Part 2 of Greek Theatre/Sophocles Web Quest

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Part 2 of Greek Theatre/Sophocles Web Quest (Write on a separate paper)

Directions: As you look through the web pages assigned answer the following questions:

Sophocles Biography (

  1. What was the City Dionysia?

  1. In what year did Sophocles enter his first City Dionysia? How old was he at the time?

  1. Besides being a playwright, name at least three other professions or positions Sophocles has in Greek society.

  1. How many total plays did Sophocles write? How many still exist in their entirety?

Burial Rites


  1. Describe the attitude toward death held by the ancient Greeks.

  1. Describe the 3 stages of an ancient Greek funeral.

  1. Explain why the coin was usually placed in the mouth of a dead body before burial.

Greek Gods and Goddesses

( _mytholgy.htm

  1. Where was Apollo’s oracle placed? Why did people go there?

Ancient Greek Actors (

  1. If a play had a female part, who would play this role?

  1. Why was the chorus so important in an ancient Greek play?

Ancient Greek Theatre (

  1. List, in order, the three major parts of Greek play.

  1. What were the two major types of Greek plays?

Greek Theatre Masks (

  1. List characteristics of each of the following masks:

Tragic masks: male (any age):

Young man: very old man:

Young woman: other types of women:

Comic masks: female (any age):

Older man:

Older woman:

  1. Typically, what materials were used to make Greek theatre masks?

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