Part 1: Early (Colonial) American Biography Report

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Part 1: Early (Colonial) American Biography Report

Examples of Famous Early Americans: Captain John Smith, William Penn, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, Benjamin Banneker, Molly Pitcher, Betsy Ross, Dolly Madison, Abigail Adams, Phillis Wheatley, Mary Katherine Goddard, Deborah Sampson, Martha Washington, Anne Hutchinson, and Paul Revere

Due December 15, 2015


*Handwritten neatly by the student

*Written in correct paragraph form with complete sentences
*Correct spelling and punctuation

Paragraph One

Topic Sentence: What was ______________’s early life like?

Include full name, birth date, and birth place. Tell about any important events or information about the person’s childhood and young adult life. Include anything that might have helped started this person’s career.

Paragraph Two

Topic Sentence: What special character trait(s) does ________________ possess?

Include one or two character traits that this person possessed that help this person succeed. Give examples and details that show or prove these character traits.

Paragraph Three

Topic Sentence: What were important accomplishments and challenges faced by ________________?

Include several details and examples about important accomplishments and any challenges faced by this person. What is this person remembered for? What was difficult for this person?

Paragraph Four

Topic Sentence: What do I admire most about _________________?

Include what amazed you about this person or lessons you might have learned from this person. Is there anything you can apply to your own life?


Sources for information: books, websites

Include full names/url for websites and books (including author’s name)

Points Possible: 100 (Language Arts)

Part 2: Speech and Dressing as Early American Figure

You will also write a speech about your famous person’s life. The speech should be between three and five minutes in length. You will present your speech dressed as the famous person. When thinking of costume, try to use clothes that you already have! Lastly, bring in as many items/objects as you can in order to transform into the famous person.


*3-5 minute speech

*speech is given as the person (“I” and “me”)
*information in speech relates to the person and explains his/her importance in history
(information from the written report)
*dressed as the person (you can also use props related to person)
*able to say/pronounce all the words in the speech
*speak in a voice that can be heard

Points Possible: 100 (Social Studies)
(50 for speech; 50 for dressing up as character)

Download 6.7 Kb.

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