act of generosity and honor.

8. Explain how Sir Bedivere’s actions relate to the theme of chivalry.

Part D- Worksheet- Vocabulary Check (5 marks)

  1. Match each word in the left column with its definition in the right column. Write the letter of the definition on the line next to the word it defines.

    _____ 1. stickler

    a. giving up a possession as punishment

    _____ 2. palfrey

    b. an uncompromising person

    _____ 3. prowess

    c. skill

    _____ 4. lamentation

    d. having a dark complexion

    _____ 5. forfeiture

    e. a saddle horse

    _____ 6. homage

    f. magnificent

    _____ 7. swarthy

    g. mourning

    _____ 8. sumptuous

    h. public show of allegiance

  2. Read each sentence. Complete the sentence with the best word from the list in the box. Use each word only once.

sumptuous prowess stickler palfrey

lamentation forfeiture homage swarthy

  1. “… go thou and espy me in all this land fifty knights which be of most _________________ and worship.”

  2. “‘We ought to pull down the curtains,’ said Kay, who was always a _________________ for good form ….”

  3. “The Wart… turned his ambling _________________ against the stream of newcomers.”

  4. “Kay’s _________________ bath had to be set up in the box room….”

  5. The Knights were sworn to obey their king upon _________________ of their lordship of King Arthur.

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