Paris Peace Conference

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Paris Peace Conference
Welcome to Versailles! It is here that you will help draft the treaty to end the Great War and make sure you country gets its fair treatment. You will be assigned, at random, one of the four nations (England, France, United States, Germany). You will then be an ambassador from that country to the Paris Peace Conference. With the three other ambassadors, you will talk and negotiate to make a treaty that will reflect want your country wants. Each ambassador wants different things for their country, so read your part carefully to figure out how you’re going to act this out, and what you’re going to ask for.
Here are the points you must talk about and solve:

1. Economic - What will be the economic consequences of the war? France and Germany are in economic ruins. England is heavily in debt. Only the United States has come out of this in relatively good economic shape. Will the Allies (France, England, U.S.) demand payments from Germany to pay for their damages? Or will they help Germany recover by giving them money to rebuild? How much money will be paid or given to help?

2. Geographical - What will the new map of Europe look like? Map lines should be redrawn to reflect Germany and Austria-Hungary’s defeat. Do you take territory from Germany, or leave it as it is? Maybe you can take land that Germany took in this war, but otherwise leave it the same. Also, what about Russia? They just became communist; nobody likes that, so you can take some countries from them, if you like. The Ottoman Empire was also a losing side in the war – they’re not even from Europe,
3. Military – What will be the restrictions placed on Germany’s military, if any? What will they be able to build, not build? How many men can they have? What about their navy? Will there be any new agreements on different types of weapons that can be used (by any of the countries in Europe)? Will there be limits placed on army sizes or types of weapons used to prevent future wars? What types of treaties will be put in place to prevent future wars?
4. Ethical – Whose fault is the war? Somebody always gets blamed; you need to assign guilt. What will be the consequences for the side that is guilty of starting the war?
5. Preventing future wars – What else will be done to prevent future wars? This war was the Great War, the largest and most costly war in the history of humanity. 8.5 million people died from the war. 21 million were injured, and 7 million are missing (dead, but bodies not found). You want to do everything possible to make sure this sort of thing won’t happen again.

Group Members __________________________________________________________

1. Economics

2. Geographical

3. Military

4. Ethical (blame)

5. Preventing future wars

6. Other

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