Part 1: An Ad Like No Other

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Part 1: An Ad Like No Other

Grab any newspaper and you will see listings of items that are for sale. These are called advertisements. In the 19th century there were advertisements listed in newspapers that gave notice of a slave running away from their owner. The owner was the one that posted the Lesson

1. Take a look at the runaway ad submitted by Samuel Debutts to the Baltimore Telegraph Daily Advertiser in 1805.

2. Read through the ad and jot down anything that you find interesting.

Twenty Dollars Reward.

RAN AWAY from subscriber, a light colored Mulatto Man, named WILLIAM, with long black hair disposed to curl; of neat active make, about 5 feet 8 inches high plausible manners, small mouth wanting teeth in the upper jaw in front, passion to temper when restrained, and impatient with horses; the care of which he has been accustomed to, is also to tavern waiting and farming. His wife lives near the French academy Baltimore, with a carpenter named Joseph Thompson, and his mother a certain Caleb Owens, farmer, near Baltimore, from whom he was purchased. The above reward will be paid upon said slave being lodged in any jail so that the subscriber may get him again


Mount Wiley, Maryland, opposite to Alexandria October 22

N.B. He was seen in Alexandria on Friday last the 18th inst. Masters of vessels are cautioned against receiving or harboring him.

Original document
Transcribed document

Courtesy of the Maryland State Archives

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