Part 1: Read the title. What do you think this story is going to be about? Who is Roger? And why might they call him “not-so-jolly?” Stop 1: pages 1-4

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The Not-So-Jolly Roger

Jenna Allman

January 30, 2007

Part 1:

Read the title. What do you think this story is going to be about?

Who is Roger? And why might they call him “not-so-jolly?”
Stop 1: pages 1-4

Where were the boys?

How did they get there?

What do you think The Book is?

Who do you think is on the boat?
Stop 2: pages 5-7

Where did Joe get The Book?

Where did The Book first take the boys?

Why does Joe think they need to be more careful about wishing where they want to go?

Stop 3: pages 8-10

Where do Fred and Joe think they should go?

But where does Sam want to go?

Why are the other boys afraid to go find buried treasure with Sam?

So what really happened to make the boys end up in the coconut trees?

What do you think is going to happen next?

Part 2:

Stop 1: pages11-13

What were the two choices they had to make?

What did they choose?

What was the worst part about encountering this awful looking creature?

Stop 2: pages 14-17

Why do you think Blackbeard killed his mates?

What to you think will happen to the three boys once Blackbeard finds them?
Stop 3: pages 18-22

What do you think a cutlass is?

(a short-bladed singled-edged sword usually slightly curved and only sharpened on the outer blade)

How do you think Sam knows Blackbeard’s real name?

Stop 4: pages 23-25

What is Blackbeard’s real name?

At the very end, what did the boys hoped only happened in movies?
Part 3:

Stop 1: pages 26-32

Why did Blackbeard say he would “cut off come heads” if his crew had walked all the prisoners off the plank?

Why does Blackbeard think that the three boys are worth quite a bit of gold or treasure?

What did Blackbeard tell the boys they had to do if they did not show their magic?

Stop 2: pages 33-37

What does Blackbeard see when he looks through his spyglass?

What will happen if the gunpowder catches fire?

Where do they think The Book will be?

What happened as they were about to escape?
Stop 3: pages 38-41

What is the hold?

What is happening on the ship?

Who sees that the boys are about to escape?

What happens that distracts Blackbeard when he is approaching the boys?
Part 4:

Stop 1: pages 42-45

What is the relationship between Blackbeard and the boys after the attack with the British warship?

What favor does Fred ask from Blackbeard?

Why can’t Blackbeard sail to New York?

Stop 2: pages 46-51

What does a dead man’s chest mean?

What do they find in the hole they dug?

What type of book did they find?

Stop 3: pages 52-53

What happened to Joe’s lamp?

What do you think the blue book does?

How do you think the boys felt about the adventure?

Do you think they will return to this place?

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