Part 1: Copy and Paste this chart into a word document. Part 2

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Using the Religious and Social Reform Websites found in the Readings/Notes/Practice section, research the religious reform movements of the 19th Century: 

Using your reading and notes complete the following chart to show what you have learned about religious reform movements in America. Part 1: Copy and Paste this chart into a word document. Part 2: Once you are done with the chart, use it to answer the following questions in 400 words or less: If you lived during the early 1800’s which reform movement would you have been involved with? Explain your answer.


Reform Movement

Leader (s)

Beliefs of the Movement

Significance or Impact


Utopian Societies


Second Great Awakening



Temperance Movement

Women’s Rights

Abolition Movement

Prison Reform

Mentally Ill

Download 36 Kb.

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